Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro Na ~Crescent Love~ – 09

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Feena and Tatsuya are preparing breakfast for everyone. Mai and Mia are watching with Mia saying that they’ll hopefully be looking after her in the future, which makes Mai imagine Feena and Tatsuya being all lovey-dovey.

During school, Midori comments on how Feena has been more pretty lately, but not in a sense of a princess but more like she has levelled up. Natsuki was about to say that is because she has a partner but Feena stops her form mentioning anymore. Midori thinks that she must have a person from the Moon, but Feena says that there are good men on Earth, but Natsuki stops her from mentioning Tatsuya’s name.

Tatsuya is off to meet Feena for a date, whilst Feena is waiting in the park. Takano is hiding in the bushes recording everything, but his assistant suggests they leave the two alone. Tatsuya finds Feena waiting at the bench, but fails to surprise her from behind. Although she seems a bit concerned mainly because she loves Tatsuya but she feels in pain if she isn’t with him, and Tatsuya feels the same.

In the Sphere Kingdom, Karen is reporting to the King about Feena and Tatsuya’s relationship, but the King doesn’t approve of this since Jurgen is Feena’s fiancé. Jurgen happens to overhear the conversation and enquires about Feena to Karen. Karen gives her answer and takes her leave. As Karen is walking down the hall, she is stopped by some Royal Guards and is taken into custody under the orders of Jurgen. Back at Earth, Wreathlit is watching over Feena and Tatsuya.

Sitting in the park, Feena finds the autumn leaves to be pretty, but also sad. But Tatsuya says that winter comes after autumn, which reminds the two of the time they met. Tatsuya notices that Feena isn’t wearing her pendant. Feena explains that since she is still making a decision she won’t wear it until she is married. The two look at each other leaning into kiss each other, but are interrupted by Wreathlit. Wondering about where she disappeared to last time, Wreathlit fires off an energy ball but Feena knocks Tatsuya onto the ground. With an aura of light, Wreathlit changes costume and is talking with dual voices. She explains that she has been watching the two and cannot allow their relationship to go any further and that this is their last chance to stop. Tatsuya says that is impossible, so Wreathlit uses her powers to shoot debris towards Tatsuya, but Tatsuya manages to barely dodge them. Feena is about to help Tatsuya, but Wreathlit tells her to stop as she doesn’t want to hurt her, and that once she gets rid of Tatsuya her mission is complete. But Feena won’t accept this so her and Tatsuya escape.

Trudging through the forest, Feena suspects Wreathlit to be an assassin sent from the Sphere Kingdom. But Feena spots a bunch of leaves aiming for Tatsuya. But as she was about to protect him, Tatsuya ends up protecting Feena instead, taking the attacks from the flying leaves. Tatsuya tells Feena to leave him, but Feena won’t as she wants them to stay together. Arriving at another part of the park, the two collapse and Tatsuya sees how exhausted Feena is. Tatsuya calls out for Wreathlit asking her why she is doing such a thing. She appears but she reveals that she is not Wreathlit, but Fiacca who is using Wreathlit’s body. Fiacca tells them of the war between the Earth and the Moon and that she will never forget of such a thing. But with the relationship of Feena and Tatsuya, she wants to prevent a war breaking out again, and with that start attacking them again. Feena answers back that she believes that as long as the Earth and Moon understand each other then there won’t be a break out of war.

Fiacca stops her attack, but instead raises a power cable from underground and smashes it into Tatsuya, knocking him out, but then ties Feena up. With Feena crying out for Fiacca to stop, she approaches Tatsuya, her hand produces a glowing dagger ready to strike Tatsuya. But then Wreathlit tells Fiacca to stop saying that she’ll create another sad memory. So Wreathlit asks if she can observe the two just a little longer. Although Fiacca’s decision won’t change and she strikes Tatsuya, but only to miss his head. She admires their courage and releases Feena from her binds. Feena rushes over to check on Tatsuya. Fiacca mentions that Karen has been imprisoned. Hearing this Feena asks if it was their fault and Fiacca nods, but reminding them of the war that could break out. With that, Fiacca walks off, but changes back to Wreathlit. Wreathlit turns around with tears in her eyes, apologises, and then walks off. Feena realises the danger they are now in and is determined to end everything.



Ok so I really didn’t get all the conversation bits, but this whole series is has all the usual clichés so it isn’t really that hard to follow. But now the story is moving along at a faster rate, now that the King knows of Karen’s siding with Feena, and her imprisonment. But now that Karen is locked away, we’ll probably see Jurgen have some kind of plan to stop Feena and Tatsuya’s relationship.

This time we have Wreathlit/Fiacca as an obstacle for the love birds, and this is way better than the one with Karen. Also we finally get to see Wreathlit’s powers though I’m sure she can do more than just levitate items. Though I find it rather surprising of how Fiacca pulled back and agreed to Wreathlit’s suggestion. Although her main role is over, she will come back in the next few episodes to keep watch, but I think towards the end she will end up helping Feena and Tatsuya. Also shoot me now as I really do like Wreathlit probably more so than Feena. Such a cute little goth lolita. Probably due to her not having much screen time as opposed to Feena.

Animation this week is surprisingly good. Although there were times when you just notice it quite clearly as discovered by Hinano. But despite these flaws I found it enjoyable none the less. I just hope they stay solid for the next few episodes as things should start to heat up a bit. Also hoorah for Feena in casual clothing for once. Gets rather boring seeing her wear the dress everywhere.

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December 1st, 2006 at 3:46 am

It wasn’t surprisingly good, it was unsurprisingly horrendous XDXDXD

Next week’s looks to be of improvement though.


Jezreel Malpica Anduce

December 3rd, 2006 at 4:35 pm

me gustó la serie, espero que los continuen con los reviews.

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