Kyou no Go no Ni – 03

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Part 1: Library

  • Ryota and Kouji were dragged into the library with Tsubasa who is reading a book about the universe.
  • Chika is trying to get a book but can’t reach. Her friend comes by and tells her she can’t find the step.
  • Spotting Ryota, Chika asks if he can give her a piggyback so she can reach. But Ryota doesn’t want to do it.

  • Chika calls him weak which eventaully gets him to do it. But the two lose balance and crash into Kazumi, with Ryota ending up seeing Chika and Kazumi’s panties.
  • Tsubasa asks Kouji to get a book for him that he can’t reach, so they get a chair and get the book.
  • Ryota and Chika end up arguing about not thinking of that idea.

Part 2: Surprise

  • The girls are in the school infirmary relaxing.
  • Yuki however brings out a measuring tape and announces a “special examination”. Obviously she wants to have a competition in measuring breast sizes, with the first victim being Megumi.
  • In the classroom, Ryota is suffering from a cold and decides to head to the school infirmary.
  • Arriving inside, he stumbles across the girls holding down Megumi who has her shirt half way up. Of course the girls threw the tape measure at him to get him out.
  • The next girl to be measured is Natsumi. Ryota is back at the classroom and decides to go again, thinking the girls would have left.
  • Chika this time says she’ll watch guard outside, but as she walks out, Ryota walks inside and sees the girls again. And of course got hit with the measuring tape.

Part 3: Sweet

  • Natsumi is looking at the pink chalk thinking it looks good to eat. Yuki however tries to trick Natsumi thinking that white chalk is vanilla ice cream, pink is strawberries, and yellow is bananas.
  • But Chika stops Yuki and says that no one would believe that. But she tries it on Ryota.
  • Ryota falls for Chika’s trick and ends up eating the chalk. Spitting it out the girls end up laughing, but Ryota says that the chalk tastes better than the Valentine’s Day chocolate he received from Chika. This results in him being hit with a duster thrown by Chika.
  • Chika ends up ignoring Ryota, so Kouji tells him that he’s an idiot for not realising what he did.
  • Yuki comes up and asks Kouji what he thought about her Valentine’s Day chocolate. Despite it being horrible, he said that it was good. Tsubasa calls Kouji a real man.
  • During P.E class, Ryota goes upto Chika, who is over at the water faucets, and tells her that her chocolates were good. Though Chika doesn’t forgive him. Unknowing what to do, Chika suggests that he kiss her. Confused at first he ends up kissing Chika.
  • Though Chika notices that he still had chalk in his mouth but still doesn’t forgive him. Ryota at a lost asks what he can do, but Chika says it depends on what he gives on White Day.

Part 4: Flip

  • Chika and Yuki are talking in the hallway when they got their skirts flipped by some young boys. Yuki is angry but Chika thinks it’s fine since they are little.
  • The two ended up wondering what age do they forgive boys for skirt flipping. So they decide to asks the other girls.
  • However the girls all have different opinions so Chika decides to ask the boys when they stopped skirt flipping.
  • Kouji and Tsubasa have done it before when they were small, but Ryota says that he has never done it.
  • Kouji doesn’t believe Ryota so pushes him over to confess, however Ryota’s legs went and flipped Yuki’s and Chika’s dress.
  • Once he got back up, he wasn’t aware what just happened but the girls ended up punishing Ryota.
  • Kouji is moved as he calls it the “Legendary Overhead Flip”.

Part 5: Cat’s Paw

  • During lunch break, Ryota overhears the girls talking about cats. He doesn’t find them interesting as they wander around all day and only come back for food.
  • The girls however say that the love you give a cat is unrequited and their paws feel good, but Ryota doesn’t understand.
  • Determined to show Ryota, Yuki wants to find a cat, but Chika thinks they just need to find something that has the same feeling.
  • Kazumi then grabs Yuki’s earlobe to see if it’s the same. But Ryota isn’t quite sure. So Kazumi then proceeds to touch Chika’s lip. But Chika gets annoyed, so her and Yuki try other parts of each other’s body.
  • They try to do the same for Kazumi, but she dodges them, with the girls thinking she has cat-like reflexes.
  • Just when Ryota says he doesn’t care anymore, a cat walked into the classroom. Chika hands him the cat to show him.
  • Kouji and Tsubasa walk back into the classroom to find Ryota’s face covered in scratches.


This was just as great as the first two episodes. I have been waiting for this one with a lot of anticipation. It’s just the small funny antics that 5th graders are thinking of is what I like best about this show. But some things are a bit over the top like the size measurements. I’m not too sure why 5th grade girls would be worried about such a thing (but then, I’m not a girl either).

Chika is my most favourite character as I find her extremely cute. But for some reason she reminds me of Naru from Love Hina. She is a cheerful and serious person, but does like to play pranks now and then, especially with Ryota. And since Ryota and Chika are childhood friends, you can tell that she has feelings for Ryota.

Having read the manga (which is only one volume) the anime follows it accurately. Though compared to reading the manga I’m surprised that it feels so long in just watching one part. This episode covers chapters 11, 13-16 respectively and there is still enough material for one more episode, which I’m hoping they will make as the last two chapters end Kyou no Go no Ni fairly nicely.

The OP and ED are is exactly the same as the first two, with the OP showing scenes from Episode 3.

edit: Actually the ED theme is different to the first two episodes. Thanks to Psychohistory for pointing that out.

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January 24th, 2007 at 9:02 pm

There’s a 4th OAV scheduled, and it will be released on 21/03/2007.



January 26th, 2007 at 10:33 am

So great. Love these eps. Are you sure the ED theme is the same? It sounded different to me..



January 26th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

Thanks for the writeup on this–the first two episodes were pretty funny, glad to hear the third sounds like it’s more of the same.



January 26th, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Skh: Hey thanks for the nfo.

Psychohistory: Oh wait, you are correct, the ED is different. It’s been a while since I saw the first two episodes.

suguru: The awesome thing about this is that it’s simple. Just the regular stupid things that little kids usually think of.



January 28th, 2007 at 12:33 pm

For me, reading the manga kinda ruined this episode for me. I didn’t laugh as hard as I did in the previous two… I shouldn’t have read the manga ;__;

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