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With Tatsuya injured, Feena has decided to return to the Sphere Kingdom to talk to her Father about Karen’s imprisonment. Arriving back at the palace, she is greeted by Jurgen who tries to detour Feena into a salon, but Feena says that the matter does not concern him, which makes Jurgen back off.

Confronting her Father about Karen, Feena notices that her Father knows nothing of Karen’s imprisonment. Lyones asks her why she has chosen an Earthling as her partner, but also a commoner. But Feena tells him that regardless, her partner is Asagiri Tatsuya and that will not change. This surprises her father as he remembers Cephilia saying the exact thing. With that Feena states that she loves Tatsuya. Though her father thinks otherwise noting that her love will only bring pain, as he shows Feena a scar that he bears on his right shoulder. Feena is shocked to see this scar and her father explains how he received it and how her mother died.

Afterwards, Feena’s father is watching videos of Feena and notes how she and Cephilia are similar. He remembers back to the time when he and Cephilia were sparring in kendo. Defeating her, but he didn’t realise it was Cephilia until she took off her helmet. Afterwards in the hallway, Cephilia spots Lyones and calls out to him, but as Lyones was about to wave back, he decides not to and walks off. Out in courtyard, Cephilia has climbed up. She spots Lyones and calls out to him, with Lyones shocked to see her up there. But a branch breaks and Cephilia starts falling, only to be caught by Lyones. With the two staring at each other and blushing, Lyones puts Cephilia down, tells her that it was dangerous and takes his leave. Whilst walking off, Takano stops him and shows him something good, which ended up being Cephilia in the bath.

Later that night. A cinema is showing Cephilia’s holiday video, produced by Takano, and Lyones is inside watching. It just so happens that Chiharu is also inside and ends up talking with Lyones. Chiharu can tell that Lyones has feelings for Cephilia, but Lyones won’t take a step forward as they are too different. But Chiharu sees that as nothing and thinks that Lyones should just take her hand and never give up. Next day at school, Lyones approaches Cephilia, who is surround by a bunch of guys, takes Cephilia’s hand and the two run off, passing by Chiharu who is sitting above in a tree. Returning back to the present, Lyones realises it was Chiharu that pushed him forward. But then, Jurgen comes in to announce that Karen has broken free and is making her way to Earth.

Mia is staring out to the Earth and remembers a conversation she had earlier with Karen. Back with Lyones and Jurgen, Lyones allows Jurgen to use whatever methods to get Karen back. At the Earth Embassy, Sayaka and the President are discussing about the current situation with other Earth representatives. Over at the Asagiri house, Natsuki and Mai check on how Tatsuya is doing. Sitting there alone, Natsuki tells him that everyone is worried, including Feena. Tatsuya knows this, but he is angry how Feena returned to the moon without him, especially after they promised each other that they’ll go through everything together. He also knows that he can’t help Feena all that much, but then Karen suddenly appears at the door and agrees. Karen says that Tatsuya is indeed weak, but so is Feena, but the two of them together they are one being and are strong, and she confirmed this when she tested them. With that, Karen wants Tatsuya to accompany her, and Tatsuya agrees, since he wants to protect the promise that he made with Feena. Mai tells Tatsuya that she knows she can’t stop him once he made up his mind, but she wants him to come back safely, Natsuki adds in with Feena as well, and the two start crying. Tatsuya, pinching their noses, assures them that he will and they have to make sure am engagement party is ready when they return. So with that, Tatsuya says goodbye to everyone, and heads off to the Moon with Karen.



I can honestly say, I actually enjoyed this episode a bit. We get to see more of Cephilia and we see how Feena and Cephilia are quite similar. Although the situation with Cephilia and Lyones is exactly like Feena and Tatsuya’s situation, it makes me wonder if this is what Wreathlit/Fiacca are trying to prevent. I do recall a few episodes back that Fiacca mntioned that they can’t have another situation like this so this is only speculation. But it was nice to see a back story of Cephilia and Lyones, as until now we didn’t get much information about Feena’s mother. What was really interesting was to see Chiharu make an appearance, but at least this reinforces what Mai and Tatsuya said about their father in episode 4.

So now Tatsuya and Feena are once again separated. That is rather annoying, but I suppose it allows to fill in a gap from now and until the end. Though the way I see it now is that their main obstacle is Jurgen, as I can see Lyones accepting Feena and Tatsuya’s relationship. I do hope for something rather dramatic, but I seriously doubt that it will happen, and I bet it will be something anti-climatic.

Animation wise….well lets just say that I don’t care anymore. It tends to be good and bad at random times so there isn’t any point in pointing it out. I suppose the only thing making me hanging onto this show is the story, but even still that is very weak. Also to note, the board here spells Sefirias, I’m going to stick with Cephilia as I see this as engrish spelling. So with that, Feena fanservice FTW and only 2 more episodes to go!

Also I’ve given a try at doing a panning shot of Karen. First time in doing so and took like 3 minutes to slap together, but you can notice the lines.

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Jezreel Malpica Anduce

December 9th, 2006 at 6:12 pm

thanks for the reviews that you wrote, and I Like the images that you put in your web, I need see this episode and I will wait the next reviews from you
thanks and I see you later



December 12th, 2006 at 8:34 pm

To avoid the lines in a panning shot it helps to overlap the single shots and merge them. Took me four shots and a littel bit more work, but took me not more than 5 minutes.



December 14th, 2006 at 1:20 pm

I did a Karen too! :-P

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