Seto no Hanayome – 10

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Nagasumi wakes up one mroning to find a tall, buff man wearing a black suit, standing over him. The man tells him that he’ll terminate Nagasumi if he treats Luna half heartedly before jumping out the window. Later at school, Nagasumi tells everyone about the mysterious man but no one believes him, but the man keeps popping up in front of Nagasumi in random places.

Throughout the day the man is chasing after Nagasumi, even to the point where Kai has joined and is also being chased. Kai also called for a ion beam to shoot down onto the man, but it shows no affect on him. With the school being evacuated, San is worried about Nagasumi and goes off to find him, only to confront with the man. However, before San could use her Howling Voice, the man stopped her, but he is soon enough gets punched out by Gouzaburou. The two begin battling out with a one on one duel till the battle ends up being a draw.

It is then Luna turns up with Ren and asks why her father is here. Nagasumi is then shocked to hear that the man was Luna’s father, but it appears he turned up here since he was worried about Luna and to see what kind of person Nagasumi is. And so Luna’s father leaves, but ends up getting into the incinerator saying he’ll be back.



This has got to be one of the best parodies I’ve seen in Seto no Hanayome. Well I can’t really think of any others at the moment, but having Luna’s father be all like the Terminator was just pure gold. Also I didn’t expect Luna’s father to turn up so early on in the series, but I guess right now it’s a prime time to be introducing characters since this is coming close to the halfway point. Also I find it funny how Nagasumi was able to drag Kai into the whole chase part and how Kai used an ion beam (well I want to call it an ion beam). But I guess with this it shows that they are close to becoming friends.

It’s interesting to see Luna’s relationship with her father, as it appears that they aren’t very close. I do feel that we’ll see more on why that is later on in the series when we get some episodes focused on Luna. Also Luna’s father has been added to the ending sequence with some spaces left. Though next episode it appears we won’t have another character introduction just yet but we appear to be going back to regular crazy antics.

Also at this point I’m considering to stop blogging Seto no Hanayome as I am behind and don’t have much time to actually blog it. But I’ll hold on for a few more episodes to see if I can still blog it, plus I would like to finish it off for completion sakes.

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Syaoran Li

July 18th, 2007 at 7:21 am

I lvoe it! Every scene from a Terminator movie…
Good material…

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