Kanon – 08 (this week is an Ayu pencilboard)

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After Nayuki leaves early for morning practice, Yuuichi and Makoto discuss what they should do with the cat. Yuuichi suggests that Makoto asks Akiko, knowing that she’ll give a one second response. And of course she approves instantly, but reminds them about Nayuki’s allergy. Then they decided to think up a name for the cat. Makoto didn’t like Yuuichi’s suggestions, but eventually decided with Piroshiki, but Piro for short. Yuuichi implies that there is no meaning behind it. Although Akiko knows that Piroshiki is a Russian meat bun, but Yuuichi says that it doesn’t matter since Makoto likes it.

Makoto decides to take Piro with her to her nursery job. Though Yuuichi questions this due to the incident at the bridge, but Makoto says that wasn’t on purpose, plus she feels that Piro helped her after she lost her memory. Walking along, Makoto starts a conversation about why nikumans are tasty, though Yuuichi is weirded out by the question. Makoto suggests that he should say “Yeah, its good”, which he does with sparkles around him. But he finds the act gross.

At school, Yuuichi finds Mai and tells her that he found Makoto. He questions her if she knows anything about Makoto, but she answers with the same line – she doesn’t know. Yuuichi keeps asking her questions about Makoto, but Mai says that she can’t do anything, but then Amano Mishio walks past and Mai says that she might be able to do something. Even during lunch Mai doesn’t say anything more.

After school has ended, Yuuichi spots Makoto waiting at the school gates wondering what she is doing. Then Mishio, who is standing behind Yuuichi, informs him that she is waiting for him. Mishio asks for her name, which Yuuichi tells her that it’s Sawatari Makoto. But then Yuuichi has a flashback to when he was telling someone that their name was Sawatari Makoto. When Yuuichi returns to his senses, Mishio is already gone.

Yuuichi goes out and meets Makoto, though on the way home she tells him that the people at the nursery weren’t happy that she brought Piro. So to cheer her up, Yuuichi decides to buy her a nikuman. Back at home, Makoto barges into Yuuichi’s room, which he is doing homework, wanting to show him something cute. That something is Piro drinking milk, but Yuuichi is unimpressed. Later Makoto barges into his room again informing him that Piro is sick. After cleaning up the mess, Yuuichi looks up at the clock and sees that he won’t be seeing Mai tonight, and it reminds him of her words of being nice to her. Yuuichi warns Makoto to be a bit more careful. Watching Makoto and Piro sleep, Yuuichi thinks to himself that he knows a girl by the name of Sawatari Makoto, but it’s not the girl in front of him. That name belongs to an older girl that he admired when he was a child, but no one should know that name except for one person.

The next morning, Piro is eating and appears to find, much to the relief of Makoto. On the way to work, Makoto loses her balance, but she blames it on not getting enough sleep last night. At school, Yuuichi meets with Mishio, and the two have a proper introduction. Yuuichi asks if she can become friends with Makoto, but Mishio refuses and knows that Makoto has lost her memories. Yuuichi feels that Mishio knows something about Makoto, but Mishio denies this. Mishio states that if anyone knows Makoto, it would be Yuuichi. She thinks that it would’ve been in the past, but at that time she was… Yuuichi however stops Mishio from saying anymore.

After school, Makoto is waiting for Yuuichi at the school gates again. This time she remembers something from her past and the two go upto Monomi Hills. Walking into a part of the forest, Yuuichi realises that this is the place that he left her. But Makoto hits Yuuichi in the chest explaining that she felt mad all of a sudden. Snow started falling, so Yuuichi suggests they go home and he’ll buy her a nikuman, but Makoto trips just as they were leaving. Going around town, the two end up talking about random things and having fun.

Arriving home, they are greeted by Nayuki. Makoto heads inside but Nayuki tells Yuuichi that he is being carefree and that Akiko has been trying to find Makoto’s parents, but with no luck. Though Piro walks up next to Nayuki, but she then starts petting her. Later that night, Makoto barges into Yuuichi’s room, wanting to make paper airplanes with him, but Yuuichi refuses to. Soon after, after knocking on the door, Makoto wants to read manga with Yuuichi. This time he agrees since Makoto doesn’t seem to be able to read certain words. So lying on the bed, Yuuichi reads out the manga to Makoto.

During dinner, we see Makoto drop her chopsticks. This being the third time, she blames it on her hand not working and that she is probably tired. Later that night when Yuuichi is asleep, Makoto wakes him up asking if he knows where Piro is. Just so happens that Piro is sleeping in Yuuichi’s bed, so Makoto joins them. As Yuuichi is about to move to Makoto’s bed, Makoto has a hold on his shirt implying that she doesn’t want him to go. Unable to sleep, Yuuichi hears Makoto talking in her sleep about staying with someone forever. Yuuichi feels that he is in a long dream and remembers 10 years ago that he was looking after a kitsune and told it about the girl named Sawatari Makoto.

The next morning, Yuuichi asks if Makoto still wants to take revenge on him, but Makoto says that she doesn’t feel like it lately. So Yuuichi teases Makoto about being cute. Later at school, Yuuichi meets with Mishio again. This time she tells him that Makoto isn’t human and that she came only to meet him. Mishio explains that Yuuichi is in the middle of a miracle, one that Makoto has exchanged her life for. Two sacrifices had to be made for this miracle to happen, and they are the person’s memory, and their life. Although Makoto doesn’t know it herself, her health will deteriorate and it will become harder for her to act as a human. Mishio points out that the more attached he is to her, the more painful the parting will be. But she also states not to involve her in this anymore.



When I saw that part of Yuuichi with the sparkles, I just laughed my head off. KyoAni have done an excellent job with Kanon so far and I don’t think we’ll see it turn out bad at all. But of course Sugita Tomokazu adds to the awesomness of it.

So Makoto’s identity is finally revealed. By now you can tell that Makoto is the kitsune that Yuuichi helped 10 years ago. But at this point, the reason why Makoto wants revenge on Yuuichi is still unknown, though I’m sure this will be revealed in next week’s episode. But not only that, we also see signs that Makoto is indeed losing her strength and is starting to lose her abilities as a human.

Also from what I’ve seen, Mishio has more lines in this creation of Kanon as opposed to Toei’s version. I also like this version of Mishio as she seems more aggressive than Toei’s version, especially come the part at the end of not involving her anymore. Again I find it very peculiar how Mai knew about Mishio.

Next week could be the end of the Makoto arc. But it makes me wonder how the absence of Makoto will affect the rest of the series. In the Toei version, Makoto’s arc was the 3rd to finish. So it’ll be a shame that we won’t be hearing “Auuu~~” when the arc finishes.

Kanon Merchandise of the Week

This week’s feature is a Tsukimiya Ayu pencilboard. A pencilboard is similar to that of a clearfile. You use it as a hard surface to write on in your notebook so you don’t leave marks on the pages behind it. I actually don’t remember when I bought this. Most likely at a convention 3 years ago but I don’t remember which one. One nice thing about pencilboards is that you don’t have to use them as pencilboards. Assuming you keep the the plastic bag, you can hang them on your wall.

Front Side

Back Side

These aren’t really that rare and aren’t that expensive either. Just search around on eBay and you’re bound to find some now and then.

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November 26th, 2006 at 11:14 pm

I’d say she wants revenge because Yuuichi abandoned her when he moved out of town.

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