Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 07

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  • Kuu and Setsuna go shopping when Kuu spots a store selling letter sets, and goes over to buy one.
  • Kyoshiro is in the library with Jin discussing about Kuu being the 5th Absolute Angel.

  • Kuu starts writing a letter to Kyoshiro but can’t find the words to say. So instead she makes a card but remembers the scene of Kyoshiro stabbing her in the chest. Setsuna comes in and hugs Kuu, since she was told to by Kyoshiro, and Kuu breaks down in tears.
  • While Kuu is taking a shower, Setsuna is cleaning up Kuu’s room and notices the card that Kuu was making. Upon seeing it she enables her sword and swings at it but to stop short and closes it instead.
  • Elsewhere Kyoshiro is playing the violin in a frustrating manner. He is reminding himself of his goals but when he thinks of Kuu, a string snaps on his violin, causing him to throw it to the ground.
  • Soujiro knows that Kuu is that the 5th Absolute Angel and that he has to make his move soon.
  • Mika is punishing Kaon saying she’ll never let her go again, but then remembers a scene of her injured in bed with a nurse by her side which resembles Kaon.
  • Later that night, Kuu is trying to unleash her powers but is unsuccessful even after getting clues from Setsuna. Realising her love for Kyoshiro, she continues on until she falls to the ground.
  • Kyoshiro returns but simply goes straight to his room telling Setsuna to leave him alone for a while. Kuu enters his room a little later and saying that she’ll do anything for him, and begins to remove her clothes in front of him.
  • With Kuu leaning against him, Kyoshiro is shocked and speechless. Until he finally puts his hands on Kuu’s shoulders and calls her an idiot.



Well certainly a lot of drama in this episode as we see Kuu trying to act like nothing happened at all. The revelation of Kuu being an Absolute Angel is a major factor and Kuu just can’t accept that, hence her act of trying to live a normal life. The part of her reminder of being an Absolute Angel was rather dramatic, since she knows she loves Kyoshiro so much, but the conflicting matter of his goal is to kill her. Although seeing her trying to bring out her sword sort of shows her acceptance of being an Absolute Angel being a little too fast. Though I think Kuu thoughts are that since she can’t be accepted by Kyoshiro as a human being, perhaps it would be different if she was useful to him just like Setsuna. Her breakdown towards the end was totally unexpected and somewhat shocking. But with the given events and knowing her true identity, that breakdown is the result of it all.

The relationships between the characters are indeed growing. We even see Kyoshiro’s frustration about Kuu being an Absolute Angel but it also shows signs that he cares for Kuu a lot more than what we see. His dilemma of his goals and what Kuu is shows a good comparison to Kuu’s dilemma. With Kyoshiro calling Kuu an idiot at the end, I don’t think anything happened. A swoohsing sound of clothes probably means he covered her up with a blanket or something as I can’t see Kyoshiro being a person to take adavtange of Kuu like that, especially if his feelings for her are growing. Also with Kyoshiro’s conversation with Jin, I get the feeling that the Student Council is planning something major.

What we also see is Setsuna’s jealousy growing even more. With her seeing the love heart that Kuu made and nearly destroying it shows great character development. I was also surprised on how Setsuna gave Kuu advice on how she controls her powers. The fact that Setsuna’s being is Kyoshiro’s sword, she could be replaced with Kuu, which may even spark a larger jealousy and possibly hatred. Also with Setsuna’s words on items being a concentrator, I think we can see the white horse brooch that Kuu has would be her form of concentration.

Animation this week was just crap at the start, but it picked up in the second half. The probably want to use the budget on Kuu’s strip scene (not that I don’t mind, lol). But with the current story as it is, I still can’t see where they are going with this. Perhaps we’ll see more explained in the next episode. I also noticed that the raws I’m using have the stupid black bars. Looks like I’ll have to use different ones.

Times Kuu addresses her Prince: 1

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