Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro Na ~Crescent Love~ – 12 (END)

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Everyone from Earth and the Moon are watching the news about the battle which is about to start whilst Feena and Tatsuya enter the throne room. Hand in hand, Feena and Tatsuya walk up to Lyones and she says she has something to talk about. Lyones realises that Tatsuya is the person that Karen had told him about earlier. Tatsuya introduces himself and Feena announces that he is her partner. This surprises the other royals, but Takano at this point gets his assistant to have this broadcasted on all stations. Listening to what the pair has to say, Lyones questions if they know what the result could be, with Feena answering a war could break out.

After Lyones speech on what could happen, Tatsuya tells him that they met a girl on Earth who thought the same as Lyones. Though the pair believes that they won’t forget about the past and they want to strive for a peaceful future. Lyones at this point remembers the time when he was happy with Cephilia and Feena also tell him of the happy time that she spent on Earth, and everyone on Earth is cheering for Feena.

After Feena and Tatsuya have declared their love for each other, Jurgen steps forward and tells them that they won’t go any further. Explaining to Lyones that there is a limit to how far this can go and announces that others feel the same, with a group of royals who now stand behind Jurgen. Lyones demands an explanation with Jurgen revealing that he has setup the Moon’s ultimate weapon used from the war. With that, guards armed with rifles storm into the throne room and surround everyone. At this point, Jurgen is now pointing a gun upon Lyones and tells him that his time is over and the future will be ruled by him.

Now being held hostage, Feena and Tatsuya try to persuade Jurgen about how the Earth and Moon can live together but he doesn’t accept what they have to say. Takano then reveals that everything is being broadcasted and Karen reveals herself from a balcony above, with her special forces barging in from the windows. With that everyone is associated with Jurgen are arrested and taken away. Whilst being escorted, Jurgen snaps and knocks the guards, whilst stealing a handgun. Pointing the gun at Feena he shoots, but Tatsuya jumped in front of Feena, taking the bullet and saves her life. Karen knocks out Jurgen as he continues to struggle and rushes over to see Tatsuya. The bullet has gone into Tatsuya’s chest, and he asks if Feena is unhurt before dying in her arms. Everyone is shocked to see what just happened and we are shown with a collage of screens of Tatsuya. Feena then starts breaking into tears as with everyone close to Tatsuya.

As Lyones weeps over the death of Tatsuya, he gets report from the army about an unidentifiable flying object and is shown on the monitor. We see a huge alien ship above the Palace and it shoots down a yellow beam upon Tatsuya, healing his wounds in the process. When the light disappears, Tatsuya wakes up to find everyone surrounding him and asks Feena why she is crying. Overjoyed to see him alive, Feena hugs Tatsuya crying out his name, and Tatsuya apologises for making her worry. We hear a voice telling Tatsuya that it was a close call and we see a figure teleported inside a green light. This figure happens to be Tatsuya’s father. Everyone is surprised to see Chiharu especially Lyones. Chiharu thinks that Feena is a good match for Tatsuya, but Lyones thinks that the same will happen to Feena as with Cephilia. But then Feena’s pendant falls off and reveal a recorded message left by her mother. Cephilia’s message is that she is happy that Feena has found someone important to her; just like her with Lyones and that she wishes her the best. Lyones then steps up to Feena and Tatsuya and asks if they have the resolve to continue, which they reply yes. With that everyone is rejoicing with joy. Over with Wreathlit, Fiacca sees that everything has been resolved and she leaves Wreathlit’s body.

After a few years, a large crowd has gathered into a stadium for Feena and Tatsuya’s wedding ceremony. Backstage, Wreathlit bumps into Mai and Natsuki, but also ends up getting glomped by Sayaka, with Lyones and Chiharu are playing shogi (Japanese chess). Jin ends up getting whacked by his mother, crashing into aliens and getting zapped. Thus the ceremony starts and Tatsuya ends up pinching Feena’s nose, and she does likewise. Laughing it off the two kiss and we get a view of the Earth and Moon linked by a large red structure.


