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It is the last day of summer vacation and the a tanned Momo returns to find the other girls working hard on the school festival preparations. Of course the girls ended up being stressed out and start going crazy until Mikan cries and they all calm down. Taking a nap, Mikan dreams of her beign alone and seeing the other girls cross a railway crossing. Finding herself alone, she runs around searching for others and eventually finds them.

Takako in pays a visit to Seioh Academy and wants to talk to Manabi. Walking around, Manabi tells how everything is planned out, with Takako surprised, Manabi says that she can see how it all turns out. But eventually Takako couldn’t see what Manabi was envisioning. Takako remembers from an earlier meeting with Akiou’s chairwoman that the two schools are merging and that they are canceling the school festival. After hearing Manabi’s reason for working so hard, she takes her leave and ends up calling the chairwoman a little later. Meanwhile, the girls are having fun with some fireworks and all but Mikan are in the pool. Manabi tells her to join them, but Mikan says that it’s ok, but then remembers her dream of the railway crossing. She felt she was continuing the dream, but she knows that this isn’t a dream and thinking it could go forever, and that makes her feel very happy.


So we’re now back onto the main storyline with the continuation of the school festival preparations. Seeing the 4 girls exhausted from all their work reminds me of my days from CP1, so I can pretty much relate to that. But of course, with it being summer and with a huge pressure of work was surely going to lead to some funny moments. It was funny seeing Mei slapping Mucchi and trying to remove her skirt, but it was also funny to see Manabi go crazy with her “Massugu GO”, but it almost makes her out like a robot going berserk.

So now the school festival is in danger of being canceled and with Takako visiting the girls, it appears that she wants to help them out. Though Takako couldn’t see Manabi’s envision, this reinforces the idea that she knew that he school festival was going to be canceled. I think that if Takao didn’t know she would’ve been able to see what Manabi was seeing. Also the slowing down of time in relation to the dripping tap, the softball practice, and the clouds was a really nice touch. But now that Takako knows how serious Manabi and the girls are, I wonder how she is going to help from having the school festival from being canceled.

I said this before, but I definitely think that this series is too Mikan focused. The part of her dream of being alone is rather odd at this point especially after the last two episodes. It seems that Mikan is still insecure about her relationship with the other girls, hence why we get the Mikan monologues. I find it funny as well how Mikan and Takako are completely different in size as I assume they are the same age.

Wow, straight off some Momo fanservice. She was definitely looking hot, but it still doesn’t make up the fact that there isn’t enough Momo screentime. With her being ignored really does make out that she is the only one outside the group. In perspective, I don’t think Momo would join the student council in the end. Her relationship with the girls doesn’t appear to be very close unlike Mikan with both Mei and Mucchi. But still, Momo fanservice FTW!

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April 10th, 2007 at 9:26 pm

LOL. that fighting scene was crazy funny.

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