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Karen and Tatsuya are heading towards the Moon, but come across a patrol group. But Karen simply flies off ahead of them before they could be apprehended. Flying by above the colonies, Tatsuya and Karen talk about their impressions of seeing the Moon and Earth for the first time.

In the Royal Palace, Jurgen and Lyones are with other royalty faculty members discussing about the relation of them with the Earth and the situation about Feena. But a soldier comes in to report that Karen’s ship passed the patrol group and is making her way to the Moon. So Jurgen orders the army to fire upon her ship. Over at Karen’s ship, her radar picks up hostiles and is suddenly fired upon. She easily dodges them and is about to return fire, but Tatsuya stops her as he doesn’t want to cause a conflict. Feena notices the explosions and looks outside the window, only to recognise Karen’s ship, and realises that Tatsuya is with her. But all she does is stand there blaming herself, with Mia behind, staring with a serious face.

With the public aware of the explosions, the army cannot hit Karen’s ship and are resorting to lasers, but as they were about to fire, a docking bay is opened, which happened to be opened by Mia. Once out of his spacesuit, Karen gives Tatsuya a sword for protection, but she assures him that it’s only a kendo practice sword, but are soon spotted by guards, with Wreathlit watching form above.

Meanwhile back in the royal palace, the faculty are now aware of Karen’s entrance into the Moon along with an Earthling. Jurgen is telling the King that the agreements with Earth are in progress, but in fact he has sent a fleet to attack the Earth. After their meeting, Jurgen finds out that Mia was the one who let Karen in. Back on Earth, a news announcement is made about the approaching fleet and the cause of this is Feena’s home stay. This causes a commotion amongst the students and neighbourhood demanding to know what has happened.

Jurgen has captured Mia and takes her to Feena’s room, who informs her that Mia is the one that opened the dock doors. Since Mia has disobeyed orders, he asks Feena for a suitable punishment. Though Mia cries out to Feena to pull herself together and reminds her that she and Tatsuya have promised to be together, yet Feena is not doing anything. Jurgen is angry and yaks Mia away from Feena, hanging her by the arm. But Feena tells him to stop. Making her stand, Jurgen leaves angry and locks the door. Mia questions Feena on what they should do, but Feena calls out to Takano, who happens to be hiding in the ceiling with his assistant. Feena explains to Takano that she has to meet her father with Tatsuya for the sake of peace, and it presented with a sword. Feena uses this sword to cut the door into 4 pieces and heads out to find Tatsuya.

Karen and Tatsuya are still searching for Feena, but happen to run into some guards. Karen however steps forward to warm-up, and ends up beating up the guards, except for one which is behind Tatsuya, but he defeats him with the sword. Jurgen announces to the King that he has sent a fleet to attack Earth, and back at Earth, Sayaka reports to the President that the fleet is coming. Tatsuya and Feena end up finding each other, and with him pinching her nose. Tatsuya says to Feena that he finally gets to meet her, fulling his promise. With tears in her eyes, the two hug each other. Meanwhile, the Moon Fleet and Earth Fleet are in the midst of preparing for battle, with Tatsuya and Feena standing at the doorway of the throne room holding hands. Feena asks Tatsuya to not let go of her hand and Tatsuya says the same, each saying that they have each other; the two proceed to enter the throne room.



I can honestly say this is probably the most enjoyable episode out of the entire series. Heck the animation has even improved, except for the occasional explosions and minor characters, or it could be my eyes deceiving me due to the high resolution version.

Here finally see some action, with Tatsuya determined to find Feena, though Feena needed a good smacking from Mia to come to her senses. It was actually rather awesome to see some of the characters act differently to how they usually do, especially after Mia’s little spurt. But it just shows that everyone is supporting the couple through all this and that they only wish for happiness. With this anime full of clichés, I found myself cursing at the screen when Tatsuya decides to pinch Feena’s nose first. But I suppose it was the only way for him to say he kept his promise.

Although this episode has more action and better animation quality, it still doesn’t redeem itself overall for the series. When Feena was presented with the sword, I was hoping for a full pan of it as it is a really cool looking sword. Thus with next week being the last episode and seeing from the preview, Tatsuya gets shot/stabbed/injured in some way, the power of love saves him from near death, and everyone lives happily ever after. Also I’m expecting a kiss at the end as well.

On a side note, Karen kicks ASS!

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December 15th, 2006 at 10:46 pm

hehe a good episode? doesnt sound that bad…


tatsuya fan

December 19th, 2006 at 7:03 pm



tatsuya fan

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December 19th, 2006 at 10:41 pm

@ tatsuya fan: under no circumstances will I upload or provide a link to any form of multimedia with the exception of pictures. If you want to watch this, just find a torrent on Tokyo Toshokan.



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