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Matsuri and Aono now confront each other on the rooftop. Aono tells Matsuri that Yorito chose her and Matsuri knows that Yorito wants what’s best for her sister, however she claims that she also likes Yorito and doesn’t want to be separated from him, and thus Matsuri leads Aono to an abandoned area of the city. With time to spare before Aono arrives, Matsuri sits together with Yorito in an abandoned cinema pretending to watch a horror movie. Once Aono arrives, the two begin fighting each other. Paper VS Sword.

As the two are fighting, flashbacks of the past begin to reveal that Aono was originally a sacrifice for the Yaka and how the original Yorito died. With Aono not being able to live without Yorito, she ends up killing herself but Matsuri revives her by making Aono a Yaka since Matsuri didn’t want to be alone. Back in the present, Matsuri manages to strike at Aono, only to find it to be a paper shadow. This has given Aono the chance to distract Matsuri whilst she sees Yorito.

Yorito says that he can’t be together with Aono as he isn’t the real Yorito and that he asked Matsuri to erase him. Aono doesn’t want that to happen as she feels that if everything meant nothing, she wouldn’t have created him in the first place, so she decides to pin him against a wall with paper. Matsuri finally manages to track down the real Aono and the two girls want it to end now. After a little bout, Matsuri manages to stab Aono, only to find it another paper shadow, so Aono strikes from behind knocking her onto the stage of the theater. As Aono approaches Matsuri, Yorito manages to break free by breaking his paper arm off and jumps to stop Aono.

Yorito yells at Matsuri to stab her now, but just as Matsuri approaches, a film of the blue sky starts to play. This makes Matsuri pause for a moment before she stabs herself with the sword. Earlier Takeshi told her to infuse her Yaka blood into the sword and stab another Yaka to return them to being a human. So as the sword absorbs Matsuri’s blood and begins to glow, Matsuri approaches and raises the sword at a now frightened Aono.


Hot damn this was truly an awesome episode. The final showdown between the girls was indeed greatly orchestrated in both their fight scenes and how they go to the flashbacks of the past and the scene of the blue sky being played was a very nice touch. I had a feeling that the method to return a Yaka to a human was by sacrificing another Yaka and that the sword was the item to do it. So now with Matsuri having stabbed herself and going to return Aono to a human, at this point I can’t see Matsuri being a live at the end of the series. Given the circumstances now it seems plausible that we won’t be seeing a everyone being happy ending. I also get the feeling that with Aono returning back to a human, she seems to be taking Matsuri’s place in feeling lonely as Matsuri will probably die, and Aono will lose her Yaka powers, hence Yorito will no longer exists. But still, Sola has proved to be a real story twister so they may show us something yet.

Nakahara Mai did an absolutely wonderful job as Aono in this episode. These past few episodes we have started to see Aono become more emotional in the way she speaks and the way her character has developed is just superb. Originally I didn’t think much of Aono but she is now definitely one of the best characters in Sola, but I still prefer Matsuri since she is such a tease. Although this is to say, the first half was focused on Matsuri and the second half on Aono, but with the conclusion coming up it’s now on equal terms. So can’t wait till the concluding episode later this week.

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June 29th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

In the last scene of ep12 Aono doesn’t want to return to human(it’s obvious what will happen to that paper dummy after she returns human)I believe Aono will commit suicide when her precious paper dummy’s gone.
and this time no one’s goning to save her

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