Seto no Hanayome – 08

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With the school broken into 2 factions, Nagasumi is targeted by both. Fortunately he is saved by Mawari and the girls, although he tries to thank them, they know that he is the cause of the uproar. San and Luna are on the rooftop and San asks Luna to stop this all, but Luna has no intention of stopping. Nagasumi is again being chased but eventually gets out of the school grounds, where he sees Saru who tells him only he can stop it all.

Upon returning home, Nagasumi finds everyone, including Maki who is seriously injured. Gouzaburou tells them that it’s a gangster matter and he wants war. San wants revenge as well but Nagasumi stops her as he doesn’t want to use violence. So he pays Luna a visit and propose a singing competition between her and San. She agrees on the condition if she wins, he would become hers. Nagasumi asks her what would happen if she would lose, but Luna thinks that is unlikely to happen.

With everyone at the concert, Luna’s manager notices how fired up she is. Nagasumi, Gouzaburou, Masa, and Fujishiro are sitting in the stands with the two factions and Luna explains what the concert is about. Once she begins to sing, she receives many cheers from her fans. Nagasumi even notices that she is different to usual and that she has improved. Though once her song finishes, her fans cry for an encore, in which Luna does as to give San no chance of stepping on stage. San however is determined not to give up without a fight, so she matches Luna’s dance movements as she sings her song. Nagasumi and everyone begin to be amazed at San’s singing but as San and Luna are singing together, everyone in the crowd begins to go crazy. Fujishiro explains that this is because of the mermaid’s voice.

Mawari and her group arrive to stop everyone, but once she opens the door, she realises it’s too late. meanwhile Luna is angered at what happened to her fans, so she changes her singing and makes the two factions goto war. Nagasumi makes his way to San saying they have to stop this. San believes that they can do it and sings a song for him, which transforms Nagsumi in order to take out both factions. After its all over, Luna is crying in front of San and her family. San demands that she apologises to Maki, but Luna claims she hasn’t done anything. It is then Ren and Maki turn up with Maki explaining the truth. Luna came to see San, but Maki decided to attack anyway. Although she missed and ended up crashing into a pole. San then makes up with Luna and Nagasumi is glad to see Luna isn’t a bad person after all. The next morning, Luna is having breakfast at the Michishio house as she’ll continue to live there and experience a normal life.



Now this was just totally awesome. The contest was kind of expected but it was great to see the two seiyuus singing it all out. The songs “your gravitation” by San and “Lunarian” by Luna were nice and seeing how both Halko Momoi and Nogawa Sakura were seiyuus in Lovely Idol, these are definitely better. Luckily these two songs are released on the character albums so I’ll be listening to them soon enough.

Again Luna was just great in this episode and her determination to win was hilarious. Seeing Nagasumi transform and kick everyone’s ass was also funny, but now everyone is all back to normal. The whole war thing was pretty crazy and I think it’ll be a while till we see something as crazy as this for a while. Although with this only being a 13 episode series, there isn’t much time left. Anyway now that Luna has decided to live with San and Nagasumi, I wonder if that would result in Luna developing feelings for Nagasumi? Though I don’t think we’ll see anything like that as Luna sees him nothing more than a servant. Next episode it appears to be the sports festival.

Just a small note as this has been bugging me. San’s fans had the word Sun written on their helmets and the character album is labeled Sun as the artist. To me Sun still sounds the same as San in a Japanese accent so I keep thinking her name is Sun. Although I’ll continue to call her San just for consistency sake.

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June 4th, 2007 at 10:52 pm

More mermaid yakuza action lol. I guess every harem anime has to have its sports festival, cant wait.



June 4th, 2007 at 11:20 pm

Whoa whoa. WAIT A SEC! Who told you it’s 13 episodes? No site that I visit mentions the 13th as the last. Source of this info please?



June 4th, 2007 at 11:32 pm

Sun & Lunar are their idol-names. San & Luna are their real names.




June 5th, 2007 at 12:04 am

TokiDoki: And may it be a crazy sports festival!

kacpy: This is only going from what I read on the ANN site. Of course I could be wrong as they have it listed as 13 episodes.

Skane: I guess I could see it like that. But it sure is hella confusing.



June 5th, 2007 at 12:14 am

ANN is retarded for episode totals, since they only list “titles we have”. There might as well be 118 episodes (already released) and they can only have 10 listed. ANN is no source for total episodes count.

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