Well we finally see the end to this rather forgettable series. This being the first complete series I have actually blogged about doesn’t make it any better either and I’m surprised that I did not drop the series. Anyway with this whole episode, we have the usual clichéd scenario of couple declare love and hope for better future, bad guy goes nuts and shoots his beloved only to have the good guy take the bullet, good guy dies but comes back to life and everyone lives happily ever after. Though it does have the slight twist with Chiharu returning and using alien technology to save Tatsuya, it just sort of feels out of place. Now As the ending as it is, I’m not exactly sure if this happens in the game, but I certainly do hope that it doesn’t. I recall on DarkMirage’s post about the true ending to YoakeNa and that made me curious, and obviously this ending can’t be it. So I might have to go play the game to find out.

The animation quality of this episode was just as crap as some of the other episodes, most noticeably the faces. This being the last episode I was hoping to see that same quality as episode 1, but I guess that just wasn’t meant to be. And I feel sorry for the people who are going to buy the DVDs in Japan. Though what I found rather interesting was at the end with the red structure and stadium. At first I was wondering where the ring for the wedding is, but it turns out that the stadium itself is shaped to be the ring, and I think the red structure linking the Moon and Earth represents the red string of fate.

Overall Series Impression

I see it not worth doing an overview of the series as it’s pretty easy to sum it all up. Originally I had high expectations of YoakeNa as I’m a fan of August-Soft games and I enjoyed the anime series HaniHani Operation Sanctuary. But upon seeing this, it literally destroyed my hopes. The quality of animation was low over the entire series, the presentation of the story was weak, there wasn’t really much screen time of the other girls, and the running jokes are kind of annoying. One part especially was the Feena all Rambo style, and it was at that point it ruined the entire image of Feena for me.

What I hoped of this series was a Romeo and Juliet romance drama, but it just wasn’t. I can see that YoakeNa has the potential, but the animation studio who did this (I can’t be bothered to find out), but just decided not to and it ruined it overall. So would I recommend this series to anyone? Most definitely NOT. I would recommend that you should play the game even if you don’t know how to read Japanese. This is definitely a series that I won’t watch again, and if I want to oogle my eyes at Feena, I’ll just use my dakimakura pillow cover for that.

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fisherman horizon

December 24th, 2006 at 6:01 pm

well. really want commend you for finishing the blogging on this anime. I would have drop it after the 3rd or 4th when the anime started degrading in quality. But Feena help me to watch throught the horrible anime. I guess you manage to persist and continue on. :)



December 24th, 2006 at 7:05 pm

Thanks fh. I have this motto that if I start watching something, I see it to the end.



December 29th, 2006 at 2:46 pm

Well said…this was a series I was really looking forward to based on Hanihani and the character art from the Yoakena game, but it was disappointing to say the least. The contrast between Feena looking goddess-like in the CGs and cross-eyed waitress Feena in the infamous Cabbage episode was just nauseating. The plot I didn’t expect to be stellar, since Hanihani’s was a little out there with the plot twist, but I was hoping for at least average animation. And I agree about the Feena/Rambo part, at that point I was ready to start screaming for someone else to remake this. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Kyoani will do it after Kanon, but it’s probably more likely I’ll win the lottery, unfortunately…



January 28th, 2008 at 9:49 am

It never fails to annoy me how critics, or those who think themselves as such, almost always miss the point. I agree the Feena/Rambo scene was over the top,I laughed. The animation was not 5By5, I was raised on old Scooby Do and Popeye Cartoons who am I to judge. Let us not forget that this is anime, this is fantasy, this is romance and I didn’t know before but a video game? Get serious, or rather not. It was an incredible story of courage and love. With an underlying message of unity and tolerance the whole world could get behind. I laughed, I cried, I fell down, it was good, It was entertainment. and that was indeed the point.

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