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The petition has passed and the school festival has been given the go ahead. With the help of Takako, the preparation of the school festival was finished on the 19th October, the day before the festival. As the girls are walking out, Mikan tells them that she doesn’t want to leave, and the others feel the same. So they end up spending the night running through the empty hallways and classrooms until they are lying on the grass rooftop. Mikan admits she wanted to know how Manabi sees the world but now she sees it – A school called Seiou Academy in a big universe, and on this school’s roof a small student council room is located where 5 girls had gone through happiness, anger, and tears in their everyday lives. Though this room is gone now and they will have to graduate, Manabi says that she will never forget this night and Mikan says that she loves everyone.

The next day, visitors start coming into the festival. Momo also sets up plans with the band that is set to play later. However some rude guests come into the festival and the girls find out tickets are being sold on an auction site. Though luckily Manabi’s brother is there to help sort out the problems and Kyouko eventually comes by as well. As Takefumi and Kyouko walk through the festival, Takefumi says that Kyouko is here to find the answer that Manabi and her friends came up with. But she admits that she may be expecting too much and that she wants to see if having a festival in this time of declining birthrates is meaningless or not. She thinks that if it can’t bring value, then the meaning of attending school is lost. Meanwhile the band has started playing, but Mei, Takako, Manabi and Mikan are stuck at the dormitory manning a table. Takako closes her eyes and let the festival come alive in her mind, and says that Manabi is the one who taught her that.

By evening, the principal and Shimojima are manning the table and Momo drags Manabi to the stage. Their the lead singer thanks everyone for coming and wants to especially thank Manabi for making the festival happen. As Manabi gets up on stage, she finds out that she has to sing, and with no choice, she chooses the Seiou school anthem. As the song ends, Momo lets off fireworks to light the night sky. Kyouko now feels that the girls worked hard for this festival without asking for a reward and that is something only during school life that one can be passionate with what they do. The principal meanwhile explains to Shimojima that this year’s school festival is no different to last year’s, but this year is special as this festival is the result of what the students fought for. Manabi then turns to the crowd and announces that she loves everyone.


So the school festival was a success and it was actually an enjoyable watch. Though it’s not in the way of the girls going around the festival and enjoying themselves, but more like a behind the scenes look into the school festival (I can sort of relate to such things as I’ve had to help out in organised events before and had to miss out on the actual event itself). They showed the important parts based around the theme of the festival as well as people having fun and enjoying the festival. Though Mikan has shown that she understands this theme, it is not only her but everyone. Kyouko’s search for the meaning of Manabi’s answer was found through her experience of the festival and that it proved to be more than just fun. That backed up with the principal’s comment that the students fought for this means that they have embraced the theme of friends to close friends entirely and have demonstrated it through the school festival.

Hearing Manabi singing the rock version of the Seiou school Anthem was really nice. I enjoyed hearing it back in the first episode, but hearing an alternate version was awesome as well. The choice of choosing the school anthem was a nice touch as it signifies her love for the school even with this being the last school festival before the merger. Manabi also has a lot of courage to be able to sing on the spot like that, I have enough trouble trying that in karaoke.

Next episode is the final episode but the preview shows only parts that were from previous episodes. So I’m guessing it’s their graduation and it’ll give closure to this series.

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May 23rd, 2007 at 3:29 pm

I loved this episode, it was a pleasant surprise to hear Chihara Minori sing that first song.

Also, if you don’t want to wait for gg’s ep 12 subs, anon’s subs have been out for quite some time now and does the job rather nicely. I think you’ll be surprised by the closure and overlying message that is conveyed in episode 12, its scope was far more than I ever expected.



May 23rd, 2007 at 7:21 pm

Yeah I got impatient of waiting so I got the anon subs recently. But then gg decided to release more out, lol. But I still get them for archival purposes.


Pete Zaitcev

May 24th, 2007 at 2:16 am

Yeah, I’ll get and watch Eclipse/gg too. I like how they do things, including adding the translations to “tomo kara nakama e” in same fonts and colors. Softsubs though are beyond what I accept.

I thought the rock concert was great. And they made girls to sing and play with such a cute amateurish tint.



May 28th, 2007 at 9:23 am

Great concert, wish I had something more like the school festivals when I went to high school.

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