Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 04

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  • Setsuna arrives to fend off Batraz but is too late to save Kuu and Kyoshiro. Kuu wakes up to find that Kyoshiro has broken her fall but is unconscious and starts crying out his name.
  • Kuu drags Kyoshiro through the ruined school and cries out for Setsuna, however Kyoshiro shows sign that he is slightly conscious and Kuu takes him to the infirmary.
  • Unable to find any medical supplies, Kuu rips part of her uniform to use as bandages. Thinking that she is useless and can’t fight, Kyoshiro starts calling out to his brother.

  • Kuu goes off to find water while Setsuna is still fighting Batraz. When Kuu returns she finds Kyoshiro awake. The two end up talking about Kyoshiro’s brother where Kuu thinks he is exactly like the prince in her dreams.
  • Kyoshiro thinks that he and Kuu are similar as they think the same about his brother, however we find out that Kyoshiro’s brother died ten years ago.
  • Ten years ago, Kyoshiro’s brother, Kazuya, was a part of a research team on Absolute Angels and was seen as a genius. However an experiment failed which caused the research facility to explode and destroy parts of the city. However Kyoshiro was saved by Kazuya and Kazuya went ahead to minimise the damage. So now Kyoshiro feels that he has to fight to fulfil his brother’s duty.
  • Kuu then goes off to get some more water but starts thinking how strong and confident Kyoshiro is, yet she can’t do anything. Suddenly Soujiro appears behind Kuu, but Kyoshiro is there to save her. We also find out that Soujiro is another brother of Kyoshiro, but Soujiro is a traitor who helped Batraz escape.
  • Although Kyoshiro is saying Absolute Angels are bad, Soujiro however thinks that Batraz, and other Absolute Angels are pitiful. Kyoshiro then starts questioning Soujiro about the incident 10 years ago, but Soujiro returns with a question about Setsuna.
  • Despite that, Kyoshiro states that all Absolute Angels have to be destroyed and he will be the one to do it as he feels that is Kazuya’s desire. Soujiro tells Kyoshiro to forget about Kazuya, but Kyoshiro states that he isn’t dead as Kazuya lives within Kyoshiro’s heart.
  • Setsuna and Batraz crash through the ceiling and Kyoshiro orders Setsuna to kill Batraz. Soujiro tries to get Batraz to withdraw but she wants to fight. With Batraz on the offensive, Setsuna’s defence is starting to break down. Kyoshiro however tells her to not give up even if her body breaks as she is a weapon to kill Absolute Angels.
  • Kuu then hugs Kyoshiro from behind telling him not to say such cruel words. She starts crying out that the Kyoshiro that in her heart is just like a prince – perfect and gentle. Kyoshiro accept what Kuu has to say and a bright light emerges from Kuu.
  • Kuu wakes up to find herself in Kyoshiro’s arms and that they are now safe.
  • Mika shows Himiko a reborn Kaon and all Himiko can do is agree with her. As a final step, Mika then engraves Kaon with her own symbol.



Wow! An entire episode without a shower or yuri scene. And I thought that they would be taking another bath after having taken that fall. Well this episode was actually good as we had Kyoshiro explain a bit more about Absolute Angels and we find out a bit about Kyoshiro’s brother. Though it is rather obvious that Kazuya is the prince in Kuu’s dreams though they may surprise us with something, but I doubt it. What I found to be surprising was Soujiro being Kyoshiro’s brother as well. But his role now fits into the story but we’ve yet to see what his goals are.

This episode, shows Kuu finally doing something other than addressing letters to her prince or being amazed by the prince and princess show. Understanding about Kyoshiro’s determination to destroy Absolute Angels, but her kind hearted nature confuses her if they really are pitiful as Soujiro said they are. However she does manage to calm Kyoshiro’s anger down despite thinking she can’t do anything. Showing her powers again, there is still the question of what Kuu is and what her role is in Kyoshiro’s plan.

Also at this point, I somewhat feel sorry for Setsuna. Knowing Kyoshiro’s goal of destroying Absolute Angels, she continues to follow his orders no matter what. But you can see that she has feelings for Kyoshiro, but Kuu is there to come between them. Though I think Kyoshiro’s feelings of Setsuna will change in later episodes, not in terms of love, but more of companionship.

Next week Kuu and Kyoshiro go shopping and we see a completely different Kaon.

No. of times Kuu addresses her prince: 6

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January 31st, 2007 at 10:36 pm

You should have counted how many times Kuu says “Ayanokoji-san” in this episode instead.



February 1st, 2007 at 12:46 am

Lol, perhaps. But whenever Kuu starts addressing her prince, I just can’t help but laugh.

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