Supanova Sydney 2006

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The third convention that I have attended in Sydney for 2006 and it is Supanova Sydney. After 4 years of being held at The Wharfs in the Sydney CBD, it has returned to it’s roots of Homebush Bay where it was last held in 2002. But will this move back to it’s birthplace live up to the excellence it has seen at The Wharfs? Well read on to see pictures and my thoughts on Supanova Sydney 2006. WARNING: Picture intensive posts.

The day started off simple. Waking up at an early time of 6:30 a.m for some unknown reason I headed down to Homebush Bay, which is roughly a 40 minute drive from where I live. Upon arriving, at around 9:40 a.m I see a long line for the people who pay on the day. And for me, I joined that queue. Though what surprised me was that they were letting people inside already, even though the convention itself did not start until 10 a.m. Well not that it matters as it means getting inside faster. I think at most I waited was about 10 minutes.

Acquiring a showbag filled with random stuff that I have yet to look at, and probably won’t, I wondered around searching for my fellow JAUWS members table, and I also happen to have found my favourite vendor, Tamarket. After meeting up and helping out for a few minites, I wondered around the Hall taking various photos, checking out the available merchadise that I could buy with my measly $200 AU, and bumping into various friends I found that the hall wasn’t all that big. I managed to walk around the entire area within 10 minutes and return to the JAUWS table.

Thus looking at the Event Guide soon did I realise that the Anime Arena for where the cosplay was to be was held outside the Main Hall roughly 3 minutes walking distance. Thus with fellow JAUWS member Shiori, she lead me to this section as she wanted to walk around a bit as well. Rather annoying that the staging area is not even close to the Main Hall, but once I saw the amphitheatre I can see why they chose to hold it outside the Main Hall. It was the perfect place to hold the cosplay competition.

Heading back to the Main Hall I found that there really wasn’t much to do. So I went around buying stuff for myself, buying stuff for other people and feeling rather exhausted, I met up with more friends and ended up speaking to them for nearly 40 minutes. As time drew closer to 2 p.m, it was time to head back to the Anime Arena for the cosplay competition. Finding a good spot at the back, I set up the tripod, and changed over to the telephoto lens and was ready to roll. But the contest seemed to have started about 20 minutes late. Now onwards to pictures!

I found the cosplay disappointing overall. None were really good at except, except Cosplay Picture 33, which was rather original. Also you can’t count Storm Trooper outfits good cosplay since they are made to look like that, the same with Jedi Knights. Like I thought some of the Star Wars cosplays were excellent, but in terms of competition and creativeness, they are indeed lacking.

But the worst part about standing taking photos was that it was windy and cold, despite warm sunlight only 3 metres away. But one good thing I found about this cosplay competition was that they abolished the whole interview process. So what cosplay contestants do is go up on stage, strut their stuff or do a skit if they want, and walk off. Something that Animania should consider seeing the massive amount of cosplay contestants they have for each day. But like Animania, majority of cosplayers didn’t stand still long enough for people to take good photos. God damn it stand still for at least 12 seconds! But also on the stage, there was a microphone stand in the middle which ruins the photos that I took. But that’s not all. The amount of uneven lighting around the stage caused most of my photos to have different white balances. The right side of the stage had sunlight shiny on the stage floor, the back of the stage was dark, and the left side had mainly the stage lighting.

After cosplay finished, I headed back to the Main Hall, bought more stuff again but since I brought along a figure with me, I thought I’d do some figure photography. Unfortunately alot of them haven’t turned out as well as I thought, so I’ll have to retake them. Such a shame since Olympic Park was such a nice location. So for the rest of the day, I did not much except chat to friends and the owners of Tamarket, and just took random photos. But since my Shiori bought a Meer Campbell figure, I took the opportunity to do some figure photography for her. Some didn’t turn out well but some turned out well. I may post pictures in a separate post. Time for random pictures!

A Fate/Stay Night silk business necktie that Tamarket staff tried to get me to buy.

Some awesome looking paper characters that the SUAnime Club made for display.

A store holder by the name of Tokyo Night Train were giving away posters of Starship Operators, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Shakugan no Shana, and Black Lagoon had these massive posters on their walls. I asked the person at the store if they are selling them Unfortunately not since the three (I didn’t include a picture of the Starship Operators one) massive posters cost them $300 to make and its more of a promo item for them. Damn because I would love that Shana poster as much as my friend Tsutako would like the Black Lagoon one.

