Figure Review: Lucy Maria Misora making you go Ruuu~

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Wow, it certainly has been a long time since I received this figure. Like sometime during mid November if I recall correctly. Also I took these photos sometime last week but some of them didn’t turn out as good as I thought. So with the little aid of Photoshop I present to you, Lucy Maria Misora (or Rukia to some). Ruuuuu~~~~

Note: This is a repost since the first one I forgot to add it to the Anime Blog category for the RSS feed orz.

Lucy Maria Misora, the mysterious alien girl from the game To Heart 2, striking a doll-like face which mesmerizes you into that mysterious aura that surrounds her. With her long pink hair and slim body line, she is more than just a doll-faced girl. But still, from feeding a cat in the park, paying you with match sticks, to making you do a banzai pose and making you cry “Ruuu”, she still remains a mystery.
This is the second Lucy figure that I own in my collection and the 4th To Heart 2 figure. She is definitely my 2nd most favourite character, Tama-nee being in first place, it’s actually a shame that I haven’t played her arc in the To Heart 2 game. Perhaps one day I’ll get around to it, but at least I have To Heart 2 doujinshi if I’m ever in the need for porn, lol.

There’s one thing that I really enjoy about Lucy is her pose. Arms in front carrying her bag, with her hip sticking out to the side, it shows her slim body line which is very feminine and I think is rather sexy.

The creases around Lucy’s uniform do well to hide the seam lines, but even if you notice the seam lines, they are around the parts where you would normally see stitching on clothing. But it also gives that slight breezy effect rather than her standing still.


The paintwork on Lucy is done rather well. The uniform has a good pinkish tint to it so it doesn’t make it too pink, or too white. With her hair also a pinkish colour, although slightly darker than the uniform, her crown is a bit too light. But of course with her overall colouring of a lightish nature, it means that any marks on her are clearly visible. And on that note for some reason mine has a few light marks on her crown and on her right side.

The base that she came with (sorry no picture), is a scenario type base. A orangey round base with sakura petals with green leaves on the edge is required to make Lucy stand firmly. Taking the pictures without proved to be rather difficult as even the slightest hint of wind, she’ll be kissing the ground. One minor about the base that came with this figure is that it is slightly warped, which makes it rather annoying.

Lucy’s hair is also rather unique. Not many female characters that I know of, or own, have a long hair going down and curling back up. But of course the hair doesn’t come without flaws. At the tips you can see it is slightly rough probably due to the molding, but these are only noticeable upon close inspection. One other thing is that the hair, like a lot of female figures, is two pieces. So the seam line is clearly visible and is rather an eyesore as it just doesn’t blend in well.

And of course, what kind of figure review would it be without the required skirtless photos. One thing I did notice was that the skirt is stuck on Lucy rather tight. So removing it will reveal a slight red marking on her skin, not that you can see it in the photos.

This being a Good Smile Company item, I am quite pleased with the quality overall. It has been quite some time since I bought a GSC item, but there is also something a bit different to this. This is actually a first from a series called V.I.P (Venus Idol Project) Aquaplus Edition, meaning it’s a collaboration of three companies in a sense. These three companies are as follows: AXIA (Illustration), Tablier Communications (Promotion), and Good Smile Company (Figuration). But really, it’s still a GSC item. Other figures from this line up include Komaki Manaka and Yuzuhara Konomi. So we may expect not just other To Heart 2 characters, but possibly characters from other Aquaplus/Leaf games.

Product: Lucy Maria Misora
Produced by: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC (figure), ABS (base)
Release Date: November 2006
Price: ¥4,571
Available: HLJ (in stock at time of posting)

Personally I like this re-edition of Lucy compared to the Kotobukiya version (oh the horrible days of the old camera). With the Kotobukiya version, the face just looks a bit weird, and the eyes are just too large. With the GSC version, she looks more dollish but that adds to the charm and doesn’t detract from the overall feel of the figure. One minor thing I dislike about this figure is mainly her bag. It’s attached to her hand and I would have preferred if it was removable. An extremely cute figure and she definitely makes me go Ruuuuu~~~

Also as a little extra, I happened to have got this during Comiket69.

I got this when I was browsing through the Leaf doujinshi section, came across a rather nice doujinshi and browsed through it. The artist tried talking to me, but with my little knowledge of Japanese at the time I couldn’t really hold a proper conversation. She realised that I was a foreigner and the most I could get out was that I liked the To Heart 2 series. So having bought her doujinshi she offered this as a free gift, which normally she would be selling separately. It’s rather cute don’t you think?

Photography Notes:

Well the Australian weather has been rather funky these past few weeks. Hot, cloudy, hot, cool, warm, hot again, rain…. you see what I’m getting at? Anyway the location chosen here is actually a pathway at the front of the university I attended, University of Western Sydney, Kingswood. Luckily for me it’s now uni holidays so no students gawking at me and even more so no security walking around either. But the day happened to be a combination of hot, cloudy and a spot of rain now and then, so lighting conditions varied. Also in one photo, you may notice two black spots in the corners. This is due to the lens hood. I forgot to adjust the lens hood, but not that it matters. Also I used a +2 macro filter for the close up shots.

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January 6th, 2007 at 1:30 am

Very nice. Though I find the mouth a bit odd since it’s just a dot (if she pursing her lips or something). Also, her hairpins aren’t painted are they? (or are they suppose to be like that?) Anyways, nicely crafted figure, love the hair =)

PS: Sure no one saw you take the panty shots? >=P


tj han

January 7th, 2007 at 4:16 am

What’s with the haze in a couple of the pics?

Anyway, this girl is pretty hot. The only TO Heart girl I find attractive, even if I know nuts about the series.



January 7th, 2007 at 7:41 am

Hijiko: No her hairpins are actually molded with her hair. And yeah, no one saw me taking photos during the panty session.

tj han: Probably due to the original photo being too dark I raised adjusted the brightness and contrast. Lucy is indeed hot, though the second Kotobukiya version of Tamaki is rather nice, such a shame I don’t have it.



January 7th, 2007 at 10:59 am

nice review and pics! i really like the pose but somehow the facial expression turns me off. maybe i’ll get her when i find her with a 50% off sale tag…


super rats

January 10th, 2007 at 6:01 am

Lucy is one of the best looking of the girls from the To Heart games. This is definitely one of the better looking To Heart figures. If I see it at a con I might pick her up. One of the reasons I held off was in the promo shots her legs looked a little stubby to me. The facial expression seems to fit her from the random pictures I’ve seen.



January 10th, 2007 at 8:53 am

V2: Her facial expression is one of the most defining points. It adds to her mysteriousness plus I find it rather cute.

super rats: Stubby they are not! They are quite slender which make her rather sexy in a sense. You should pick one up as yes, she is one of the best girls from To Heart 2.



May 24th, 2007 at 12:45 am

Ok, i dont know you, but i just had to say: i loved these pics!!!
they are so beautiful!!
and the doll is perfect!!!!

congratz ^^



July 28th, 2008 at 4:21 am

I WANT HER!!!! Ever since I saw this figure its been like – WANT – but she seems to be sold out everywhere….



August 24th, 2008 at 7:13 am

dont be morbose .lol.
i think is art… but i know more than one thinks another way

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