Figure Review: Alice Carroll taking a stroll

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What the? Another figure review already? Yes that’s right. Having done the Alter Louise just recently, I also happened to do this set of photos on the same day. So this time, I present to you Alice Carroll from ARIA The Natural.

Alice here is the 4th in the line of ARIA The Natural figures released by Solid Works and she is definitely one of my more favourite characters. Though I probably can’t beat Impz’s love for long green hair girls, I love her still. In the world of ARIA, Alice is the youngest of the apprentice undines and we can tell as she is wearing two gloves, which signify that she is a Pair, the beginner stage for an undine. But don’t let her looks deceive you for this girl is a genius and could best any of the Singles in Neo-Venezia. Enough about Alice, onwards to photos!

If there is one thing I love about this Alice figure is her pose. With the strolling look it reflects Alice’s character exactly how she is. One of Alice’s hobbies is taking a walk around the streets of Neo-Venezia, although seen as an old person’s hobby, I think it would be an enjoyable one in the world of ARIA. Walking through the many calles and discovering the many wonders of Neo-Venezia sounds almost romantic. The pose compliments the way her dress flows as well with her hair.

Just like the other three ARIA figures, Alice’s uniform has been tinted with blue around the creases to give that nice shadowing effect, but it isn’t as visible as the others. The Orange Planet uniform give off bright colours and the overuse of the blue shading would have ruined it, but Solid Works have painted on just the right amount. Only slightly visible in the photos, along the right side of her dress near the edge, you can see the seam lines hat piece the dress together and I still find this the downside to the ARIA figures. Given the nature of the dress mold, I can see it being made of a few pieces, but I think Solid Works still need to work on making them look smooth.

Just like all the ARIA figures, each undine come with their respective numbered oars, with Alice’s being number 18. An optionally accessory and I totally forgot to take photos of her without the oar. Well I’m sure you can use your imagination for that. However I don’t think the holding of the oar goes well with Alice’s pose as it feels rather unnatural.

In the previous ARIA figure, Alicia, her face was done really well. Here with Alice we can yet again see that she looks fabulous. Her light blue eyes look deep and with the shaping of her face make her look childish, but that also makes her cute. The face isn’t too flat, or isn’t too round, but it has a nice slender look which matches her hair as well as her body frame. There is also an alternate head for Alice that has her without the hat and her hair in twin tails. From looking at the picture of the box, I prefer this head on Alice as a smiling Alice is better and makes her more cute.

If there is anything that I love about this figure, it would have to be the hair. I absolutely adore figures who have long hair as you can do so much more with them, but it also gives volume to the character, and they look way better than short hair. With Alice’s head turning, her hair follows naturally with her walking pose as well as the flow of her dress. Somehow Alice reminds me of my 8 year old niece as her hair is similar to that of Alice’s, and I find my niece adorable, and the same with Alice.

Now what kind of undine would go around without their company’s president. Alice comes with a Maa-kun who is even wearing his Orange Planet uniform. I like how his paws and tie are detailed for something so small. Plus he’s just so cute. This is also the first Maa-kun in my ARIA collection that is actually wearing the Orange Planet uniform. Right now I think my cat collection is around 12 or more.

Product: Alice Carroll
Produced by: Solid Works
Sculptor: Shikanaru
Scale: 1/6
Material: PVC
Release Date: February 2007
Price: ¥6,980
Available: HLJ (available)

With this being the 4th in line of the ARIA figures, I am glad that Solid Works didn’t degrade in quality since the Alicia figure. Though I still think that the Alicia figure is the best one so far but I still love this figure of Alice and it is definitely OVER 9000 times better than the Yujin version. But do I find this better than the Akari and Aika figures? Well I would have to say yes though not in terms of quality, but more in how this figure of Alice captures her personality better than the Akari and Aika figure. The uniform would have to contribute to me liking Alice as the Orange Planet uniform is bright and it reflects how Alice is from her pose but also her facial expression.

But of course, this figure isn’t perfect. Just like the previous ones there is still the issue of seeing seam lines and that you can see it is a little rough upon closer inspection. From a distance it looks fine and that the paintwork has been done well. One other qualm I have is that like Alicia, Alice is screwed to the base and cannot stand on her own, but also the support block under her heal is kind of an eyesore since the base is a wooden deck scenario type. Overall I think i’s a wonderful figure as it captures Alice’s personality as well as her cute side. Would I recommend people to buy one? Well only if you are an Alice fan or a diehard ARIA fan like myself. Though I don’t see this as adding to the collection as I actually do like this and the previous figures.

