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During rehearsal, Chiaki is feeling frustrated by the orchestra’s playing and borrows a violin to demonstrate how it’s done. Though everyone is shocked to hear Chiaki’s violin skills for the first time, after practice, they think that Chiaki is too much of a spartan. Although Kiyora feels different and welcomes this part of Chiaki, where Kuroki feels that they aren’t following Chiaki. Sakuma and Keeko arrive to announce the publishment of the orchestra’s performance, and that they are called the Rising Star Orchestra. Though everyone is unhappy how Mine and his father thought up the name, but this motivates them to continue practicing.

Back home, Chiaki wakes up from a nightmare. He was getting ready for a concert when his teacher Vieira walked in, but he then suddenly found himself in an airplane and seeing a bouncing bottle. With Nodame by his side, he admits he has been having more nightmares since the visit to his uncle’s house and suspects it might have something to do with the hypnotherapy. Nodame then suggests hypnotism with the watch that Stresemann gave her, but Chiaki thinks that it won’t work. Much to Nodame’s surprise, Chiaki has fallen asleep and is in a trance. She was able to wake him up with a clap and make him fall asleep again with the watch, with all this in mind, she goes off to find out more about hypnotism.

With the concert coming closer, Chiaki finds out from his mother that the entire family is coming as well as some famous musicians. After getting off the phone, he hands Nodame a ticket to the best seat in the house and tells her to listen to his music. On the night of the concert, many attendees are surprised to see an oboe concerto, especially a critic called Ookawa. He also doesn’t think highly of Chiaki and this makes Keeko realise that not many people know about Chiaki’s conducting. The concert starts with Schumann’s Manfried Overture, which impresses Sakuma. The second piece is Mozart’s Oboe Concerto in C Major K.314, and as Kuroki walks out to the stage, the orchestra members stomp their feet to applaud him, showing they haven’t lost confidence in him. Kuroki conveys his feeling to Nodame through his music and hopes that she can hear his feelings.

During the intermission, many people praised the performance of the orchestra, including some of the well known musicians. Though with the intermission coming to an end, Keeko and Sakuma notice that there are quite a number of professionals, conductors, and critics in the audience and he hopes that Chiaki can take advantage of it. As Chiaki walks back on stage, he sees Nodame pouting her lips again and he thinks to himself that she should stop doing that.



I’m a little surprised at how fast the concert has approached, but given that we don’t have that many episodes left, it does make sense. With this concert, I don’t expect too much from the actual performance since that isn’t the focus here, but more of the outcome of the performance since there are a number of critics and musicians attending. In the end I think Chiaki will have a good outcome at the end of the concert and he will be more recognised throughout the music world. One thing I found quite admirable was Chiaki’s words before the first performance, where he thinks to himself “let’s play some fun music” as this is the exact same words that Stresemann said back in the Rachmaninoff performance. It shows that Chiaki has learnt the enjoyable side of being a conductor from Stresemann and that he has changed in some way since the start of the series.

The hypnotism with Nodame definitely shows that she will be the one to cure Chiaki of his fear of flying. Though how she will go about doing it we’ll see in next week’s episode, but her going off to find out more about hypnotism is admirable since she is doing this for Chiaki. The recurring nightmares that Chiaki is having seems to show that we will soon find out the cause of Chiaki’s fears and whether or not he will overcome them. My guess is that he will with the help of Nodame.

With not many episodes left of the series, I have a feeling that the anime will end at the same point as the live drama, as that ended on a pretty good part which left a chance for a second season. I do hope that there will be a second season of both the anime and live drama.

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May 30th, 2007 at 12:24 am

I already knew what will happen coz i’ve already read the manga, but I won’t spoil it to anyone. It’s really nice to see it animated.

And to have it end like the live drama would be pretty good as well, as the next volume of the manga will come out on July (published by Del Rey) and also the last volume ended at the same point in the live action.

so, it’d be nice…. but dat would mean that we have to wait….

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