Seto no Hanayome – 07

June 4, 2007 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, Seto no Hanayome

Pop idol Luna is singing on stage in front of her fans, including Nagasumi who is attending her concert. Though when she returns to her dressing room, she thinks to herself that humans are easily fooled by a mermaid’s voice. Her manager eventually enters her dressing room to inform her that San is currently living in Saitama. Upon hearing this, Luna remembers back in the past that San beat her in a child singing contest and has vowed to get revenge.

After parting ways with Saru due to the rain, Nagasumi returns home to find a mermaid in front of his house, but as she turns over he realises that it is the pop idol Luna. Though realising her identity is exposed, Luna unleashes her sonic wave attack on him and call her bodyguards to take him away. But San arrives on time to stop them and gets Nagasumi back. Inside the house, Nagasumi and San explain to Luna that since San’s identity was revealed, the two of them are to be married to protect the secret. Luna thinks that San is showing off and declares to make Nagasumi her servant as it’s her way to uphold the mermaid code. After arguing over Nagasumi, Luna declares that she’ll be living in the house as the owner.

The next morning Nagasumi wakes up to find Luna next to him and she even teases him. Although San appears to stop her, Luna questions San if she has slept with Nagasumi and she despairs because she hasn’t. Though San asks Nagasumi what she can do as his wife, but he says she doesn’t have to do anything at all, which results in a kick to the face by Luna. Later on at school, the classmates are overly excited that Luna has transferred into their school. Luna is seated next to San and she is determined to prove that she is much more popular than San.

By the time it’s Masa’s maths class, the class is split into two factions – San fans and Luna fans. Saru then explains to Nagasumi the situation that he is in and the impending doom that is to come. Meanwhile Maki is injured from an encounter with Luna and Luna is laughing maniacally at her victory over San.



This episode was great now that Luna has been introduced to the storyline. Her maniacal personality to beat San at everything is just awesome and adds to the already crazy and randomness of this show. Luna would be very similar to Maki, except 10 fold. Nogawa Sakura does a good job as Luna especially having split personalities like that and it shows since she’s done previous roles like Mamiya Ayumi from Magikano and Shiho from Mai-Otome. Usually I find such characters annoying as hell but for some reason I don’t hate Luna like I hate Mawari. It’s probably due to the overall craziness of the show that has made me accept it.

So now it’s a competition between San and Luna for most popular girl, even though it’s Luna who is the one actually cares about it. The whole class splitting into two factions and the upcoming war between them as well as Saru being the Wise Man is ridiculous, but definitely adds to the humour of the show. Although with Luna transferring into their school, I didn’t expect it to develop like this so quickly. Next episode shows an injured Maki and how San will confront Luna.

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