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Having stopped due to forgetting the piece, Nodame improvises and continues playing. Although by the end the audience is still applauding, but Nodame hurries off to pack up and leave. Meanwhile the judges are discussing Nodame are impressed, but put her application aside, except for one judge who picks up it up with great interest. Later on the results are announced with Yuuto getting second place. At the same time, Chiaki finds Nodame outside and stops her so he can talk.

Nodame is shocked to hear Chiaki asking her to goto Europe with him, but she then questions why she has to go overseas to study piano. She claims that she entered the competition because of the prize money and that she only wants to play the piano the way she wants it. So Chiaki leaves it at that and takes his leave, but he mentions that that was the first time he heard her play without mistakes, and that it was a great performance. This causes Nodame to start crying as she felt that she still failed. Later in December, Chiaki finds out from Mine’s father that Nodame has gone to see her family for the New Year.

Back at Nodame’s home, her family are gathered eating together, but as they are talking about Nodame’s future, Nodame excuses herself from the table. Her family notices that she has been acting strangely and hasn’t played the piano since she got back. Nodame’s father remembers when Nodame was young and how she bit her teacher for smacking her. So the teacher smacked her again but knocking her to the wall, which Nodame drew blood from her head. As a result, she didn’t play the piano for a long time. Back in Tokyo, Chiaki meets up with Sakuma to discuss the next Rising Star concert as another conductor, Matsuda, is concerned about orchestra members leaving. Although Chiaki is reaffirms that there is nothing to worry about.

The day of the concert, much to everyone’s surprise, a lot of the players have changed in the orchestra, including Moe and Kaoru, and that the concertmaster has changed. With Kiyora playing Carmen Fantasy, the conductor Matsuda is watching from the audience and feels that he’ll miss Kiyora and that the orchestra is evolving. During the intermission, Mine reminds Chiaki that their final piece tonight was the first one he conducted with S-Oke, Beethoven’s Symphony No.7. Stresemann had said that Chiaki failed, and Chiaki feels that this is the piece he’s left unfinished and it will now be the last piece of his student life in Japan.



Despite Nodame continuing on with the performance, you can really feel that it was really messed up. The whole thing didn’t flow at all and I thought it didn’t convey anything. Anyway so Nodame in the end didn’t win the competition, but this takes the story to a good twist as I think it would be too cheesy if she won. Even though she didn’t win, I am surprised Nodame didn’t accept Chiaki’s offer to goto Europe with him, but I think Nodame feels that she didn’t deserve to go with him since she feels she still failed in the competition. But I find it more surprising that Chiaki asked her to go with him. I’m not sure whether he is developing some feelings towards Nodame, or this could be a way of saying thanks for curing him of his phobia.

Also we finally see what happened in Nodame’s past. That is pretty traumatic for someone that young and with the flashbacks from earlier (like the spiked club) show how much this event has affected Nodame. But this also signifies why Nodame plays like she does in the sense she plays how she wants to, and I think that is what draws people to her piano playing.

So now Chiaki has decided to goto Europe, the next performance will be his last. I do like the idea on how he comes back to Beethoven’s Symphony No.7 because it is where his conducting started. He’s been saying to himself that he still has things to do in Japan and I wonder if completing Symphony No.7 is what he was wanting to do all this time. Anyway next week’s episode is the last one to air. However I don’t think next episode will be the last one unless they really rush the conclusion of Chiaki and Nodame.

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July 1st, 2007 at 12:16 pm

This was a pretty good episode that I finally got a chance to watch lol. It explained more about Nodame’s past and how Chiaki is really warming up to Nodame, but she still isn’t his girlfriend as he put to Mine. It was interesting how Chiaki could decipher Nodame’s final piece at the competition. I laughed when Mine said “Gyabo”, first time anyone other than Nodame said that. I know you did a review on episode 23 but I will wait for it lol.

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