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Hayate has a dream of when he was in elementary school, talking to his class about his future dream. When he wakes up he wonders if it’s because of what Mikado said to him. Later on he talks to Maria about dreams, but Maria gets depressed at how Hayate discusses how dreams are the motivation for people to live. When Nagi wakes up, she finds the hallway sparkling clean and maria explains that Hayate is doing his best and how he was talking about dreams. But of course Maria gets depressed again when she finds out Nagi also has a big dream.

But with the talk about dreams, Maria wonders what Hayate’s dream is, so she asks him directly. Hayate at first is embarrassed, but he tells Maria that his dream is to live in a 3LDK, and this is what he told his elementary class where even the teacher cried. Hayate is then told to go out and buy a new phone and have the rest of the day off, so upon getting the new phone, Hayate goes off to se his school. Once at the entrance, he meets Nishizawa Ayumu, a classmate of his and he explains his story to her. Although she thinks it’s all a joke, but then a teacher comes up saying that Hayate is now a drop out, since his parents came and asked for a refund on his tuition. So realising he can no longer attend school, Hayate turns to leave, but is stopped by Ayumu who confesses her love for him. Although Hayate begins to see Nagi’s sad face so he rejects her in a way that makes her punch him and stomps off angry. Upon returning home, Nagi happily takes his phone and enters her number as the first entry.

A few days later, Ayumu is at Wataru’s video store returning some videos. After leaving she realised she forgot to get a video but notices Hayate exiting Wataru’s store. So she tails him but can’t catch up as Hayate is walking fast. Ayumu eventually sees Hayate enter through a gate, but is shocked to see that he entered a mansion. Determined to find him, she is eventually caught by security. Managing to run from the security guards, Ayumu encounters Tama and ends up getting chased, but she is saved by Hayate after she cries out her name. She is glad to see him but before they could go further, Nagi interrupts them. It is then that the two girls realise that they are rivals and stand off to each other, with Nagi giving off a dragon, but Ayumu a hamster, with the dragon eating the hamster. Ayumu then says that she’ll be back with a stronger hamster and runs off.

Nagi tells Hayate that he can’t leave her to go somewhere, but Hayate reassures her since he has nowhere else to go. Though she notices how Hayate is looking in the direction that Ayumu ran off to, and after thinking about the times they spent together, she decides to do something for him.



Finally we get to see Ayumu in a more active role as all the previous episodes we’ve only seen her eating. But you know what the Japanese say, if you eat a lot, shows that you are healthy. One thing for sure after watching this episode though, Ayumu is damn cute. Takahashi Mikako does a good job of voicing Ayumu and Ayumu’s character adds some laughs to the already funny cast of characters. Although such a shame she is more of a minor character so we won’t be seeing her for a while.

Hayate’s dream of living in a 3LDK is definitely funny. But what made it more funny was how the entire class and the teacher were crying after hearing about his parents and his future dream. But poor Maria, thinking that her life is meaningless since she really doesn’t have a dream besides wanting Nagi to be a good person. Also the part of Nagi thinking Hayate’s dream of being a bride just didn’t seem as funny compared to the manga. In the manga (I re-read this chapter), Klaus was the one who thought Hayate wanted to be a bride, and I thought it was more funny coming from him. But given this is anime, they’re still doing it quite accurate.

This week’s episode didn’t have many references. The one’s I picked up were:

  • British spy = James Bond
  • Suzumiya Haruhi
  • Getsumen To Heiki Mina

Right now I think SynergySP want to move on a bit with the story, hence the little amount of references these past few episodes but I’m sure we’ll see some more as we continue through the series. Next week Hayate sits for the test to enter Nagi’s school.

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June 22nd, 2007 at 1:21 am

Dang, I’m really behind in the manga. Can’t seem to get vol 4 anyways so I’m stuck between vol 3 and 5 lol.



June 22nd, 2007 at 6:11 am

The whole Hayate bride thing was a bit weird to me as Nagi was the one who imagined it, a lot of cross-dressing has been going on in this anime lol. Any more cross-dressing and it will become another Ranma 1/2. I loved Ayumu’s hamster and she’s going to bring a stronger one next time lol, I thought it was going to be a Sumomomo Momomo reference with Nagi being a dragon and Ayumu being a snake or tiger.



June 22nd, 2007 at 2:33 pm

Hijiko: You need to catch up on the manga! Though at this moment I don’t remember what happens in Volume 4, lol.

AS: The hamster part is from the manga, so it’s not really a Sumomomo Momomo reference. But like I said with the Hayate bride thing, it’s more funnier in the manga when Klaus is the one who mentions it.



March 8th, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Nagi is moe. <3

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