School Days – 08

September 16, 2007 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, School Days

So with Kotonoha finally confronting Sekai, things are starting to move. Though the biggest surprise this episode was Setsuna kissing Makoto, although we could see it coming a long way away. I never thought that Setsuna would harbour some kind of feelings towards Makoto especially with Setsuna’s strong intervention to try and keep Makoto and Kotonoha separate, but also get Makoto and Sekai together. But with the flashback of their past brings about the premise of such a thing, and it shows that Makoto is a pretty nice guy, well back then he was.


With the episode focused on the festival, as well as Setsuna, I think it’s a nice way to develop her part in the story since she is leaving for France soon, and at least we see how she become the Class Rep. I can’t remember if they showed something like this in the game but I’m sure they didn’t. But I know in the game there wasn’t a lot of Setsuna parts, hence why there was Summer Days.

Now that Kotonoha discovered Setsuna kissing Makoto, I wonder how she will react with all this. I don’t see Setsuna as a love rival although Kotonoha may interpret it as that especially with the way that Setsuna was trying to keep them apart, even though Setsuna only wanted to make a happy memory before she leaves. So we’ve already seen Kotonoha offering her body to Makoto earlier this episode, but I can see that after discovering Setsuna kissing Makoto, it may push her to do even more.

Despite all the drama and such happening, it’s good to see the producers adding in a bit of humour with the competition of the cafes and Setsuna ordering her classmates like troops. But of course, I wouldn’t mind attending a maid/little sister cafe, but a zombie cafe?? Well each to their own I guess.

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September 16th, 2007 at 10:17 am

Yeah, I didn’t like the Zombie cafe… I don’t know anybody that would… strange indeed.
But Setsuna and “making her own memory” come on; she is trying to help Sekai. *shakes head* Not to mention Kotonoha walking in… *shakes head again*



September 19th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

you know what the ending will be desu. keep your fingers crossed xD

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