Figure Review: Arisugawa Arisu – Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rondo

September 28, 2006 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, Figures, Merchandise

This week has been a busy week, with my Graduation Ceremony, anime watching, working, preparing for Animania and so forth, I finally found some free time to do a figure review. Here she is, Arisugawa Arisu.

Having had watched the Kagihime anime, I actually liked it mearly for the character costume designs as I found them to be quite awesome and cute. