Kanon – 21 (this week, the Kanon 2002 OP/ED single)

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  • Ayu’s second wish was that she wanted to attend the same school as Yuuichi. So Yuuichi decides that the area around the tree is their school and that he promises to meet Ayu again at this school the next time he visits the city.
  • Yuuichi wakes up the next morning and remembers Ayu’s last words. Nayuki and Akiko notice that Ayu is gone with Nayuki thinking she returned home. During lunch, Nayuki asks if Yuuichi has Ayu’s contact information but all he knows is her name. Seeing Yuuichi not have an appetite, she comments quietly how he likes Ayu, but says it’s nothing when he asks her what she said.
  • After school, Yuuichi wonders around the city in hope of finding Ayu, but ends up going to the bench. Nayuki meets Yuuichi at the bench where he tells her the significance of the bench. But what Nayuki remembers of the bench is Yuuichi crying there seven years ago. Sitting at a cafe, Nayuki tells Yuuichi that there isn’t a school in the direction of the forest. She then questions if he found Ayu’s lost item, even though he hasn’t, Yuuichi comes to realise that everything has been strange. The open forest, Ayu’s lost item, and why he can’t remember what happened seven years ago. Nayuki feels that it’ll be okay since he has Ayu’s backpack and that she’ll come back for it, so she orders two strawberry sundaes in hope to cheer Yuuichi up.

  • Upon returning home, Yuuichi asks if Ayu has called yet, but Akiko says she hasn’t. Heading up to his room, Akiko tells Nayuki that they have to support him since they are family. Later that night, Yuuichi and Nayuki end up doing homework together. However Nayuki is falling asleep when they are doing homework. After Yuuichi wakes her up, Nayuki comments on how they used to work on their winter break homework like this, but Yuuichi doesn’t remember. When Yuuichi has finished, Nayuki has fallen asleep, so Yuuichi puts a blanket over her and thanks her for cheering him up.
  • That night, Yuuichi had a dream where he and Ayu are trying to leave the forest at night. Along the way, Ayu found a glass jar and had the idea of a time capsule, placing the angel doll inside and burying the jar. Ayu feels that two wishes are enough for her and the last wish is for the future her or someone who needs it. Although Yuuichi feels that they won’t be able to find it without markers, but Ayu says that if the person needs the doll, it’ll definitely be found.
  • The next morning on the way to school, Yuuichi asks Nayuki if he can change the recording of the alarm clock, but Nayuki says that he can’t since she had trouble doing it and ended up having Akiko help her. Yuuichi comments how Akiko has it rough raising Nayuki alone. Although Nayuki agrees and says that she loves her mother. Even though it was them two alone, Nayuki wasn’t sad at all. As they walked through the school gates, Nayuki spots a broken snow rabbit. Having remembered one being thrown to the ground in the past, she decides to fix it. With Yuuichi’s help they fixed it but it’s missing an eye, so Nayuki decides to use the marble that Yuuichi gave her as a present. Nayuki asks if the snow bunny reminds him of anything, although Yuuichi tells her the story about Mai and her sick mother. Yuuichi asks the same question but Nayuki claims it’s nothing important.
  • Later that afternoon, Yuuichi, Nayuki and Kitagawa are digging around hoping to find Ayu’s lost item. Not having much luck, Kitagawa thinks that someone might have dug it up already, but with a stroke of luck, Kitagawa finds the time capsule when he resumes digging. Just like his memories, the time capsule contains the angel doll.
  • That night, Nayuki fixes the angel doll for Yuuichi and asks if it’s a clue to finding Ayu, but Yuuichi keeps silent. Standing out on the balcony, Yuuichi apologies to Nayuki for all the trouble he’s caused her. After a brief silence, Yuuichi asked if Nayuki had changed hairstyle, although Nayuki says she’s always had her hair like that. Yuuichi recalls that she had pigtails back in elementary school, though Nayuki admits she did but only for a year. Yuuichi asks why but she doesn’t give him a straight answer.
  • The next morning, Yuuichi is woken up by Nayuki, and he thinks it’s all a dream. During breakfast, Nayuki tells Yuuichi that she wanted to wake Yuuichi up for a change, though Akiko comments that it would be nice for that to happen everyday, but she’d miss the daily routine. Nayuki tells Yuuichi that since Makoto and Ayu are gone; her mother liked it when it was lively. Worried about Yuuichi disappearing, Yuuichi reassures Nayuki since this is the only home he can return to. Staring at her mother briefly, Nayuki asks what is for dinner and suggests strawberry cake, which Akiko agrees to go buy some.
  • At school, Nayuki finds the snow bunny still intacted. As Yuuichi stares at it, he remembers a snow bunny being thrown to the ground and a crying Nayuki, but is shortly interrupted by Kitagawa. During class he remembers seven years ago he was crying at the bench when Nayuki brought him a snow bunny that she made. Since he was leaving the next day, she wanted to give it to him as a present. Gathering enough courage, Nayuki confesses her feelings of love to Yuuichi, but he responded shortly by knocking the snow bunny out of her hands.
  • Realising what he had done, the classroom door suddenly opened and the teacher calls for both Nayuki and Yuuichi out to the hallway. Unfortunately the teacher has bad news; Akiko has been involved in a traffic accident and has been taken to hospital.



The shit really hit the ceiling in this week’s episode. Just the way that KyoAni portrayed Akiko’s accident was enought o send shivers down my spine. The eerie silence leading up to the accident gave that added effort compared to Toei’s slow motion one. Although this was bound to happen, I somewhat wished I didn’t have to see that. But of course this scene does come with a flaw in which there was no blood or body shown. I think it would’ve been a bit more dramatic to see something like her arm with blood and the cake next to it. Anyway, despite what has happened I still think Akiko is still alive. Although with the unclear case of whether its an Ayu or Nayuki ending, Akiko’s accident can still play a role in the story.

By far this is my most favourite episode, purely because it was so full of Nayuki goodness. I loved the way how she has a name for all the cats on her pajamas and they’re all named after foods. Being Nayuki focused, it also shows her support for Yuuichi and reveals her feelings for Yuuichi, even though they were rather obvious. With her giving support, I think you could see it as a way for her to convey her feelings to Yuuichi both in a family sense and as a lover. Though now with Akiko’s accident we’ll get to see Yuuichi supporting Nayuki this time around especially now that he remembers what happened seven years ago.

With only 3 episodes left to go we’re coming close to the end of the series. The last two eps are supposedly recaps episodes. We’re now at the pinnacle of the series and we’ll get more answers next week as it appears we could be finding out the truth about Ayu.

Kanon Merchandise of the Week

So a little late this week but I’ve been sick recently. Anyway, this week’s merchandise item is the OP and ED single of Kanon 2002. The titles are “Florence” (OP) and “Flower” (ED) both performed by Fujiwara Miho. I took the liberty to scan them rather than taking photos as it has quite a nice cover of Ayu. Just like the OST, the back of the cover has the signatures of the seiyuus and it comes with a character card. Even though this is fairly old, I still listen to Florence and Flower often as they are some of my favourite songs.

Also if you want the high resolution scans you can download them here.

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February 27th, 2007 at 8:18 pm

Episodes 25 and 26 will be recaps ? That was the same for the last episode of AIR, but I don’t really see the point.



February 27th, 2007 at 8:47 pm

That is what I read rumours about. With the current pace of the series I can see that becoming true.

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