An English HSC exam in progress I assume…..oh dear (taken with my camera phone)

Overall Impressions

As a convention I didn’t find it all that enjoyable. But this is probably more to the fact that Supanova is a pop culture convention rather than anime focused. The way that the Main Hall was divided was one side anime related, other side sci-fi related, and right in the middle artists and various clubs. A good layout so you can keep to one side if you like. I did walk around the sci-fi sections but nothing interested me at all. Also I didn’t attend most of the events as like the sci-fi, most did not spark my interests.

Though another annoyance was the uneven lighting not only in the cosplay stage, but also in the Main Hall. With it being a hall, the lighting is fairly high up but also there was sunlight coming from one direction, making one part of the hall well lit, whilst the other side was rather dark. Thus making photography a bit more tricky in terms of white balacing and not having camera shake whilst taking photos in the darker areas. But that was nothing compared to the fire alarm that went off around midday. Of course hearing this beeping sound for over an hour would be enough to make anyone go crazy. Thus as an apology, the convention organisers gave away free bottles of drinks to attendees. Hooray for free stuff!

So has returning to it’s birthplace done Supanova justice? No. I can see that the large amount of space was what they were aiming for but the layout in general was what really annoyed me the most. But another thing is that with the convention being located out in Homebush means that you stay for a few hours and leave, or stay the entire time. You can’t just enter, walk around, exit and come back later. Where back in the city at least you have the option to walk around the city during the convention and come back at a later time. This is probably why I got bored easily as I couldn’t do anything outside the convention let alone inside. But now that Supanova is back in Homebush Bay, I think it will be staying there for quite some time. Also this is only the Saturday. I don’t plan to attend the Sunday as I will be attending the Sydney International Motor Show instead.
On another note, this year MAY be the last year for Supanova for me, and possibly Animania. Why? Simple. I will be in full time work by the time the next convention runs happen. And seeing from my friends situations with work they don’t seem to have much free time these days and I probably expect the same for me.

Wow. After a few hours of writing this, my legs still hurt, as much as my wallet :(

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October 29th, 2006 at 1:12 am

Nice photos, wraps up most of it pretty well :) I went to it mainly to see Marianne de Pierres. The highlight was meeting her personally and it was wonderful! Signed her Parissh Pleiss books for me! :)

Yeah agreed was about 10mins for me as well to check everything out in the hall.

Looking at it all, appears the Supanova committee will need to try and massage the convention values, so that it becomes more engaging/interactive across the whole days. Especially for those not too into the other fields (comics, LOTR, celebrities). They may need more scifi authors for example, in my case there was only one :) Possibly next-gen console games can be done for next year. Would be some hard work I guess. A single day was enough for for me.

Out of the cosplay photos, I like that bioterror solider. Of course I like grim and fearsome dystopian soldiers :) The cosplay platform looks very expansive, lots of natural lighting. Shows a lot of detail out of the players.

Yeah I was also surprised looking at the Blue Lagoon poster at first, no doubt Tsutako wanted it :) I agree it kicks mean ass, reminds me a bit of Motoko Kusanagi.

Again thanks for taking the photo of Marianne and me! :)



October 29th, 2006 at 10:38 am

The Segway Scout Troopers cracked me up.



October 29th, 2006 at 11:30 am

I’ll put this in point form:
- yeah, Segway scout troopers ftw XD
- Awesome distance shots as well, proof that your new shiny camera is made of pwn and win.
- LOL!! Shiori bought a Meer figure?! Is it the boobs and bikini one?
- LOL also at the pic of the JAUWS table featuring neuralPLEX in a blur of activity and also featuring Shiori and Tsutako in a blur of activity *cough*
- You’re right the cosplay was generally several levels below Animania’s, with the exception of the Bleach manga characters. That was good.
- You should have bought the F/SN tie, just for the hell of it
- This looked a whole crapload larger than Animania!! Might consider going next year. Maybe.
- Also, SUAnime papercraft ftw



October 29th, 2006 at 4:18 pm

Thanks for the great review. I was pondering whether I had made a mistake not going but it appears not. :)



October 29th, 2006 at 11:44 pm

They see me roll on
My Segway



October 30th, 2006 at 12:25 pm

Separating the major sections was a good idea for the organisers. But like BDO, all that distance makes the legs cut out pretty quick if you have interests all over the place.



October 30th, 2006 at 1:19 pm

I went on Sunday for a few hours and I found that while there were seminars and screenings, there wasn’t really that much to do so I live at the JAUWS table helping Travis out. The majority of interactive events were comps held by vendor stalls, and even then they were few and far between or had long queues :/. I’m not as big a sci-fi fan as I used to be, so perhaps my view is biased… I would have loved to have seen Summer Glau though I heard she was pretty jetlagged and made to sit for hours signing autographs.

