IKEA, Spectators of Figure Photography, and Feena GET!

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With only a few days left to Christmas, on Wednesday I decided to finish off my Christmas shopping. Being payday that day I was set, and thankfully it wasn’t a boiling hot day. Whilst shopping around for the last few presents and seeing that I had plenty of money left over, I thought it would be good if I bought some lighting equipment for some indoor figure photography. So there was only one place to go for some cheap equipment. IKEA.

Now it has been a long time since I went to IKEA. But after strolling through the majority of the store, I remember why I love the place so much. There is so much awesome stuff there to buy from furniture to home decor. To stuff that I need to stuff that I don’t need but would buy anyway just for the heck of it. Honestly when I move out, I’m heading to IKEA for everything. But of course I didn’t leave empty handed. having done the entire walk-thru exhibition I finally reached the lighting section. Basing on super rats tutorial over at HappySoda, I found close to what I needed.

What you see is a new desk lamp which has one of those energy saving bulbs which is 20 watts, but gives off 100 watts of incandescent light. Not sure if it is full spectrum but it’s certainly bright. I was planning on buying the base that comes separately but due to being Christmas, they ran out. Of course I thought that this would be enough…… until I arrived at the bargain section.

What they have in they have in the bargain section is either slightly damaged goods, ex-displays, or returned customer goods. Sifting through what was there I happen to fit the light you see on the table. It was an ex-display and exceptionally cheap. Also next to the bargain section was the workman area where you can pick up pieces of wood or partial cabinets etc for the picking. What I found was that white piece of wood and I thought it would make a nice reflector board.

With only a few steps from the registers (and boy do they all have such long queues), I headed backwards and arrived at the home decoration section. What I found was that picture holder that you see and it would be an awesome thing to use to hold up the reflector board. So with my arms full I headed off to the registers and paid. All of this including light bulbs costed me around $40 AU. So if you are in the market for cheap lighting equipment, try going to your local IKEA if you have one near you.

Arriving home I happen to discover in my mail box the lens hood that I bought off eBay for like $14 AU. A cheap non-branded type was good enough, as the official Canon lens hood costs $30 AU. Oh photography, such an expensive hobby~~

The next day, Thursday, I headed out to do a photo shoot of the Akari figure that I posted before. Mainly because I wanted to get it over and done with, but gave me a chance to test see what the lens hood would do to photos. The photo shoot went great but what was more interesting, yet somewhat weird, was what happened during the photo shoot. Having picked a rather famous spot to do the photo shoot, there was actually a fair amount of people. Having set everything up I had MANY people watching what I was doing. Now from what i read of fellow figure photographers, people just leave you alone. That wasn’t the case for me. I literally had people come up to me and talk to me. One fellow came up and said straight up “Hey mate, you know that making fake photos can land you in trouble”. I was stumbled at his words and thinking “what the?”, but before I was about to say something he walked off.

Another bunch was a pair of guys which asked what i was doing and I simply explained that I was taking photos using the harbour as a background. Spotting the figure they thought it was a cool idea, but then they also asked if they could get a picture with it. Once again I was speechless. The amount of stupid things that people ask. Others included some kids who were curious more on Akari than what I was doing, but they watched me photographing away. With me working away, it wouldn’t surprise me if people took photos of me with their camera phones, and I’m pretty sure some people did. Good thing my face was hidden away with my camera.

Once the photo shoot was done (I did two figures that day), it was time to head up to Kinokuniya, which i haven’t been to in over 6 weeks. I found my all the mangas I wanted to get.

But heading over to the magazine section, LOW AND BEHOLD I found this:

Like many before me I picked up a copy of Dengeki G’s Festival which has the Feena dakimakura (hug pillow) cover. I was rather surprised to find 3 copies left in Kinokuniya as when I usually look for this kind of stuff, they are usually sold out. A bit overpriced, but it was now or never. Now all I need to do is buy myself a dakimakura and I’ll be even more otaku (though is that a good thing to admit??). besides the pillow cover, it also comes with a shitajiki (pencil board) and what appears to be a card holder or something.

Afterwards I headed over to Puffy. Its a store that sell these cookie puffs filled with custard. Similar to that of Bread Papa but it’s like a pineapple bun you get from an Asian bakery but more puffy. Having tried Bread Papa before, I was curious to see what these were like. Sure it was delicious, but using cookie crumbs on the top with custard just doesn’t seem to work right. Also rather expensive with each puff costing $1.60.

Under estimating how much I would spend at Kinokuniya so now I am broke (I also had to fill up on petrol). Well until the next payday. It’s a good thing I got my Christmas shipping done first. Oh such is the pain of having anime, cars, and photography as a hobby. They are all expensive! orz

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tj han

December 23rd, 2006 at 6:44 am

That’s only b ecause Singaporeans are the most apathetic creatures in the universe. But I did have kids playing with my figures, and people asking me what I was doing. To which I reply, “I’m murdering your parents. And your unborn son.”



December 23rd, 2006 at 10:08 am

Hmm… Ikea does have a lot of stuff I want as well, but can’t get do to the lack of physical space and the fact that I have enough holes drilled into my wall. I really wanted to get some of the wall shelves… the glass ones are really nice. Of course, there’s always the famous glass cabinet display there that relatively inexpensive =).



December 24th, 2006 at 12:55 am

tj han: Well I can pretty much guess the same thing that happened with this will happen again as I have to goto another location for another ARIA figure. But this time its near a very famous landmark.

Hijiko: Those IKEA glass cabinets are ok in size, but I’m not too sure on price. They cost $179 AU, where as my current one I paid $550, which is twice the size, and comes with a mirrored back, which I find rather important when it comes to displaying figures. But for the person who is looking for something cheap, and doesn’t take up a lot of space it’s a good buy.


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