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With a weekend where I’m actually home all day for once, finally got around to going through some merchandise, whilst still plowing through the Autumn season series. Anyway continue on to check out the scans of sola color IV.

Next up on the cover of color IV is none other than Mayuko and Takeshi. I find it pretty adorable how Mayuko is holding onto Takeshi’s hand like, and we’re shown the height difference between the two. Though personally, I’m not really a fan of Mayuko so this cover doesn’t do much for me.

5 postcards again in this collection, and OMG, a Mana and Koyori postcard. Definitely the best ones out of this selection, though I’m surprised that they didn’t include any of Takeshi and/or Mayuko postcards in Nanao Naru art work style. Perhaps we’ll see them in color V? But still, some very nice ones of Takeshi and Mayuko.

DVD Booklet

The DVD booklet covers Mana’s friends as well as the various clothes that the girls were dressed in throughout the series. Twintails and ponytails FTW! The character drama CD this time around is done by Morimiya Aono, who is voiced by Nakahara Mai. I was thinking of ripping this CD to release with the scanlations but I’m too lazy to do anything like that.

CD Booklet

And that covers the goodies that come with sola color IV. This volume also comes with the DVD special episode where everyone ends up going to a bathhouse. I’ve watched it raw but not subbed, so I’ll hopefully blog that episode soon enough. Now if you want the high resolution scans (these were again scanned at 600dpi) of the above pictures, you can download them here: [Download ZIP] 65.8MB.

Now there’s only 1 volume left, which also means one more DVD special episode. It makes me wonder what it’ll be like, though I do get a feeling that it’ll be a one off thing like the bath house episode. And guaranteed that the next character drama CD will be of Shiho Matsuri, voiced by Mamiko Noto. Also with it being the last volume, I may or may not make rips of the character CDs, but don’t expect too much. sola color V gets released this week, so hopefully I can get the scans up quickly since I’ve gone through quite a bit these past few weeks. Look forward to color V.

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October 21st, 2007 at 6:17 pm

muchas gracias señior Adun :D
Say, this is a Sunday full of Sola hehe ^^ Have you plan to get that Matsuri figure?



October 22nd, 2007 at 7:26 am

Well it was a bright and sunny day, so I thought some sola goodness was in order, lol. Oh and yes I have the Matsuri figure on order.



October 26th, 2007 at 4:47 am

Thank you very much, Adun!

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