School Days – 10

September 28, 2007 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, School Days

Quite a bit happened in this episode with a lot of character development especially with Setsuna. We see her primarily trying to get Makoto to be faithful to Sekai, though in the end I’m not sure if she succeeded. For her to offer herself to make Makoto keep his promise was a bit of surprise, though deep down I think Setsuna wanted it more than just an agreement and that she wanted it to be more than just a memory.


Taisuke was also another surprise. I would never have thought that he would take advantage of Kotonoha like that, but given the state that she was in when she found out Makoto is at the folk dance with Sekai, she was too shocked to even resist. Although I do wonder what Makoto would think if he found out that Taisuke had his way with Kotonoha. Would he become jealous? I think he would, but he wouldn’t do anything about it, as he thinks doing anything is a pain. That also brings up the point that he always thinks that anything relating to the girls is a pain, and that’s the irritating part about him.

Makoto’s two-timing of Sekai with Otome is just going to make things a hell of a lot more complicated, and that we can see why Setsuna is doing her best to keep Makoto and Sekai together. But of course I don’t think that they’ll last long together now that Sekai has found out about Makoto and Otome going to the lounge together. Though I can see Kotonoha going insane if she found out about Makoto and Otome slept together, especially with the tension between the two, and how Kotonoha keeps stating that her and Makoto are lovers. With the implying of the knives, I can definitely see a bloody ending coming up.

Everything is now starting to fall apart now that Setsuna has left for France, Sekai finding out about Otome, and now Kotonoha going insane with her eyes lifeless. Definitely can’t wait for the last two episodes.

Note: I’m going to try and plow through my backlog of anime before Monday as that is when the new season starts!

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November 25th, 2007 at 10:25 pm

I’ am surprised they dont consentrate a little more on otome i mean everyone just found out she boinked a guy who has a girlfriend and also is her nickname kato or something because right when they cut to the part in the video were its otome and makoto someone says looks like kato’s takeing the intiative or something along thoes lines.



November 26th, 2007 at 5:41 pm

Kato is Otome’s family name. I don’t think there was much to focus on for Otome’s side of things as she is considered to be an outsider in the love triangle that was going on.

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