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In March 2005, the current principal of Seiou had entered the school’s dormitory and remembers how she was greeted by everyone. In the present she is standing staring at the old building until Shimojima arrives. She tells him of how she led the resistance against closing the dormitory but was unsuccessful. Shimojima asked her if it was all futile. Meanwhile the girls are trying to get students to sign the petition but it hasn’t been going well. As the days go by the girls are starting to break apart and Mikan begins to wonder if they’ll revert to just being herself and Manabi in the Student Council.

The next day, a broadcast of Aikou’s anthem, Fly to Future, is interrupted by Momo disguising herself in her biohazard suit. She broadcasts a video compilation of the Student Council and all the activities they have been doing since Manabi arrived as well as personal interviews with the background music of Manabi singing the Seiou anthem. However Momo’s broadcast was cut short as the teachers finally stopped her just as Mikan was about to finish her introduction and this causes Mikan to cry saying she doesn’t want everyone to separate. Mei and Mutsuki are moved by the video and rush to the Student Council. With the girls together, they decide to go ahead and do what they can for the school festival.

The next day, the girls continue to try and get petitions with the principal watching from her office with Shimojima. She then tells Shimojima that even though she couldn’t change anything back then she thought her efforts weren’t for all nothing. Turning back to the girls, we see 3 girls approach the group wanting to sign the petition.


Finally Momo played a major role and this time to the rescue. Lately there hasn’t been much screen time for her but I still feel as if she is still not part of the group. However her not being part of the group is also a good thing in retrospect as if she was, she wouldn’t have been able to support them as she has done in this episode. Though I would like to see her become a part of the group so we might see that sometime in the last 3 episodes.

The comparison of the principal’s past and the girls situation was nice. It also gives a good demonstration of the situation the school is in with the declining number of students attending. Though the underlying moral here is that it doesn’t matter about the result but more of the effort and journey that you put into it. I feel as that is what the girls were forgetting and is why they were reverting back to how they were before they joined the Student Council. But upon seeing the video by Momo, they all remember why they were there and it reignited their motivation to revive the school festival.

Now with some students signing the petition the 70% is still a large goal to reach. I do think that Manabi will reach that goal else the whole build up for the school festival would be wasted. Though with only a limited time left I do wonder how she will reach that goal in time. Also seeing the Hidamari Sketch reference in this episode was funny.

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Danny Choo

May 2nd, 2007 at 2:53 pm

Love Manabi – I’m still on EP4 I think ^^;

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