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Every episode I watch of School Days, it just seems to get more and more crazy. With Kotonoha finding out about Makoto and Sekai, I’m surprised that she didn’t confront them sooner, but I guess that’s also because of her personality. She seems to be a person who rather wait for something to happen than to take the initiative. Still, she is trying in her own way and obviously it’s not enough, and with Makoto not being by her side, we’re already starting to see her descent in mental stability, e.g the way she is undoing the entire knit work.


Although Kotonoha is alone and somewhat up against majority of the girls, Makoto realises that leaving Kotonoha alone is too cruel, and I must say, I admire that he attempts to try and keep in contact with Kotonoha, despite him not loving her anymore. Of course he’s still a jerk for not coming forward about him and Sekai, he still doesn’t realise the pain that he is causing Sekai by keeping their secret.

What I liked best about this episode as well is that the confusion is now starting to spread around as to whether Makoto is dating Kotonoha or Sekai. And with a large network of friends, it just causes even more trouble. Though I guess Setsuna is the one who brought others into it in a way that she wants to make sure Sekai is Makoto’s girlfriend, and she seemed somewhat more cruel than what I remember her being in the game, which is of course a welcome change.

So now things are starting to heat up with Kotonoha facing Sekai, and even giving her a slap. Goes to show that Kotonoha is taking action and she’ll be trying to win Makoto back. Now that the festival is going to start, we might also get to see what’s going on with the “lounge”.

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September 13th, 2007 at 11:29 pm

With everybody’s curse
Makoto:”I,I have done nothing wrong >_



September 14th, 2007 at 7:41 am

Everyone wants Makoto and all he wants is simple life with sex. I don’t believe this.



September 16th, 2007 at 4:54 am

Poor Katsura, but the whole slap thing in the end made this a noteworthy episode showing that she can actually respond to the situation. I want to attend a cafe at a high school in Japan, seems interesting and I wouldn’t mind hanging out at the festival either.

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