Seto no Hanayome – 05

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Today is Nagasumi’s first day back at school as well as San’s first day at her new school. Having nearly being killed by Maki, Nagasumi finds San in her school uniform. She also has a postcard from her father telling her he’ll always be with her, give Nagasumi feels uneasy about. On the way to school, they meet one of Nagasumi’s friends, Sarutobi Hideyoshi, and actually looks close to a monkey. In class, everyone is talking about a new teacher and to Nagasumi’s surprise, it ends up being San’s father.

However it doesn’t stop there, in fact a lot of the teachers are now replaced with Seto group mafia members, where San’s mother is the school nurse, Masa is a maths teacher, and Shark Fujishiro is the P.E teacher. San eventually confronts them all with Nagasumi hoping to lecture them, but in fact she is happy that everyone is there. That afternoon, Nagasumi is feeling depressed over the matter until Masa gives him encouragement to not lose to San’s father.

The next day Nagasumi goes through the lessons of all the teachers until it’s P.E class. Saru drags Nagasumi along to peek at the girls undressing, but Nagasumi doesn’t want to do it. Eventually they are found out by Fujishiro, but before Nagasumi could get away, Saru had left him behind. So Fujishiro takes the chance to attack Nagasumi. Cornered, he had no choice but to dash through the girls dressing room, which he ends up getting interrogated by Mawari after school. Later that afternoon, staring into the sunset again, Nagasumi is feeling depressed again. San finds him their and apologises about not helping in clearing his name but Mawari and the Class President explained to the rest of the girls. Nagasumi asks San why she isn’t angry about what he did, but she believes he has his reasons and that she trusts him because she is his wife.

The next day, San promises Nagasumi to keep their relationship a secret, which causes Saru to feel left out. But then San’s father appears behind Nagasumi enquiring about the secret and starts chasing him with a knife.


This episode was pretty hilarious as we are now back to the craziness that involves the Setouchi Mermen. I knew that some mermen would come to Nagasumi’s school, but I didn’t expect that many to tag along, even San’s mother. However I found San’s reaction to everyone there a little disappointing but funny as well since I was thinking she would tell them off for interrupting their school life. But with her being happy that the mermen are there, it’s sure to bring along a lot more laughs.

It appears that Nagasumi does have a male friend, and I think him being a perverted monkey, literally, adds to the craziness of it all. Though with him and the Inchou (Class President), I don’t think we’ll get much dialogue from them. However I did note that in the ending sequence, they have added in the characters as they are introduced. There are still some empty seats so I’m assuming there are still some characters left to be introduced. Also the scene of Nagasumi fending off Saru in the front of his house, I’m not sure if that is supposed to reference anything but the drawing style looks familiar.

Next episode we see San’s identity revealed to Mawari.


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