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Kuu is now free from Bastille with Kazuya trying to take her, but his powers somehow burst out from his body with him falling to the ground unconscious. Kuu is happy to see Kyoshiro but wants to also help the other Absolute Angels. So sprouting wings and with Megingjord’s staff, she flys off to the sky with Kyoshiro and frees the Absolute Angels, each going to the side of their beloved.

Even though Kuu and Kyoshiro are now together, it is short lived. Bastille was Kuu’s other half and by destroying it, she will disappear. With very little time, Kuu makes a pinky promise with Kyoshiro and list the many things she wants to do with him. But with the time coming closer, Kuu realises that she doesn’t want to disappear. As Kyoshiro turns around to hug her, Kuu vanishes, leaving only her feathers, then he cries out in tears.

Sometime later, Kyoshiro says goodbye to Kazuya, who is now lifeless and in a wheelchair. He meets up with Setsuna and apologises to her and that she can do what she wants with him. So Setsuna decides to cut her hair and wants to help Kyoshiro search for Kuu. Many years have passed and we see a young Kuu running in a field of flowers. She seems Setsuna, who now has regrown her hair and we see a man with long red hair. Kuu runs to him and returns to normal, hugging Kyoshiro, with kyoshiro saying “Let’s go, together”.


This has got to be one of the biggest WTF endings I’ve seen recently. Quite a number of things are confusing and I’m not exactly sure where to start so I’ll start with Kazuya. So he ended up staying alive but ends up in a wheelchair and lifeless. What exactly happened to him? Why did his powers burst out of his body? Last episode he was stomped on by Bastille, so how the hell did he survive that mostly unscathed? Although his role in the story has finished, I suppose it’s a good thing that he is alive as it shows that even Megingjord isn’t entirely alone and that she has someone she cares for, just like the other Absolute Angels.

The most confusing part is Kuu. I can understand that her destroying Bastille means destroying herself, but with her reincarnation with Kyoshiro and Setsuna finding her after many years was really confusing. Well actually, mainly the part where she startings running to Kyoshiro and miraculously reverts to her teenage self, as does Kyoshiro. What the hell was that? I don’t think there is much logic behind this, but I think I could see it as Kyoshiro really is Kuu’s prince. The whole idea of Kuu’s prince throughout the series can be concluded with this and that no matter what, she will always be with her prince together. Though I find it odd how it took probably 10 years to find Kuu (a 10 year old Kuu and a 27 year old Kyoshiro is just eeewwwww) but I find it romantic that Kyoshiro’s love for Kuu has lasted this long.

Setsuna by far is my most favourite character, but seeing her alone where everyone is with their partner is heartbreaking. I was hoping that her tragic story would find a proper conclusion, but her following Kyoshiro at the end I wouldn’t exactly call a proper ending. Although with the Kyoshiro and Kuu relationship set in stone, it looked to be quite difficult to slot Setsuna in anywhere, and that’s the even more depressing thing. Having giving her everything to Kyoshiro she gets nothing in the end, and this reminds me of how Kotori got shafted in Da Capo Second Season. I was also somewhat shocked to see Setsuna cut her hair as she does look a little weird with short hair, but in the end she grew it back and was even more prettier than before.

Final Thoughts

From the very start, KyoSora was a rather confusing series with so much happening in the first episode. It seemed rather bland from there onwards especially with all of Kuu’s monologues and her “Haike, watashi no ouji-sama” to having a bath scene every episode. But the story began to develop and took a more serious tone when Kuu came to discover that she was an Absolute Angel, and even better once Kazuya showed up. However throughout the series, there were many confusing parts which do remain a mystery.

As I said above, Setsuna is my favourite character. At first I liked her for her character design, but as the series progressed I began to like her more for her character. The way how her tragic character remains like that throughout the series is what made her interesting. Kuu was an adorable and funny character but I mainly liked her for her cuteness. But she did have some really good moments like her depressed stage and when she tried to win Kyoshiro with her body. As for the other characters, besides Kyoshiro, I feel they didn’t get enough character development. Even though with the series being 12 episodes made it difficult, I still wanted to know why Mika was so infatuated with Kaon, and a bit more on Batraz and Soujiro since they rarely got screentime.

Though with the series over I would say its a memorable series, not for the story but more for the amount of confusing content in the series. The only recommendation I can go for this series is basically the cute character designs and the somewhat staggered storyline. However the storyline does bring in the character relations quite well and wraps them up nicely towards the end. But now with the end, I’ll be missing all of Kuu’s monologues and all the bath scenes. Overall I did enjoy the series and I swear if there was going to be a Kuu and/or a Setsuna figure that was decent, I would buy them straight away.

Also this last picture of Kuu just before the credits is absolutely cute:

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April 2nd, 2007 at 11:18 pm

I would definitely buy a Setsuna figurine.



April 2nd, 2007 at 11:31 pm

[quote]Overall I didn enjoy the series and I swear if there was going to be a Kuu and/or a Setsuna figure that was decent, I would buy them straight away.[/quote]

So was that a missing “t” or an extra “n”? What is your conclusion?



April 2nd, 2007 at 11:57 pm

Gah typo! it was an extra n.



April 3rd, 2007 at 11:51 am

For the *insert number*-th time…

Setsuna~~~ ~[;__;~]

I have to agree, Setsuna was probably the best of character in the series and hurts to see her get rejected like that.



April 4th, 2007 at 2:20 am

i agree with u for this.i’m hoping that kuu,will fight using bastille but it end up kuu never done anything.huhu~setsuna should also hv a partner.why dont they give setsuna with one of Seventh Public Morality Enforcement Squad, Jin maybe.but, to be honest, i felt really sad when watching kuu turns to feathers.huhu.

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