Changing Oxygen sensor

February 27, 2007 | Author: | In: Car, Everyday Life

For a few months now I realised that my car has been running slightly sluggish. Using up a bit more fuel than usual plus not delivering the power it’s supposed to. I knew for a fact that this was the cause of a dead oxygen sensor. I held off from changing it since I didn’t have the money but with the upcoming PGA Drag event, I thought I should get around to doing it.

Now for those not knowing much about cars, you are probably wondering what an oxygen sensor does. Ok to explain briefly, an exhaust system is composed of a few sections. It goes in this order: engine, exhaust headers, catalytic converter, muffler. Now the oxygen sensor is attached to the exhaust headers section to get readings of fuel and air mixtures. It sends this data to the ECU of the car and it varies the amount of fuel and air to be mixed in hope to burn fuel efficiently and give the power that’s expected of the car.

Yes inside this box is the one part I needed, and it costs me $80 for this. Well better than paying $190 from a Nissan dealership. Good thing it’s not a hard job to replace it, but damn it’s a hard job removing the old one. At first I could only unscrew it a few turns, but nothing like a bit of WD-40 couldn’t fix.

This is a comparison of the new sensor (left) to the old one (right). As you can see the old one is clearly dead as the top bit is completely burnt out. Although it is recommended that you change an oxygen sensor every 80,000-100,00 kilometers, my current trip meter says 162,000 kilometers. So yes, long overdue.

So having it all done in less than 30 minutes, I started it up. The idle was rough and eratic at first, but after revving for a bit it returned to normal. Went out for a test drive and by god, it was so much smoother. But of course I’ll have to see if this will remain the same as it has to be settled in for the next few days but I am glad that I finally changed it. Of course this is simply part one of the things I need to do to get the car prepped fordrag racing. I still want to clean another part of my exhaust system, have the car serviced, and acquire a helmut. So many things to do and the event is only 15 days away, not to mention this stuff costs money. Sucks not having a full time job. orz

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Volkswagen Blog Direct

March 22nd, 2007 at 2:19 pm

Each car parts are important and affects car performance. That is why maintaining each of them is a must. One car part that needs to be checked is the oxygen sensor, for it really affects performance. Bad 02 sensors should be replaced at once to avoid bigger problem. I’ve installed a new jeep oxygen sensor just a month ago, before I went to my trip. It feels good when car parts are in good condition, for you do not have worries.

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