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Yorito sees a bleeding Matsuri on the ground after he stabbed her, but before he knows it, he is sitting in school. He wonders if it was all a dream and whilst talking to Mana, he has blurry flashbacks of seeing Matsuri, resulting in him collapsing. Mana manages to take him home, and whilst she gets a towel, Aono has a talk with Yorito. Yorito asks Aono about last night and if they met someone on the way home as he feels he’s forgotten something important. Aono suggests that he get some rest and takes him to his room. Mana returns with a towel and basin, but Aono insists that she go home. Being placed in bed, Yorito feels that they should go out on a clearer day, but Aono says that she dislikes clear weather. Though Yorito feels that you can see different scenery and colours on a clear day. As Aono exits the room, Yorito bids her goodnight, and Aono does the same.

Elsewhere, Mana’s friend Sae is boarding the tram and as she looks out the window, she sees Matsuri together with Mayuko. Matsuri, who is still injured, wants to get away as far as possible, so Mayuko takes her to an empty tram car for her to rest. Mayuko is together with Matsuri after Matsuri found her burning in the sunlight. Mayuko realises that Matsuri is a Yaka, but questions as to why her wounds haven’t healed yet. Matsuri mentions that she broke a promise, and the result was her getting stabbed. The next day, Mana and Koyori visit Yorito’s house, but no one is answering the door. Eventually Aono opens up and informs them that Yorito is off sick from a cold. After the sisters leave, Aono heads back upstairs to Yorito. Yorito tells her that he has a nightmare of stabbing Matsuri, though Aono tells him that he keeps having these dreams because he can’t forget about Matsuri, and if he doesn’t forget quickly, he’ll suffer even longer. Once she leaves the room, Aono begins to cry.

At school, Sae tells Mana about spotting the pair and shows a picture that she took with her cellphone. Mana tells Sae to send her the picture as she rushes off to Yorito’s house. Aono answers the door again and Mana insists she speak with Yorito, though Aono wants to know what is so urgent. Mana tells her that Matsuri is still around but this causes Aono to be angry and she tries to close the door. Refusing to be shut out, Mana thinks Yorito should know as it involves someone important to him. This results in Aono pushing Mana out, but her hand gets caught in the sunlight and begins to burn. Mana is confused at what she saw, so Aono closes the door and ignores Mana’s pleas. Upstairs, Yorito continues to see the nightmares of him stabbing Matsuri and her turning into stone then crumbling away. It causes him to scream out her name and tumble out of bed whilst Aono tries to restrain him. Though Yorito ends up ripping the curtain, allowing the afternoon sun to come in, which burns Aono. She ends up crawling out of the light and desperately tells Yorito that Matsuri isn’t here, which appears to calm him down.

Aono hugs and apologises to Yorito for what she did and that she only wants them to be happy. She remembers from the past that they used to make origami together, but one rainy day, she found the roof of their house collapsed, resulting in her suicide. Putting him back to bed, Aono leaves as she has something to do. Later on, Mana sneaks into the house but only finds Yorito lying in bed awake. She snaps him out of it by slapping him and showing him the picture of Matsuri and Mayuko. Revitalised, he heads out with Mana on a bicycle, though Mana questions if he knows where they are, though Yorito recognises the radio tower in the background. As Matsuri wakes up, she steps out of the tram car but then finds herself under attack from flying pieces of paper. Aono is standing on top of a building and says that Matsuri is no more.


Aono’s character has definitely taken a huge turn around in this episode as before she didn’t make a move and was hoping that everything will work out. But now she is forcefully pushing away the people around her like Mana and Koyori, though I think this reflects on how possessive Aono is of Yorito. With the flashback of what happened to Yorito in the past, it does answer a big questions of what lead to Aono’s suicide but as well as her determination to be together with Yorito no matter what. At this point I do believe that Aono and Yorito were siblings in the past so I don’t think there is the possibility of an Aono x Yorito pairing, but it’s just that her attachment is a very deep sibling love.

Matsuri and Mayuko’s pairing I found a little odd but at least it explains on how they are together. So now it’s obvious that Mayuko is a Yaka and that she knows Matsuri can heal, it still doesn’t make sense of why her and Takeshi were hunting for her earlier. Matsuri also mentioned that she broke a promise, hence why her wound is not healing, and I’m guessing it has to do with Aono and leaving her and Yorito alone.

The pacing of the show has definitely changed not to mention feeling a little faster. The scene of Yorito going crazy was pretty intense, but I have to say that Yorito’s attachment to Matsuri appears to be as strong as Aono’s attachment to Yorito. But at least we won’t be seeing him attempting to do anything too crazy. Now we also see that Aono has taken the liberty of trying to eliminate Matsuri in order for Yorito to forget, and with a Aono versus Matsuri fight, we might see a bit more of their powers, assuming if they have anymore.

With only 5 episodes left we still have a few more unanswered stories, such as Takeshi and Mayuko, and what Matsuri said about Yorito last episode. Hopefully they’ll answer more of these soon but there is still the 2 DVD only episodes which may show the actual end of the story. I think I’ll definitely have to buy the DVDs.

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May 28th, 2007 at 3:11 am

If the series continues its excellent run, I’ll be getting the DVDs too XD



May 29th, 2007 at 12:46 am

I wonder if there will be a season two to continue on with the story. Its simply too short



May 29th, 2007 at 12:57 am

Stripey: It’s good as it is so you should buy the DVDs without thinking!

alafista: I can’t see there being a second season of sola as I’m sure we’ll be getting a conclusion of some sort at the near end or in the DVD episodes.



May 29th, 2007 at 7:02 am

Haha! Well I must say Aono in that sweet pink dress and Matsuri in that cute lilac dress are reasons enough for a DVD purchase XD But it’d be very lamentable if the series is betrayed by a subpar finale. Yappari… I’ll wait til it ends its run :P

I also believe Sola doesn’t have enough material for a 2nd run. Currently the story is compact enough to finish in 5 eps. A well executed short but complete story sits very well w me actually. :)

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