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With only 34 hours till the deadline, the girls have only managed to get 32% of the required petitions. Mei and Mikan are outside and are seeing the clock tower being worked on until they hear Manabi’s voice, who is impersonating the clock fairy and says it wants to see the school festival. Mei doesn’t buy it but Mikan is crying over the clock fairy. However the clock tower ended up exploding and destroying the student council room with it.

Shimojima however takes the girls to the old dormitory and say that they can use this as their new headquarters, though the girls find it scary at first. Whilst the girls are cleaning up, Shimojima amends the sign on the noticeboard indicating the student council has moved to their new location. Manabi is frustrated at how no one understand the school festival would be fun if they were involved. Though Mei makes a point on how the theme they thought up, only the 5 of them know about it. But then the girls from the thespian club turn up once again to help out with the repairs and cleaning.

Eventually more students gather to help out in the cleaning and even the principal drops by to have a look. Reminding Manabi of how she would come to like this school, she asked if she does and Manabi answers yes. As it turns darker, Shimojima sets up some lights and the students continue working. As Mikan and Manabi watch three girls put up the new sign, Mikan comments on how this is like the school festival, and Manabi agrees. On the deadline of the turnover of the signatures, Kyouko tells Takako that they didn’t reach the 70% quota, instead they got 76%.


Over all I knew they would reach their goal but the way they reached it is what matters. The destruction of the Student Council office ended up being a blessing instead and with the group effort of restoring the old dormitory, they managed to get the message across. Their original approach of just getting people to sign was wrong as that never accomplishes anything, but even when they did through the restoration, we see that some of the students already knew about the theme, like the thespian club. But by having everyone work together, it reflects what Mikan said about it being similar to a school festival. Though they wouldn’t have gotten very far without the help of Shimojima.

It was also nice seeing everyone work together and forming friendships as that’s what this series really is about. And with the next episode covering the school festival, we’ll be seeing the result of their friendships. Also I found Mikan’s reaction to the clock fairy pretty funny as that is very like her to believe in such a thing.

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Pete Zaitcev

May 23rd, 2007 at 11:08 am

I wish to know if Manami understood that she can’t just expect everyone to align to her wishes, and if she thinks that she knows what’s better for others it is not necesserily so. This was the lesson that Kyouko tried to teach when she set the impossible high vote treshold, I think. The serendipitous circumstances saved the festival, but without Manami learning to respect legitimate wishes of others (such as the dance event), this turn of events may have negative long term ramifications for her. For know though, I’m happy for the girls.

I observed that the (old Seioh’s) principal had a huge head when she was young too. I thought it was funny.

BTW, how are the new fansubs? I had a quick look and they were some kind of silly softsub deal, apparently.



May 23rd, 2007 at 11:57 am

That’s a valid point about Manabi. Though I think it’s her positive outlook and childish behavior is what makes her unaware of the happenings around her. But it is also these factors that made the other students interested in their school life and the festival once again.

As for the fansubs, I’ve watched the ones that came out with softsubs and they contain errors which are mainly spelling and grammar. Though luckily Eclipse and gg have caught up recently.

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