Kanon – 17 (Akiko and Piro Key cards this week)

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  • Yuuichi returns home to be greeted by Piro and Ayu, and notices that he doesn’t look well, but heads up straight to his room.
  • Lying in bed, he remembers how Kaori told him that Shiori won’t live to see her birthday, but even if she did, she won’t last long. Kaori has told anyone about Shiori except for Yuuichi, since he became friends with Shiori recently. She also notes that Shiori smiles when she is with Yuuichi.
  • Ayu knocks on Yuuichi’s bedroom door and comes to sit beside him, as she felt it would be better to be by his side, and Yuuichi thanks her for that. But the two just sit in silence.
  • The next day, Yuuichi notices that the two sisters are absent. Later on, Yuuichi finds himself at Monomi Hills thinking how he can help search for a lost item, help fight against demons, but in Shiori’s case, he can’t do anything. He then questions Makoto what it was like for her and what can he do for a girl with little time left.
  • On his way home, Yuuichi by chance finds Shiori sitting by the fountain. Shiori tells Yuuichi how she used to come here with her family when she was little. She also had ice cream with her sister then and wishes to be able to eat it with her again. Shiori also tells Yuuichi that if she had more time, she would have come to like Yuuichi more and more, even though she shouldn’t like anyone.

  • Yuuichi eventually comes to ask what Shiori’s illness is, but Shiori says that it’s a complicated name. She explains that it’s a disease that won’t heal with more medicine or shots, so she forgot the name of it as she feels it’s useless to remember since nothing happens even if she did.
  • Shiori admits that she also avoids Kaori as she feels that’s all she can do for her right now. With that, Shiori asks Yuuichi for one favour and that being that he treat her like a normal girl. She explains that when she is with Yuuichi, she can go back to the happy days in her memories. Yuuichi then agrees to be like a brother to her, and just as the two were to part ways, Shiori tells him that she has a surprise for him tomorrow.
  • Yuuichi calls out to Shiori as she is walking away, if there really is nothing that can be done. Though the only reply that Shiori gave was if a miracle happened, but it’s called a miracle because it doesn’t happen.
  • Returning home, Yuuichi finds everyone asleep except Piro. Walking into his room, he finds Ayu asleep at his desk. He realises she was waiting for him so he picks her up and takes her to her room.
  • The next morning, Ayu is sleepy as she had a scary dream of getting carried away somewhere by a ghost.
  • During lunchtime, Yuuichi notices that Shiori isn’t waiting for him outside, but she is in fact waiting for him at his classroom door wearing her school uniform. Kaori however walks out upon seeing Shiori, so Yuuichi goes to the cafeteria with Shiori.
  • Shiori explains to Yuuichi that her doctor gave her permission to attend school until Saturday, the day before Shiori’s birthday. Looking at the curry, Shiori tries it anyway, despite not being able to handle spicy food. But she wanted to eat the same thing that Yuuichi is eating. Afterwards, Shiori suggests that she bring a bento tomorrow for the both of them.
  • Kaori returns home to be greeted by Shiori, but she ignores her and heads to her room, only to fall to the floor with her back against the door.
  • The next day during lunchtime, Shiori presents to Yuuichi two large bento boxes. Though the two boxes are for him while Shiori has a small one for herself, but he managed to eat them both.
  • After school, Yuuichi takes Shiori to eat ice cream. Shiori happens to see the stuffed animals in a window of a store. Shiori wants to go inside, but Yuuichi caught eye of Kaori down the street. Telling Shiori to go inside first, he chases after Kaori and tries to persuade her to have tea with them. But Kaori states that she doesn’t know a girl named Shiori and walks off.
  • Later on Shiori is telling Yuuichi about the toy store and the old man running it, but didn’t have enough money to buy anything. Realising that this is the same store that Sayuri bought the giant anteater from, Yuuichi remembers about what Mai said about someone close to him trying to run away from their hardships. Shiori wondering what’s wrong, Yuuichi changes the topic to what stuffed animals she liked.
  • At home, Yuuichi counts the amount of cash he has in his wallet. Ayu interrupts him to tell him the bath is open, but notices that he’s holding his wallet. Yuuichi notices that Ayu is wearing her headband after a bath. Ayu reveals that it’s a present that she received from someone precious to her. With the topic on presents, Yuuichi tries to get ideas for Shiori’s present from Ayu, but Ayu keeps suggesting taiyaki. So Ayu then suggests doing something that’ll make Shiori happy. Yuuichi then realises that being with Kaori would make Shiori happy.



Well this episode wasn’t as dramatic or exciting as others since it’s focusing on the relationship between Shiori and Kaori. However there are the cute Shiori moments so I guess it was an alright episode. To be honest, I never really liked Shiori in the Toei version of Kanon, and even in the KyoAni version I still don’t. Just so far her story seems the weakest out of the current arcs that we have seen. Though I get feeling that won’t change even at the conclusion of the Shiori arc.

Seeing Yuuichi thinking at Monomi Hills was rather interesting, even when he questions Makoto. This shows that Makoto is still on Yuuichi’s mind, as with Mai when he saying how he could help fight demons. So perhaps we might something towards the end of the series that’ll feature all the girls. This week there has been a few hints relating to Ayu, one being the dream she had and the headband that she wears. But also we get a reinforced idea of the missing item that Yuuichi was thinking about. So I like how KyoAni has dropped all these hints, but still manage to keep viewers in the dark.

Well next week’s episode is Shiori’s birthday. I like how the preview is done with no faces besides Shiori’s at the end. At this point I think the Shiori arc will end either next week or the week after.

Kanon Merchandise of the Week

Yes this week is some more Key Cards. I was planning on showing something else but I got a bit lazy. Hence why this post is also a bit late. Next episode I’ll show something rare. Anyway this week is more Key Cards from Hirake Gomaa, featuring Akiko and Piro!

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January 29th, 2007 at 9:58 pm

why piro ? why ???



January 30th, 2007 at 12:51 am

Ahaha, I’m a first time commentor here, so you might not care about this request =__=;; But would you kindly post up Misuzu’s card? Pwease? *__*



January 30th, 2007 at 12:56 am

naga_jahat: Because Piro is so cute~~

CherylHew: I’ll post it up on the next Kanon post.


Sana Jisushi

January 30th, 2007 at 2:52 am

>>So perhaps we might something towards the end of the series that’ll feature all the girls.

Makoto’s CGs are finished, if I recall, but Mai takes Yuuichi to grad in the end, so that makes sense. I’m forgetting something, too, aren’t I…

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