Of the interactive events: I liked that Film magazine (Filmink? Filmzine?) had the spinny wheel thing; I found it amusing that the Pokemon card things were giving away Pokemon season DVDs (>_>); I loved the Garnier Manga Head thing – very original on their part trying to break into a niche-going-mainstream market.

I agree with Adun that the venue didn’t do Supanova justice. The vast space of Olympic Park really only served to make it look like they had a really small crowd, which wasn’t the case. And it’s a shame really, because I think the space had a lot of potential if it had just been rejigged a little. While I understand the use of the ampitheatre, having it in a totally separate building I think didn’t really work. They would have been better off using the full hall, with partition in the middle and thus making stage, etc all in one building.

It was unfortunate too that their venue played up in terms of the siren, and then the next day they had the daylight savings thing which I don’t think worked in anyone’s favour.

I also agree with Adun that when Supanova was at Wharf 8 it had the advantage of giving people the opportunity to have a day out and about, not just at the convention. The nearest activities to Homebush would be a 30min drive to Parramata o_o. Or maybe a picnic at bicentennial park… or more shopping (with whatever money you had left) at DFO lol.

Hum hum… Shiori looked so bored.



October 30th, 2006 at 1:56 pm

They certainly were white and nerdy scout troopers, Retro.

That alarm was set off by helium balloons that Madman were giving away which had hit the ceiling apparently.

I was rather weirded out by the number of women who got their breasts signed by the voice actor at the Cartoon Network stall.

The distance between various sites could have been better handled with more signage and a more thought out program guide. There was a lot of text and then the maps were only of inside the buildings giving the reader no hints on how to find the other places.

I was rather impressed with TNT, Guy, seemed like a pretty cool person with a lot of interesting ideas. I’ll be looking forward to future releases by TNT.

I’m still rather tired and sore from Supanova. Even after more than twice as much sleep than I’ve been having for the last month and a bit.

I have a lot more to say on the matter but I’m not sure if I have the energy to talk about it right now. =/



October 30th, 2006 at 4:15 pm

I swear I wasn’t as bored as I looked, I was SUPER HAPPY. It was the bikini Meer that did it.

I found the venue to be quite unfitting for the entire event, walking between the two sparsely labelled “main buildings” stopped being fun half-way through the first trip. Cosplay was fairly crap on Saturday too, which sucked- I think the two little kids were the best since they actually spoke to me like I was human when I was helping seat them.

Oh I don’t know, I think I’m getting too old and bitter to put up with Storm Troopers on Segways for entire events.

At least I got the Meer- OH YEAH.



October 30th, 2006 at 4:56 pm

Thankyou for taking photos of me as Ed (the one with wig and automail), I didn’t get many so thankyou so much.
Thankyou too for taking pictures of all the other contestants, I didn’t get many as I was in the competition and my friend didnt take many using my camera.
So thankyou so very very much!



October 30th, 2006 at 6:10 pm

hay thx for the nice complements bout my cstume overall dissapointing and that 12 second comment can’t help but feel it was directed at me >.



October 30th, 2006 at 8:20 pm

@ Shiroi: So it WAS the boobs and bikini Meer. As with most other bikini figures I’m tempted but reluctant. Would raise too many questions and I just can’t be f….. um, bothered. yeah…



October 31st, 2006 at 2:14 am

Being a HSC student, I was uncetain whether I’d go to Supanova this year. luckily enough I did, staying for a few hours on Saturday. Enjoyed my day greatly, taking lots of HSC pressure off as I walked around with friends and watched the cosplay parade. Did a few photos aswell, but yours are way better! :)



October 31st, 2006 at 9:40 pm

Nice pics. I’m assuming that your a UWS student? great to see you guys had a stand there, would have loved to see it on the day though. regardlessly it was a great day



October 31st, 2006 at 10:52 pm

Thanks for the replies so far guys. And for those where this was their first Supanova, well I hope you had fun regardless of what I think of it. Remember it’s more important if you had fun.

@Tilak: Indeed I was, but I graduated last semester.



November 1st, 2006 at 7:11 pm

Nice review, and from the cosplay photos, it was certainly much worse than the supernova we went to in brisbane 2 years ago, or down at manifest last year. The shana poster was nice, if the Starship Operators one was anywhere near as good as it, I’d have paid the $300 straight off for it since I’m a fan, especially of scifi anime like that.

I’d probably have bought the FSN silk tie too if I was there.



November 21st, 2006 at 2:59 pm

Looks like you completely missed the point of the Saturday cosplay contest.

You should have gone on the Sunday, where (more) experienced cosplayers competed.

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