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Isumi finally takes her leave from the Sanzenin house, but before she goes, Nagi says that she can come over and get lost again, but Isumi says that they can see each other again if she turns up to school. The next morning, Hayate manages to convince Nagi to goto school by taking her by bicycle. When she asks why he insists on her going, Hayate makes her realise that some people can’t goto school even if they want to. Returning to the mansion and doing cleaning duties, Tama asks Hayate about his education, but Hayate says that he has a debt that will take 40 years to pay off. At the school, Nagi is stopped by Isumi because Nagi was heading in the direction of the old school building.

Later that night, Nagi finds that she forgot her notebook and Hayate volunteers to go and fetch it. At the school gates, Hayate is attacked by Yukiji who happens to be the school night watch. Hayate explains the situation and they head to the night watch office to get the key, but upon entering the room, Hayate finds Yukiji’s belongings and realises that she is living there because she doesn’t have to pay rent this way. He almost meets the other three student council members Izumi, Miki and Risa who are supposedly studying with Yukiji. Giving Hayate the key, the girls warn him of ghosts and monsters in the school at night. Hayate then makes his way to the school building, but mistakenly enters in the old school building. Once inside, he gets a call from Nagi saying that she is worried about him, but she is relieved that he isn’t alone as she can hear voices and screams in the background. This scares Hayate and unfortunately, his next few steps cause him to fall through the floorboards.

Meanwhile back in the night watch office, the girls think that Hayate may have walked into the old school building instead, but they are suddenly visited by Hinagiku. She finds out that Hayate is on school grounds and after hearing what the girls said, she goes off to look for him. Although she said that she isn’t scared on ghosts, upon entering, she clearly sees flying flames and ghosts. Screaming and running away, she is talked to by a mysterious voice, but she then sees it coming from a moving model that is running alongside her and it eventually corners her. Her screams for help result in Hayate arriving with a flying kick, destroying the model. She hugs him in fear and then slaps him for getting lost in such a scary place. She makes him promise to keep how scared she was a secret and vows to find the truth behind the moving model. Hayate realises that Hinagiku is like Nagi, in which she hates to lose.

As they continue walking through the building, Hinagiku mentions how hot it is. She notices that Hayate is looking at her, but Hayate says that she is too forward and needs to be more modest. So Hinagiku approaches from behind and tells him that he can do what he wants with her. This leaves Hayate surprised but Hinagiku laughs it off and says that she’ll be careful of boys like him. Though this makes Hayate realise that she hates to lose more than Nagi. Although they are interrupted when the model returns and Hinagikua ends up attacking it. Hayate finds something odd when the model calls him “Hayate-sama” and he remembers how Isumi scared off the rats from before, so he tries to convince Hinagiku to leave but she is too stubborn. So the model ends up exploding even though she didn’t do anything, so Hayate mentions that she must have used her chi unconsciously, although she doesn’t accept the theory, she brushes it off. So Hinagiku takes Hayate’s hand and suggests they go find Nagi’s notebook. At this point Hayate is still calling Hinagiku by her surname, she asks him to call her by her first name. After the two leave, Isumi and her bodyguards then take action against the real ghosts.

Arriving back at the mansion, Nagi was worried about Hayate but he says he was fine. Thinking about Hinagiku, Yujiki and the other girls, Hayate thinks that school is indeed a nice place.



Hinagiku is just awesome and dead set she is definitely my favourite character in this series. I find it rather amusing how she tends to act tough in front of others, but in fact she is just a regular girl and that she can act very natural when she is with Hayate. Although seeing her scared as well as the moving model was pretty amusing as well as when she wants to keep attacking the model. I also think that Hinagiku and Hayate would make a nice couple though I don’t think we’ll see anything really develop as this is more of a comedy rather than a romance thing.

For a morning show, I was surprised at seeing scenes like Hayate in the restroom and Ayumu eating the popsicle as she did. It does make you wonder how far they can go with such things and not get in trouble. Either way it gives me some laughs so it’s all good. The scene of Hayate dropping off Nagi was a good one simply because he makes her realise how fortunate she is, unlike Hayate. And at the end of the episode, we can see that Hayate really wants to attend school but we’ll be seeing that later on in the series, or even sooner than we think.

This week there weren’t many references except the bleeped out words. The only ones I picked up were Freddy and Jason as the other two I’m not too sure on. Hopefully next episode we’ll be seeing more references again as this and last episode didn’t have all that many. Speaking of next episode, it’s an anime original episode! It’ll be good to see if SynergySP can conjure up something as good as the manga material so far.

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May 31st, 2007 at 6:17 am

The bathroom scene was a bit on the extreme side that I thought they would never attempt lol. The Popsicle as well, but maybe theres not too much “symbolism” of it in Japan. It would be interesting if Hayate goes to school with Nagi and everyone else. It’s funny that Yukiji lives in the school with an environment like a mid-20 year old person while her sister is a super rich girl that goes to the school, even more interesting that she teaches the idiots of the school with her “easy” lessons.

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