Photography Notes

This set for Alice is the 2nd set of photos as the first set was done when Windbell came to Sydney. The location for Alice was originally at Manly Wharf right outside a restaurant (we had MANY diners watching us, lol) but the weather wasn’t all that great. With only a small time frame for sunlight, Windbell ended up with the most amount of time, so my photos ended up being too dark and were not recoverable through Photoshop. Anyway I headed back to Manly the same day I photographed the Louise figure that I posted a few days ago. Although not at Manly Wharf, this was near a scenic walkway a few minutes from the wharf.

The shoot here was done during sunset and I must admit, I have never actually done any figure photography during this time. I can now see why people prefer to photograph at this time as it gives enough lighting but as well as a nice orange effect. Well hopefully I can do this again during another sunset for another figure.

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May 19th, 2007 at 1:35 am

Finally!! You’ve kept us waiting too long D=.

I have to agree this is a nice figure, I believe this is the first time i have seen Maa-sachou is uniform, how cute.



May 19th, 2007 at 1:45 am

nice shot and nice scenery

what lens did you use for this shot? macro or normal?



May 19th, 2007 at 1:49 am

Hijiko: Well I did say it was coming eventually. Maa-kun in uniform really is cute, they should make a plushy of him!

ron~: This time the standard lens. I couldn’t be bothered fitting the macro filters to the lens as I want to go home, lol. So in a way this was a rushed shoot that took me about 15 minutes.



May 19th, 2007 at 1:59 am

hmm so standard lens can actually make decent macro shot. I’m planning to get DSLR, but still not sure about getting another macro lens or not, macro lens isn’t cheap :(


Fisherman Horizon

May 19th, 2007 at 3:40 am

Nice figure shoots. The pose looks good indeed but the face is still bit weak, though looks better from afar.



May 19th, 2007 at 4:16 am

I like this kind of “walking” pose that gives such dynamism to a figurine.
Lovely, but a big tall for me, I prefer 1/8 scale, or 1/7 max.
Alice is a nice character, green-hair-girls are great, always ^^
She cames in second position in my top undine, after Alicia. Alice, Alicia, love those names too :o
And by the way, nice pictures! All your Aria figurine reviews are beautiful. Even if it’s the second time you went to this place, that’s a perfect background for undines ^^

Who’s next now? Akira? :p


super rats

May 19th, 2007 at 6:00 am

Sunset has great lighting. Depending on the time of year it can be golden or orange, either way it’s pretty. I think the lighting is better at sunset than at sunrise. One might think it’s the same quality since they’re at the same angle, but at sunset the world has been stirred up and the air has more particles in it so the air tinges the light more. Whether true or not I don’t know, but that’s what I think anyway.



May 19th, 2007 at 6:25 am

Ooh, this figure is very nice, this figures anime matches the place you took the photo in (with the water behind there).

The Quality of this figure looks great, nice photos.


Danny Choo

May 19th, 2007 at 7:37 am

Gorgeous pics – you must have had a great time taking them what with the lovely scenery.



May 19th, 2007 at 9:23 am

Great looking pics. I wish the hair was a bit less dull but other than that its a great looking figure with a nice shape and detailed clothing with the wrinkles that coincide with the hair as if wind was blowing on both.



May 19th, 2007 at 10:10 am

ron~: You can get macro filters that attach to the standard lens and they work wonders. You can take macro shots with the standard lens but I find that the depth of field to be a bit too shallow with the standard lens. Macro lenses aren’t cheap, the EF 60mm is $799 rrp here in Australia but it is well worth the money. But if you only use it for figures, that is a lot of money to drop.

Fisherman Horizon: I don’t find the face all that weak. At least it looks better than the alternate version.

lu-k: 1/6 is a little large especially for a line of figures and I think the quality would improve greatly if they were 1/8. Yep, the next ARIA figure is Akira and she gets released this month.

super rats: I’ve never been awake before sunrise as it’s too early for me, lol. Though one day I’ll have to try a sunrise kind of photo shoot.

Kouji: True, all the figures I have I try to find backdrops that match with them.

Danny Choo: Indeed. This was on a grassy hill and I almost felt like going to sleep there.

AS: Oh that’s just the amount of lighting. But I don’t think a darker green would match Alice since her uniform gives off a bright theme.



May 19th, 2007 at 5:48 pm

No wonder the background looks so familiar!

I haven’t gotten any figures coming in till June :/


Aya Kyunik

May 20th, 2007 at 9:09 am

Hmm, odd, I can’t seem to view the larger pictures :(

From the thumbnails tho, the photos look lovely.
I havn’t tried taking photos during sunset, but after these shots I might have to try and make a time for it :)



May 20th, 2007 at 9:41 am

Windbell: Like I said when you were in in the land of Oz, I usually go back to the same place if I have to retake photos.

Aya Kyunik: Ah thanks for the heads up. Just fixed it now.

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