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  • During rehearsal, Mine keeps an eye on Chiaki, but is soon lectured at for not playing properly.
  • The teachers are discussing about disbanding the S-Orchestra since Stresemann has left the group, but then decide to let A-Orchestra win before doing so. At the same time, A-Orchestra is holding rehearsal but Stresemann leaves early so he can go on a date.
  • On his way out, he is approached by a conducting student named Ookouchi who wishes to conduct wit the S-Orchestra in place of Chiaki, but Stresemann surprises him by asking him where his bribe is. Stresemann explains that if he wants something he should offer him a bribe.

  • So Ookouchi decides to spy on S-Orchestra but is caught by Nodame. As he was about to introduce himself, members of the S-Orchestra come barging out crying about how mean Chiaki is. Ookouchi has no worries about S-Orchestra with everyone hating Chiaki.
  • That night, Chiaki is trying figure out what to do with S-Orchestra so Nodame decides to feed him her homemade onigiri and makes him watch an anime called Puri Gorota. The anime is about a bunch of kids who go to space and the moral of the story is that no one can live alone. Nodame compares Chiaki with one of the characters named Kazuo, but Chiaki thinks nothing of it.
  • The next day, Chiaki finds that everyone in the orchestra has improved quite a bit, but finds that no one is watching his conducting. Feeling alone, he understands what Nodame meant about him being like Kazuo, but he then suddenly faints. Later at home, Chiaki can see that the orchestra is playing like he told them to, but he feels as if something is missing. Though Nodame starts playing her rendition of the piece that S-Orchestra is playing, Chiaki realises that everyone is similar to Nodame.
  • The next day, the day before the performance, Chiaki tells the orchestra to forget everything he told them. Instead, he wants everyone to play how Mine wanted them to with the image of Napoleon. However on the day of performance, Chiaki finds everyone in the S-Orchestra t-shirts as they practiced all night and didn’t get a chance to change. Before they walk out, everyone is getting nervous, but Chiaki just tells them to have fun, and thus they go out and perform their version of Eroica.
  • Partway through, Chiaki notices that Mine wants to do the synchronised violin raising that they showed him before. Although not really wanting to do it, he finds a spot in the music to let them go through with it. Everyone, including the teachers, is impressed by S-Orchestra’s performance.
  • While Ookouchi is outside feeling pissed off, Stresemann lets him take his place in conducting A-Orchestra saying that he feels sick. But this being Ookouchi’s first conducting performance, it ends up being a complete disaster. Later on the teachers decide not to disband S-Orchestra. Elsewhere, Nodame finds Chiaki sleeping on a bench; she steals a kiss before running away. But in fact, Chiaki was awake the whole time and let her kiss him as a thank you.



The S-Orchestra’s performance was rather disappointing. The emphasis and passion just wasn’t there and I think that’s an important factor about music. Comparing to the live drama, I found that more exciting as you see all the movements of Chiaki and the S-Orchestra, but given that this is anime, it would be difficult to animate such scenes.

Well the pacing was definitely fast this week. With the inclusion of the Puri Gorota anime, it also made the S-Orchestra’s performance shorter. The awesome thing is that the Puri Gorota anime is exactly the same in the live drama. The message behind the Puri Gorota was a good contrast to Chiaki’s attitude. With the S-Orchestra performing how he wants them, brings about the fact that Chiaki could be pleasing himself rather than enjoying the music together with everyone. Also I was disappointed in not seeing Chiaki wear a S-Orchestra t-shirt as well. I feel that it would’ve played a significant part in demonstrating Chiaki’s acceptance of being a part of S-Orchestra and that he understands that musicians are individuals.

So far it feels like Nodame is a support character in a main character kind of way. Lately the focus has all been on Chiaki, although his story by far is more interesting than Nodame’s. But I think that will change after this next arc and we’ll see more of Nodame’s story. Also that pouting look she makes when playing the piano is rather funny, but I think it would look really weird in real life.

Next week is the start of a new arc as someone that Stresemann knows appears.

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February 25th, 2007 at 1:30 pm

At the beginning of the Beethoven’s 3rd, it was solely missing the emphasis and passion as you noted. I, however, noticed that tone quality was slightly superior in the anime version. After that ‘Napoleon’ bowing, the upraised violin stunt, the music quality slowly and mysteriously got better, with better emphasis, dynamic, and control of tempo. In fact, when it stopped, I really wished they would have continued. I have a feeling that the recording was done by a very good orchestra and conductor and they deliberately dumbed down their performance at the beginning. As the music progressed, they slowly forgot about the dumbing down and did what they usually do, which was rather impressive in my mind.



September 9th, 2008 at 1:20 am

i just love the moja-moja suite that nodame played in nodame special in europe. i dunno if it’s in the manga.i love nodame cantabille!!!!!!!!!!!

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