Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora – 03

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  • The Shield of Order continues looking for Badoras.
  • We find out that there were 4 Absolute Angels and only one survived along with four swords. These are Kurasoras, Badoras, and Kaon. The fourth sword, Megingjord is broken.
  • Kuu watches Setsuna cook breakfast and joins her whilst Kyoshiro is playing the violin. When everyone is getting ready for breakfast, Kuu accidentally face plants into a cake.

  • Kuu and Setsuna take a bath together and Setsuna reveals that she does everything for Kyoshiro as she is his sword. Setsuna also kisses Kuu as she thinks that Kuu isn’t feeling energetic.
  • Badoras is over at the 95th Academy’s pool feeding off the swimmers there.
  • Kaon is getting punished by Mika and Himiko can only watch.
  • Kyoshiro, Setsuna and Kuu are in a strategic meeting with Jin for an upcoming battle with Kyoshiro and Kuu as a pair and Setsuna on her own.
  • Kuu ends up wearing the Joto Academy uniform and Kyoshiro helps her down from the trailer. Setsuna however hands a bento to Kyoshiro as he hasn’t eaten. Kyoshiro accepts and ends up kissing Setsuna.
  • As Kyoshiro and Kuu head to their position, Kuu tells Kyoshiro that she is worried about Setsuna but Kyoshiro says that they are apart for their duties and that he kissed her for replenishment before battle. Kyoshiro also tells Kuu that she is more important right now.
  • Kuu starts thinking again how Absolute Angels cannot be lovers. Although Kuu doesn’t see herself as a princess, but she knows that she is human.
  • The two are then suddenly attacked by Badoras. Setsuna senses this and flies off to save them.
  • Badoras has trouble figuring out what she wanted to say, so Kuu corrects her. Furious Badoras attacks them. Kuu falls off Kyoshiro’s horse, although Kyoshiro grabs her in time, the ground gives way and both of them fall.



Throughout this whole episode, I think I counted Kuu addressing her prince at least 8-10 times. What I find funny about all these letters is how she tells exactly what she is seeing and thinking. Whether it be from how she feels about Kyoshiro and Setsuna being a prince and princess, to even how Setsuna is cooking breakfast. Though I do somewhat feel it rather annoying at times, but it does make me laugh everytime she does it. But really Kuu is the only reason why I keep watching KyoSora.

Also the first few minutes after the OP is straight up shower scenes. Even with a small break of breakfast, it’s another shower scene. I can see that this is going to be a recurring scene throughout the series but I do hope that they will cut down on it. What I really want to see is some drama and action happening, just like that we saw in Kannaduki no Miko.

What else is lacking in this series so far is the story. Really at the start with the shower scenes, we find out a bit more about the Absolute Angels and four swords. However they just don’t explain it enough and I am somewhat confused on what is really happening. The jumping between characters is somewhat annoying as well and I didn’t know that the guy with Badoras was called Soujiro until the end. What this show really needs to do is work on the characters and presentation of the story a bit more and less focus on the whole prince and princess thing.

I think from next episode I’ll keep track of how many times Kuu addressed her prince.

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January 31st, 2007 at 6:27 pm

The only action in KnM that I found worth watching without laughing was a) Chikane raping Himeko (not really action, per se) and b) Chikane beating nine kinds of hell out of the other 6 Orochi and shooting the loli-neko girl in the arse.
I think from next episode I’ll keep track of how many times Kuu addressed her prince.



January 31st, 2007 at 6:28 pm

(because i screwed up)
I think from next episode I’ll keep track of how many times Kuu addressed her prince. I sense a drinking game in the making…



January 31st, 2007 at 8:59 pm

khardic_paladin: OH YES I can see something like this happening for sure.



January 31st, 2007 at 9:41 pm

The character designs are the only thing keeping me watching this series.

Look forward to the self-made mini-dress!



February 2nd, 2007 at 9:07 am

Setsuna and Kaon are the two characters that that is keeping me interested in this series.

PS: Another drinking game!!! We also need one for Kanon =/.

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