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The girls are now in exam period with summer vacation coming up soon. In the meantime, the student council is making preparation for the school festival and with Mei creating a website for it. Mikan and Mucchi go out to eat popsicles but Mikan is feeling somewhat guilty about not knowing that Mucchi lost the softball tournament.

So Mikan decides to study with Mucchi at her house but eventually they went out together and spent time together till morning. With the last exam over, Manabi wants to go out and celebrate, but on the way out, Mikan trips and Mucchi helps her up, just like she did when they first met. Upon walking out, we see the student council roster which now has Mucchi’s name added to it.


I find it rather surprising that we now focus on a Mucchi and Mikan relationship especially since last week was a Mei and Mikan episode. Though that is not to say that this wasn’t a good episode, in fact I probably enjoyed this more than the last episode. It shows that Mucchi and Mikan had been friends for a while and that Mucchi has always supported Mikan. This time around we see Mikan trying her best to help out Mucchi by helping her study, but the pair ended up just spending the night out. Though at the end, I do find it very nice how Mucchi has now joined the student council as it shows that she’ll always support Mikan, and it shows that they are close friends.

So far it seems that this show is focusing a lot on Mikan rather than Manabi. Right now I feel that Mikan is the central character within the group, but her relationship with each of the other girls doesn’t appear that strong at the start, but they are growing as we are going through the series. I do hope to see more things focused on Manabi since the show has her name in the title.

Also that scene of Mucchi eating the popsicle was just lol, and Mei’s ability to listen to everyone’s suggestions and create such a website so quickly is awesome. Now if only I had skills like that.

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