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Koyori’s classmates drop by to see her and she tells them that she isn’t lonely since her sister visits her and she has someone to play with here, but she is hesitant to call Aono her friend. Back at home, Yorito sees Matsuri looking at the doll he bought which she thinks is cute. Mana drops by to pick up Yorito but also leaves some clothes for Matsuri. After class, Yorito and Mana visit the shop that Yorito buys the dolls from since Mana finds the other one not so cute. Mana thinks that Yorito should stop buying them since Aono doesn’t seem to like them, but Yorito says that they will stay by her side until the day she leaves the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, Mana finds it odd how Koyori isn’t in Aono’s room and instead, finds her looking out the window in her room. Mana realises that Koyori hasn’t told Aono about her leaving the hospital but Koyori says she can do it on her own. That night, whilst Mana is at work, Koyori is remembering the first time she met Aono by the vending machines. She tried to introduce herself but Aono didn’t answer. That is until Aono mentioned how she pressed a button and got something different. Koyori sees that she got a coffee, which she hates, from the broken vending machine but then also notices the origami next to Aono, but Aono keeps silent about it. However, the two awkwardness between the two girls broke when they realise that they couldn’t sleep because they were lonely.

The next day, Yorito and Mana visit Aono again but Yorito forgot to bring a doll this time, so Aono makes him bring five next time. So far she has 36 and with the 5 more coming she’ll have 41, but her favourite one is the very first one. Koyori tries to tell Aono about her leaving, but seeing the origami on the ground, she ends up running out crying instead. After crying to her sister in the afternoon, Koyori is sitting where she first met Aono drinking coffee. Aono comes by and introduces herself to Koyori, and Koyori convinces her to drink the coffee. Although she doesn’t like it, she finds it warm. Remembering when they first met, Koyori admits she wanted to learn origami from her, so Aono brings out some origami paper and promises to teach her since they are friends. With this, Koyori gets enough courage to tell Aono about her discharge from the hospital and the two spend the night together making origami. When it’s time for Koyori to leave, she is dressed in her school uniform and shows to Aono and promises she come and visit again. With Mana having to work, Yorito takes Koyori home, but he is spotted by Tsujidou who is sitting in the restaurant with Mayuko.


The pace has definitely slowed down a lot in this week’s episode as we focus on some character development of both Aono and Koyori. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since there is only a small cast of characters plus it’s nice to see a different side to Aono than what we have already seen in the past 3 episodes. My opinion about Aono has slightly changed a bit after watching this episode as it shows she isn’t just the stoic selfish character that we have seen so far. She does have the sensitive and caring side to her and probably did want to become friends with Koyori, but that loneliness is probably what kept her back. But in the end she did make up with Koyori so hopefully we’ll see a bit more emotions from Aono, however since Koyori has left the hospital she might change back to the way she was. But I think she’ll be leaving the hospital soon and that’ll mean she’ll get involved in the story more.

I never gave it much thought but I must admit that Koyori is really mature for a girl her age. As cute as she is, I do find it rather odd on how polite and well-mannered she is, but with Mana she seems to be the more energetic and childish one (well with the part of her telling Koyori how she should act). Though I wish kids these days would be mature as Koyori is but that’s just wishful thinking. The part of Koyori and Aono switching places of when they meet i thought was nice as it brings back the theme of loneliness the two share but they are bonded together finally through origami, despite already knowing each other for a while. Now that Koyori has left the hospital I wonder if she will meet Matsuri eventually, but we’ll be lucky enough to see her again anytime soon.

Despite this being a Aono and Koyori focused episode, next week it seems that we’ll be focusing on Tsujidou and Mayuko but we might continue with the story since Tsujidou has taken notice of Yorito. As a side note after watching ths episode, I kept thinking that Aono looks very much like Yakumo from School Rumble. Also depending on how this series might turn out, I am considering buying the R2 DVD release as the first DVD is released in June.

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April 30th, 2007 at 10:02 am

Oh, kids these days in America is getting mature and I really mean it… in a negative way that is such as taking drugs at a young age and blah blah blah. Anyway, it would be better if kids these days were more mature in a positive way such as Koyori here but as you thought, it’s a wishful thinking.

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