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  • With Kuu in shock of finding out she is an Absolute Angel, Mika draws her sword and cuts Kuu’s uniform to reveal the emblem that other Absolute Angels have. Told that she is the 5th Absolute Angel, Kuu begins to have flashbacks to her younger days and of when she used her powers. Meanwhile Setsuna is luring Batraz to Mika’s lair.
  • Kuu finds herself woken up by Kozue, but she also finds out that she is in her classroom as if nothing has happened. Thinking it was all a dream Kuu starts to cry and goes to Kozue for comfort. During lunch, Kuu tells Kozue how she feels that a normal life is nice and that she is average and nothing special. Kozue tells her she’s not like that at all since she is an Absolute Angel.

  • Shocked to hear these words, Kuu finds herself surround by collapsed classmates. Setsuna appears behind her and then Kyoshiro does as well. Kyoshiro tells her that they’ll go together, but ends up stabbing her in the chest with his sword.
  • Back in reality, Kuu is tied up. Mika’s plan is to fuse Kaon and Kuu together in order to make Kaon more powerful. However Mika doesn’t start the infusion just yet and returns to her room instead. Reaching her room, Mika is in pain due to Kaon taking a lot of mana from her, but Mika feels that Kaon still lingers for Himiko. But Mika is determined to make Kaon love her instead.
  • Just as the fusion was about to start, Setsuna comes crashing through he ceiling and begins to fight Kaon. However the two are soon interrupted as Batraz shows and starts fighting Kaon as well. As Mika continues to stand watching, Setsuna remembers Kyoshiro’s plan was to buy time to allow him to save Kuu.
  • Kyoshiro arrives on his horse and manages to free Kuu, who is lifeless at the moment. He is then confronted by Mika, holding him at gunpoint. Mika states her deep hatred for Kazuya due to what he did before he died. Although Kyoshiro questions what she meant Mika fires at him, but Kyoshiro stops the bullet with his sword. Right then, Kaon starts to lose control, causing the ceiling to collapse, and giving them a chance to escape. With rubble falling towards Mika, Himiko runs over to her, but then Kaon stops the rubble from hitting them. Mika sees that Kaon stopped simply because Himiko was behind her.
  • Setsuna is trying to heal, but doesn’t have enough mana. Begging for Kyoshiro, he simply tells her to keep quiet. Kuu confronts Kyoshiro and Setsuna that they knew Kuu was an Absolute Angel and Setsuna claims that she knew all along. Kuu says that she was happy with the lifestyle they had recently but now feels she isn’t worthy because she is an Absolute Angel. Turning to Kyoshiro, she tells him that it’s strange, even though she is an Absolute Angel, something not human, her tears keep pouring out. At that, Kuu breaks down crying out that she isn’t human in Kyoshiro’s arms.



So once again, the story is moving and we see that Kuu subconsciously knew about her Absolute Angel powers since she was young. It must have been quiet a drama for her to forget about what happened when she was younger though I’m sure we’ll see more of that later on. But at least we got a glimpse of what Kuu’s guardian is. The dilemma for Kuu now is what is she going to do now that she knows she is not human. Everything she wished for has now been torn apart, but the fact that she knows Kyoshiro’s goal is probably the biggest blow.

The relationship between Kyoshiro and his siblings is still unclear at this point but everything is revolving around Kazuya. Mika appears to know what Kazuya’s true intentions were with Kyoshiro still in the shadows about the truth. I also get a feeling that Soujiro also knows the truth about Kazuya but his role in the story still remains a mystery.

Honestly after this episode, you’d have to feel sorry for Setsuna. Her undying loyalty and devotion to Kyoshiro is admirable, but to have Kyoshiro tell her to be quiet when she needs him the most just breaks my heart. But the saddest part about Setsuna is that she continues to fight so valiantly for Kyoshiro but will meet her end by Kyoshiro’s hands. I do hope that Setsuna will have a happy ending as she has been through so much so far ever since Kuu joined them.

So far KyoSora has taken a twist and the plot is getting interesting. With Kuu revealed as the non-existent 5th Absolute Angel is probably what sparked my interest. The animation appears to be getting better as well especially in the fight scenes. Many sub-plots are starting to form, e.g the Kaon/Himiko and the Ayanakouji family, and are looking promising. With a glimpse of the preview, we see a Kuu x Kyoshiro love note being destroyed by someone which could either be Setsuna or Kuu herself. I look forward to the next episode.

No. of times Kuu addresses her Prince: ZERO

Yes OMG she didn’t address him once (the start doesn’t count). But given the nature of this episode it was kind of expected.

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February 22nd, 2007 at 3:22 am

Yeah…This episode had a really noticable lack of mental letters to the prince. It made the whole episode feel kind of lacking…

I feel really sorry for Setsuna, but I can’t seem to feel any of that for Kuu…



February 22nd, 2007 at 7:34 am

I just hope we see more letters later on since Kuu was the reason I continued watching this. Well she still is but the development of the story is an added extra.



February 22nd, 2007 at 10:07 am

Setsuna~~~ __>…

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