Figure Review: Shingyouji Mao, my love for purple hair increases

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As stated at the end of the Haruhi review, I had another figure review coming up, and I’m hoping to clear the figure photography backlog now that I have full weekends to actually do stuff. With this figure, I’ve been wanting to photograph her ever since she arrived at my doorstep. So satisfying my infatuation of girls with purple hair, I present Shingyouji Mao.

Like in my last figure post of Max Factory’s Suzumiya Haruhi, I mentioned there was one coming soon, and so here we are. Taken on the same day as the Haruhi shoot, it was great weather and a great location for Mao. Anyway Shingyouji Mao is from the galge Boy Meets Girl. I first found out about this game way back in 2005 when I was in Japan as I kept seeing promo posters around Akihabara. I liked the character designs, especially Mao. Personally I have never played the game so I have no idea of what the story is about.

When I first opened the box and saw Mao in the flesh…. I mean PVC, I was stunned at how awesomely cute she was. Just by looking at her, you can tell Mao is the energetic type of girl, with a pose of running towards you and waving. The colouring scheme of the character design is nice as the maroon uniform blends in so well with her purple hair, having a nice comparison of dark and light colours.

One of the major points about Mao is how well she is sculpted. The uniform has creases to match with Mao’s pose, to make her look natural in every aspect. Things like the flow of the skirt and the pleats, the way the ribbon is tied on both her uniform and on her hair, the small tenderness of her right hand, the slenderness of her legs, and the flow of her hair and how you can see the strands of her hair.

The paintwork is definitely of high quality, although I do find little specks around, but only upon closer inspection. I like how Mao’s hair is of a slight gradient where the top starts off lightish and changes with a tint. Not exactly visible straight away, but it has a nice effect. But what draws me to Mao is her face. Just like the Asakura Otome figure, Mao’s big round eyes are what I like and it reflects the energetic personality she has. Although she doesn’t draw me in like Otome, it definitely does make me want to stare at her all day, lol.

Like all school girl figures nowadays, Mao is no exception to having a removable skirt. As mentioned before, the sculpting is done well in every aspect, including her buttocks. So no point is left untouched. And now I thought I’d try something different this time, and that is include Haruhi in the photo shoot. Normally when I do a figure shoot, I take two or three figures with me, so might as well make the most of them. It looks as if Haruhi is directing another movie, but with Mao as the star.

Product: Shingyouji Mao
Anime/Game: Boy Meets Girl
Produced by: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Takahiro Obata
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Release Date: April 2007
Price: ¥4,571
Available: HLJ (available)

When I first saw the promo pictures of Mao, I knew I had to buy her. If not for for the cuteness of Mao, but for my love of girls with long purple hair. There isn’t anything that I can find displeasing about Mao. Having been produced by Good Smile Company, she is definitely of high quality. Even the base I find reasonable with it being a translucent pink with some sort of pattern molded into it. Despite how she is posed, standing on one leg and how her upper body is directed, I doubt she will ever lean. Both her legs are made solid, in fact, the entire figure is rock solid with exception to the hair, ribbons, and skirt. So a well built, well painted, and well sculpted cute figure, it’s something that can’t be passed up.

Moe Check! here are a few points that make this such a moe character:

  • Zettai ryouiki
  • Twin tails
  • Mao’s left hand holding onto her sleeve
  • Purple hair

Photography Notes

Taken on the same day as the Haruhi shoot, this is still at Olympic Park, but across the road from Telstra Stadium. Right now I would have to say Olympic Park is one of the best places to go for photography as there are many structures you can use as backgrounds. Not to mention that there really isn’t that many people around Olympic Park, unless there is an event being prepared.

The photo shoot was done around about 11 am, but since it’s winter in the Land of Oz, the sun isn’t as strong, and with the use of the trees as a filter do produce some good results. Also to note, Mao is one reason why the figure backlog is building up. I find it extremely difficult to find places to photograph school girl figures as I try to think of the right settings. If I can be bothered, I might do a write up on the things I do when I go out for outdoor figure photography.

10 Responses to Figure Review: Shingyouji Mao, my love for purple hair increases


super rats

July 12th, 2007 at 9:09 am

I like how you tilted the horizon to the same degree they do in a lot of anime type illustrations. Definitely fits for the pose and expression on Mao’s face.



July 12th, 2007 at 9:48 am

nice pictures, good background also. does her standing leg made off ABS? PVC isn’t solid enough to avoid leaning :(



July 12th, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Very cute pictures ^-^. I must go out and find this figure now lol. I hope she doesn’t lean, everything looks proportioned so even if it does lean it shouldn’t happen for a while. Of course I need the real figure to notice the distribution of weight. It’s nice to find places where people won’t stare at you when you take pics of figures lol.



July 12th, 2007 at 4:22 pm

I wonder what you would do if you happened to be walking around after a photoshoot by some horrific accident, your hand slips and Mao drops and cracks into two pieces



July 12th, 2007 at 8:33 pm

Lovely pictures of an awesome cute figure ^^ Her base looks quite exquisite as well. Even her pantsu is rather different and could very well double as a swimsuit bottom. Now I wish I had actually remembered to bid on her at ebay before she expired (think I would have gotten outbid anyway :(), if the chance ever pops up for me to get her, I probably would since your photos have provided very good reference :)



July 12th, 2007 at 9:26 pm

Nice zettai ryouiki and cute striped pantsu!! She’s perfect xD
A lovely figure, truly. And you choose a great place for pictures, beautiful!
Maybe I’ll think about getting her. Need more school girls hahaha ^^



July 12th, 2007 at 9:40 pm

super rats: A lot of the shots I take are unintentional and I usually snap away hoping it turns out great. If there is anything I’ve learnt about photography is not to think too much on the subject.

ron~:I’m not sure if her legs are made of ABS. I would assume its a blend of ABS and PVC, but can you really mix them together?

AS:Well its a GSC product, so I don’t think it’ll lean what so ever. She is made pretty solid all around. Also I don’t mind people staring at me when taking figures as some do come up to me and talk about what I’m doing.

Knowgni: Quite easy, I’ll just buy another one. Besides, I’m very careful with all of my belongings so the chances of that happening are slim.

shinohai:I was surprised by her pantsu as well. Not often you see figures with ones that could double as swimsuit bottoms. Well you can order her from HLJ as she is still in stock if you don’t want to buy from eBay.

lu-k:The background I used I liked as well as it gives off a feel similar to what you see in any school themed galges.


Aya Kyunik

July 12th, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Nice pics! XD
I like the whole treeline thing.
The figure does look fairly nice, the upcoming one seems interesting too.
The write up on your outdoor photography would be interesting. It also reminds me that I have to find more outdoor places for the shoots ^^;



July 17th, 2007 at 5:39 pm

Oh my god, I want her so bad, especially after seeing your [really nice] pictures. I’ve wanted to get her since the days she was available for preorder, but I have a serious lack of fundage. Luckily, I’ll be applying for a job sometime this next week, so hopefully I’ll be obtaining delicious monies soon.~



September 1st, 2008 at 1:15 am


And the hand-sleeve rule totally works.

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