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Feena’s father is looking through videos of Feena but is interrupted when he receives a call from Feena herself. The two end up talking about Feena’s home stay and about Feena’s mother.

Over dinner, Tatsuya and Feena find it hard to talk to each other. Feena tells the others that she won’t be attending school for a few days as she has duties to attend to. Mia is to be left to stay at the Asagiri house so Mia suggests that she take the mug that Tatsuya bought her. Though Feena says it’s unnecessary to take it along. Mai says that it will be lonely without her, but Tatsuya says that she’s the Moon Princess and can return to the Moon anytime.

The next morning, Tatsuya walks in the dining room for dinner, but Mia informs him that Sayaka and Feena have left already. At school, Tatsuya tells his teacher that he forgot his report on the moon. Midori finds it odd but inquires Natsuki if it has something to do with Feena, but she is sent out the hall by the teacher as she forgot her textbook.

Later that night, Tatsuya apologises to Samon and returns home. Jin wonders what is wrong with Tatsuya as he was not himself, but Samon suggests they leave him be as they are his problems to deal with. Floating above, Wreathlit is watching Tatsuya and Fiacca says that this is going smoothly.

Over at the Moon Embassy, Feena is given a cup of tea and thanks Tatsuya, but to turn around and realise that it is Karen. Karen says that Tatsuya has always supported Feena and Feena agrees since he has always been by her side. With Karen taking her leave, Feena talks to herself by giving a statement of her as a princess.

Over the next few days we see everyone in during their various activities. Eventually we come to Feena and the President talking so Karen and Sayaka go out for a break. Karen apologises to Sayaka about Tatsuya, but Sayaka says that they aren’t wrong and that she believes in Tatsuya.

Later on Natsuki is asking about Feena since she hasn’t gone to school for a few days, but Tatsuya says that she has her duties as a Princess. Feena then returns home but bumps into Tatsuya and Natsuki as she wants a change of clothes, so Natsuki leaves the two alone. Entering the house, they find a pair of boots belonging to a guest. Entering the living room, they find that Feena’s fiancé has paid them a visit. Mai enters carrying tea but accidentally spills some on his clothes. Whilst cleaning up, she is imagining the punishment that they will receive, but instead he smiles to her and asks if she is alright. Wiping his clothes, Tatsuya notices the disgusted face he makes. Feena asks what he is doing here but he simply replies that he is there to check up on his future wife. After greeting with Tatsuya, he takes his leave.

Later that night, Feena is practicing her kendo when her fiancé appears and wants to spar with her. Feena attacks first and swiftly but only to be easily defeated. He tells her to stop her plans for a peaceful co-existence with Earth and let him protect her. He then walks out, leaving Feena sobering with Karen watching in the background.

Back home, Tatsuya is feeling irritated but then Natsuki is at the window wanting to talk to him about Feena. Tatsuya tells Natsuki that he wanted to meet Feena for a long time but is now feeling irritated. Natsuki explains to him that he is in love with Feena. Realising that his feelings for Feena, Tatsuya runs out, but bumps into Sayaka. Sayaka realises where he is going, but asks him if he is prepared to confront what lies ahead from now, but Tatsuya gives a serious face as a reply.

Over at the Moon Embassy, Tatsuya is talking to Karen, which she then directs him to the park where Feena is. Upon arriving Feena is surprised to see him. Trying to avoid Tatsuya, Tatsuya tells at her not to run away. Although he doesn’t know what kind of pain and sorrow await them, he wants to overcome them together with Feena. At that he confesses his love for her.



So Tatsuya finally confesses his love for Feena. The story is now moving along at a faster pace which is a good thing. From this point I do hope for a bit more drama. But knowing how this is a romance drama I do expect quite a bit. Tatsuya himself is showing himself to be more of a man than before rather than the nose pinching nice guy that he is.

Animation this week was great….until the second half. The faces are just out of proportion, but it does slightly pick up again towards the end. I don’t know what possessed the producers to bring back the crappy drawing style, unless they figured out that they blew the budget on the first half of the show or something. But at least it isn’t as bad as episode 3. If it was I would have bloody knuckles right now.

Also I couldn’t quite pick up Feena’s fiancé’s name so I’ll wait till the subs come out. As a character, I find him rather annoying, but that’s how it is with the bad guy of any series.

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November 21st, 2006 at 10:07 pm

Does it really take THAT much more money to draw like, slightly better? If you have the time and skill to draw good, why draw bad? Ahh never mind, I’m no animator or anything…



November 21st, 2006 at 10:59 pm

I know what you mean. So far YoakeNa has failed to impress me at all. Though I still watch it as only now has it picked up in terms of story, and to me that’s probably the only thing that is keeping me interested.

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