NRMA Motorfest 2007 – Part 2

January 26, 2007 | Author: | In: Car, Conventions & Events, Everyday Life, Miscellaneous, Photography

Ok this continues on from the last post. I am somewhat surprised on how well these photos turned out as I upped the exposure setting (+2/3). All these photos were taken using Program Mode, so I let the camera decide the F-stop and shutter speed.

WARNING: Picture intensive post.

That’s all of them. This is only a small amount of the cars that were there, but there sure was plenty of them, most likely over a 1000 cars. According to the article in open road, cars that are over 30 years old can enter. So that makes me wonder about the cars that will be entering this in the near future. Heck in 30 years I’ll probably start seeing Pulsars in there.

Also this year commemorates the 50th Anniversary for the Fiat 500 and there were 50 on show. Pretty damn impressive. I’ve never seen so many Fiats. There was also a collection of war vehicles at the start near Hyde Park, unfortunately I couldn’t get very clear shots of the vehicle due to many people standing in front of them.

Well I hope you enjoyed viewing all of these as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures. If you are an Australian living in Sydney, you should head to Motorfest next year as it’s just an awesome view of the cars that we never grew up with (this is based on the readers of my blog being around the age of 18-25).

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Steven Den Beste

January 27th, 2007 at 10:40 am

What kind of car show has no booth bunnies? How lame… (heh)

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