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Having heard the news about the cancellation of the School Festival, the girls try to come up with ideas on how to convince the student body on wanting the school festival to continue. They eventually come up with the idea for a petition but upon launching the campaign, the students of Seioh aren’t interested in reviving the school festival. One night when Manabi returns home, she meets her brother’s girlfriend, Kyouko, but finds out she happens to be the Director of Aikou Academy and it was her decision to cancel the festival. So Manabi decides to stay at Mikan’s house for the night. The next day Manabi visits Kyouko about the cancellation and Kyouko thinks that only the Student Council wants to continue the festival. But Manabi doesn’t want to give up so Kyouko proposes the idea that if they can gather 70% of the student’s petition, then the festival won’t be canceled.


Manabi certainly has traveled a lot and you can see how her attitude and personality came about since she never made any real friends. We also see why she is so adamant about having an enjoyable school life and I think this is what made Kyouko give Manabi a chance to save the school festival. But I do find it odd how Kyouko gave that chance since she stood by her decision to cancel the festival. Manabi’s reaction to when she found out who Kyouko was was pretty funny and her going to Mikan’s house shows that she really still is childish. But another part of her being childish was that she didn’t come up with a very good argument against Kyouko’s statement about the Student Council being the only ones wanting to revive the festival. I would have thought she would give another one of her speeches to try and convince Kyouko.

With this episode we focused a bit more on Manabi which I am glad as some of the past episodes seem to have focused on Mikan. Also seeing Mei with a harisen was pretty funny and it’s nice to know that she is keeping Manabi from doing silly decisions. Mikan’s analysis of Manabi’s situation I quite liked as it shows that she is reasonable but also reinforces the idea that Manabi is childish.

But now with the goal of 70% set that is quite a large number and given with the lack of motivation from the student body, it appears it’s going to be tough.

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Pete Zaitcev

April 28th, 2007 at 6:33 am

This was one of the most dramatic episodes, plot-wise.

I think that Kyouko decided to give Manabi chance after talking this over with Takefumi. There was a shot where she’s shown pondering his revelations about Manami’s previous life and relations to schools. However, she did not want to spoil Manami. She also used this occasion to ground Manami in reality a little bit (that other people have other priorities, and Manami has to take that into account).

Realistically speaking, 70% is never achievable under the circumstances. You have to have a Soviet-like system to get that many people to sign any petitions. It is an insurmountable hurdle. Since I follow raws, I know that it was indeed insurmountable under normal circumstances, but… you’ll see how it goes in due time. But I continue to think Kyouko did not actually set Manami to fail. She simply made a poor judgement call on it.

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