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Picking up from Tatsuya confessed to Feena, Feena is surprised and says that she also feels the same with Tatsuya, but doesn’t say it exactly. Tatsuya knows it’s not easy for a Princess to say those words and simply says he wants to be with her and wants to find out more about himself.

At the embassy, the pair are discussing the situation with Karen, but Karen doesn’t approve due to the complicated relationship between the Sphere Kingdom and Earth. Tatsuya agrees, but states that as long as Feena is by his side they can overcome these complications. Thus Karen wants to test Tatsuya with him having a kendo match against Feena in one week’s time. Back at the Asagiri house, Tatsuya has explained the situation to Sayaka and Mai, both who will support him in his decision. Feena is in her room, asking her mother is this the decisions that she has to make.

Next day Tatsuya is practicing kendo, but Natsuki feels that she done something unnecessary. Tatsuya doesn’t believe so and wants to thank for her what she did. Feena emerges from her room and the two decide to have a spar. Tatsuya tries to hit Feena but she simply dodges all his attacks. Tatsuya has his back to Feena, but Feena doesn’t strike him. Tatsuya is angry that Feena didn’t attack him saying that she isn’t taking this seriously. Takano turns up and we find that he is the trainer for the royal troops, so Tatsuya decides to train with him.

At school, Midori wants to find out what is going on since Tatsuya is absent, and everyone is acting odd. But Natsuki decides not to tell her. The next day, Feena talks to Natsuki about how she brought along trouble for everyone thinking that she hesitated and should have stayed doing her duties as a princess. Though Natsuki thinks its okay to hesitate and that Tatsuya decided this for himself as well.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya is training in the mountains with Takano. Takano questions if Feena will become serious and if there will be happiness in the end. Tatsuya replies that Feena will be serious and they will be happy as he believes in Feena. Back home, Feena thinks that she brought trouble to Mia as well, but Mia says that as long as Feena doesn’t regret it, she is happy. At school, Midori shows Feena a manga, hoping to cheer her up. Midori explains that as long as she and Tatsuya are happy, everyone is happy, and all the classmates gather around, which Feena thanks them all.

Over at the Earth embassy, Feena is talking with the President thinking she gave her trouble as well. The President doesn’t think so and that she and everyone hopes that the two will be happy. Over at Trattoria Samon, Mai and Mia are filling in for Tatsuya and Feena. Everyone is discussing about Tatsuya, though Jin questions if Tatsuya can really do it, which earns him a smack from Natsuki. But Jin makes up for it saying that the pair will pull through, which surprises everyone, but still earns him a smack from Natsuki.

At the Moon Embassy, Feena is thinking about everyone who is supporting them. Karen comes in to announce that the match date is the last day at midnight. On the day of the match, Tatsuya returns and the two prepare to fight. With Karen as the referee, the match begins. The two are at it, with Tatsuya going for a direct hit, but Feena dodges and gets behind him, but this time striking him, making her the winner. Karen then asks the two if they have given up, but they answer that they haven’t, as it is for their love and dreams, and to repay everyone for their support. Karen at that point accepts Tatsuya as Feena’s partner as she was testing their will, rather than see who was stronger.

Feena and Tatsuya are looking out to the rising sun whilst holding hands. The two were just about to kiss, but they got interrupted as a noise came from where everyone was watching. After everyone left, Feena tells Tatsuya that she remembered what she wanted to tell him. That is she wanted to be by his side and she confesses that she loves Tatsuya. From above, Wreathlit is watching the pair, with Fiacca saying that their relationship cannot go on.



Well this whole episode just goes over everyone supporting the two lovers, so it really wasn’t a very enjoyable episode. But I suppose the first obstacle they had to overcome was Karen’s approval. With the whole kendo match, it was very cliché for her to win and that Karen was testing their willpower. Though it was very nice to see Tatsuya is backing up what he told Feena last episode is being serious in being her partner and to endure the hardships to come.

Feena though, being hesitate about the whole situation has matured and has also became serious, and FINALLY Feena also confesses her feelings to Tatsuya. I was wondering when that was going to happen. Also the kiss at the end was VERY cliché. But I do find it rather early for them to kiss just yet. Also with Wreathlit still a part of the story, I get a feeling that she will do something that will strengthen really test and strengthen the bond between Tatsuya and Feena.

Animation this week is still crappy in parts, but looking at the preview it looks to pick up quite a bit. I really hope that it stays that way till the end of the series as I can see that YoakeNa is getting to the more dramatic parts, HOPEFULLY. Also the ending theme was released this week and I’m listening to it quite often as I find it a rather nice and soothing song.

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Jezreel Malpica Anduce

November 26th, 2006 at 7:01 am

I like of TatsuyaxFeena, great couple, I hope more reviews of this series.

greetings from Mexico



November 28th, 2006 at 11:56 pm

I doubt this show is gonna get any better..

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