Figure Review: Mizunashi Akari (Solid Works ver.)

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As many of you know, I am an avid ARIA fan. Having saw a 1/6 scale version of Akari many months ago I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. So far from what I’ve seen of Solid Works releases, e.g Tendokyu Shana and the Kagihime pair, I have been quite pleased. But how does Solid Works far with Mizunashi Akari from ARIA? Read on to see!

It’s been close to nearly a month and half since this arrived at my doorstep and there is good reasoning behind that. Mainly I wanted to use a harbour as a background, but with the job hunting, slaving away at my current work, and living too far away from the city it didn’t make this easy. But alas I finally have it done and I am quite pleased with the results.

As you can see, Akari is indeed a large figure, a 1/6 scale to be exact. Her pose is somewhat relaxed and patient, but still feminine with arms behind her back and hip slightly slanted. Originally she came with a large round base, made to look like a wooden deck, in which she was attached firmly with screws. But due to the nature of her pose, she can stand on her own quite nicely.

The detail on her hair has been done well as we can see the separate partings along the fringe and along her twintails. By far the only fault is the the seamlines along the sleeves as you can notice in the pictures.

The paintwork on Akari looks a little rough only around the blue stripes of the uniform, but they are only noticeable upon a close inspection. From a normal viewing point it looks fabulous, especially with the slight tint of blue around the uniform.

The oar is an addition accessory which can be removed. Though there is one slight problem I have with it. The middle blue bit is made of rubber. So with the weight of the pole or paddle end, depending on how you attach the oar, it will bend. This is easily noticeable even from a normal viewing point. Aria-shachou is also an accessory, and this makes this one my 5th one!

Akari is the main character from ARIA and happens to be my most favourite character. As surprised to finally receive it in the mail, I was also surprised by one major flaw in this figure, and that is the face. The is just all wrong, especially the eyes and mouth. The eyes just don’t have that glister that Akari has and she is smiling too much that makes her almost look like she is wearing lipstick.

Shikanaru (the sculptor) seemed to have tried to capture the essence of ARIA, but I think due to the fact of making it a 1/6 scale, it loses that overall feeling. Though from what I’ve seen of 1/6 scale figures, it proves to be rather hard to make the face look right. So in a way, I’m kind of swaying between liking and disliking this figure. The quality of this figure is great, except for a few seams on the sleeves, but it’s just the face that turns me off from this figure.

In short, this is a good figure, but I feel that it can do better than this. But by making this a 1/6 scale they lost that edge in making this something good, even if it is a simple figure. Also the price for this though is a bit high, but affordable. Any higher and I would question if I would actually purchase it.

Product: Mizunashi Akari (sculptor’s original cast here)
Produced by: Solid Works
Sculptor: Shikanaru
Scale: 1/6
Material: PVC
Release Date: October 2006
Price: ¥6980
Available: HLJ (backordered at time of posting)

Photography Notes:

Now I spent a LOOOOOONG time trying to get the photos for this how I wanted them. The first time I was at a beach my battery died, the second time they all turned out too dark and out of focus. The Sunday just past I tried out again but I went during the middle of the day, proving to be too bright, but on Thursday I went around the afternoon, armed with a lens hood that arrived the day before and they turned out just how I wanted them.

The idea I thought was a harbour or ocean type background, but of course I chose the harbour. On the Thursday, it was both cloudy and sunny, so at random times I would get pure sunlight or a cloud covers the sunlight. Now of course doing this photography shoot in the middle of the most busiest harbours in Sydney didn’t exactly go by quietly. Now I’m not sure it goes in Singapore, but here in Sydney Darling Harbour, I had millions of eyes upon me. But not only that, I had people watch me for minutes seeing what I was doing, heck even people who came up and talked to me (more on this in another post). But at this point I don’t give a rats ass about other people around me when doing photography.

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super rats

December 23rd, 2006 at 1:51 am

This is your best figure shoot to date. Good location for this. One benefit of this being a LARGE 1/6 is the planks on the pier don’t totally overwhelm the composition. The grooves on those planks would likely swallow up the typical 1/8 figure.

I totally agree with you on the faces of this figure series being off, most especially Akari. I have Aika, who comes with two heads, one of them has a good likeness but a bit zombie-like (long hair). The short-haired head has an engaging expression, but the likeness is off.

I mainly wanted Alicia, but ordered Aika too since they were both available for pre-order at the time. Akari was backordered, so I never got around to ordering her, but I really think her face is bad on this figure.


tj han

December 23rd, 2006 at 6:50 am

Hmm these are not bad. You know what? I realise climate plays a big part. In Singapore, the sky is cloudy 90% of the time so the clouds act as a natural diffuser for the sunlight, resulting in soft yet bright lighting that doesn’t leave harsh shadows. But as we all know, Australia with their famed ozone hole and dry climate, barely has a hint of cloud. Which means very bright sun.

The plus side is that you get to do sky shots, since your sky is blue. For us, our sky is always white and hence overexposed.

Btw this figure has an awful face.

And I think we have the same indoor lighting haha. But the IKEA 20W is far too yellow to be used for our purpose.


fisherman horizon

December 23rd, 2006 at 11:29 pm

I remember that u said u ordered it and I wonder why it’s been so long until you post it. Now i know why. Nice photoshot with the harbour in place.

I like Akari too, but I decided not to get it because of the face as well. Also because i prefer 1/8 figure but the 1/6 figure is too tempting for me to miss it. Wonder how it would look when I place the 1/6 figure among the 1/8. :P



December 24th, 2006 at 12:47 am

super rats: A good location, but at a price of being watched like an animal in the general public. Though I’m not sure upon myself to see if this is my best phot shoot so far. I tend to like all my photographs but this one just took the cake in terms of planning and time. Not to mention sitting in the sun on a summer day I’m surprised I’m not sun burnt.

tj han: Trust me, I was hoping it was a bit more cloudy as sitting in the sun during an Australian summer is not something you want to do. But since I was doing this in direct sunlight, the use of a lens hood helped in a way to reduce the amount of refracting light from varied angles.

fisherman horizon: Having a 1/6 next to a 1/8 is almost like a David and Goliath comparison. The only thing about 1/6 is that the detail can start declining, not in terms of quality, but the feeling you get of the character (if that makes any sense).


fisherman horizon

December 24th, 2006 at 1:52 am

yeah, that’s what i fear too. 1/6 Alice beside 1/8 belldandy and 1/8 lacus… that’s a big contrast..:P


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August 14th, 2009 at 2:04 am

Hello, I’m blogger, Noel.
Your pictures are beautiful..!
And Akari Mizunashi is my favorite character! moe moe ^-^//
I writing about figure. So, I want use some of images in this article.
Can I do that..? I’ll make a link to this post. please~ ^^;

Noel’s last blog post..바톤포스팅 받아버렸어요!



August 14th, 2009 at 8:57 am

Noel: You may use the images from my blog post, but you credit that it is my work and make a link back to the post.

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