Sydney International Motor Show 2006 – Part 3

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Final post, enjoy. WARNING:Picture intensive post.


Land Rover











When I saw the Saab stand I thought, bah, there probably isn’t anything interesting. But I walked over anyway since it wouldn’t hurt to look, and OMG thank god I did. The new Saab Concept, called the Aero X was absolutely amazing. Before I took the pictures it had the doors closed, so it didn’t look that great, but once they opened them it was so cool. Shame that I couldn’t get pictures of the doors closed, damn freaking kids running around.

At the Proton stand they had a modded Satria which was rather odd to see at a motor show. Probably goes to show what you can do to a very cheap car. Though Proton own Lotus, it makes me wonder why Proton don’t much such awesome cars like Lotus.

The Toyota stand didn’t have much to offer except for the new Aurion. Now I do occasionally look at family cars since one day I’ll have kids of my own, and from what I saw of it, it looks too much like a Holden Commodore. Well it doesn’t surprise me as they say that this is supposed to be a rival of the Commodores and Falcons. I kind of wished it looked different.

Overall the Motor Show didn’t seem all that spectacular compared to two years ago. Last I went the Koenigsegg was present and that was just pure awesome. But also I think the absence of both Lamborghini and Porsche made Ferrari the big player of the show. I was also hoping that Aston Martin would make an appearance as I really wanted to see the DB9 but they were absent as well. The fact that there weren’t many concept cars this year was also a bit of a let down, and there is probably good reason which may take a long time to rant about. I do hope next year we will see more new exciting stuff.

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November 1st, 2006 at 12:17 pm

That Saab is totally a spaceship car. The most spaceship car of all spaceship cars ever…

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