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As Hayate is cleaning some glasses, he is wondering about Ayumu. Likewise Ayumu is finding a place to eat and after ordering a lot of food, begins to wonder about Hayate. Some mail arrived for Nagi so Hayate goes to deliver it to Nagi, but Hayate finds out from Nagi that it’s a transfer form for Hayate to enter Hakuou Academy. Nagi tells him that it’s a way of thanks and at this point, Hayate bursts into tears. Klaus thinks it’s a good idea, but since he has to take an entrance exam, Klaus declares that if Hayate does not pass the exam, he is fired as a butler. Although hearing that the average mark is 65 and that the exam is tomorrow, Hayate is determined to pass.

So after a night of study, Hayate calls it a night, but before going to bed, he finds Klaus sleeping in his bed. Trying to wake him up, Klaus wants to tell Hayate about an exam he had to pass during elementary school, but of course, he just wants to disturb Hayate. After kicking Klaus out and going to sleep, Hayate is woken up a little later by Tama twice throughout the night. So by morning, Hayate is a little sleep deprived. Upon arriving at the school, and boarding the train, Nagi and Hayate are soon greeted by Yukiji who claims to be the exam proctor and states that the exam is a Redmond style exam.

Taking Hayate to the exam room, what he finds is a banana hanging from the ceiling with some items on the floor. Nagi is worried about Hayate getting it wrong, but Hayate proves that it’s a simple problem of just reaching for the banana. However there are a bunch of hungry monkeys and they attack Hayate, with Hayate fighting them off. It is there that Yukiji claims that this was a joke in order to calm Hayate down. However, once the exam comes, Hayate is a little anxious. After the exam, Nagi wants to goto school with Hayate and reassures him that he’s passed, and so they walk off hand in hand. Meanwhile, Yukiji is meeting the superintendent and finds out that Hayate has actually failed the exam by one point, and that he would’ve gotten higher if he was calm. And so she wants Yukiji to pass the news to Hayate. Later that night, Nagi and Hayate begin to celebrate his passing the exam.



So continuing on with the school arc, it was funny seeing how Tama and Klaus were trying to disturb Hayate from getting a good night sleep, but more so seeing Hayate use a Moe-tan book to study English. For this episode, it felt a little dragged out mainly because of all the flashbacks at the start of the episode for what happened last episode but with Hayate thinking over about what happened with Ayumu shows that he isn’t blunt.

Yukiji’s attempt at calming Hayate down was pretty funny but a little extreme. But of course this just adds laughs to the series but now that Hayate has failed, we’ll see how Yukiji handles on informing Hayate about it. Also I wonder why the superintendent’s face was covered up like that as I don’t remember her being anyone important in the manga.

Not many references much this week except the occasional MaR, the Star Wars reference, and the Moe-tan one. I really starting to think that SynergySP are running out of references that are anime original.

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June 30th, 2007 at 9:49 pm

Oho, Klaus finally gets a bit of airtime. The head butler as a man-child was an absolute treat.

Loved that Moetan reference too. ^_^

I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about next week’s ep. Dropping the news while everyone’s in party mode is bad enough; the fact that it’s partly madwoman Yukiji’s fault can only make things worse.

I also think they spent too much time on those opening flashbacks – in the end, it all seemed pretty pointless. Was that part straight out of the manga or did they put it in to kill time?



July 1st, 2007 at 7:11 am

This was a pretty good episode, I loved the monkeys. Kid Klaus kind of freaked me out. The scene where Tama came through the ceiling was pretty funny, looked like he was going to rape him or something lol “sleep tight and don’t worry” ^-^. I loved it when Hayate tossed Tama out of the window and went “Gowww” lol.



July 1st, 2007 at 8:38 am

Deigo: The flashback part isn’t a part of the manga from what I can remember. I think they mainly did it to fill in time as this chapter of the manga didn’t really go that long.

AS: Kid Klaus was pretty freaky but I could somehow see that one coming.

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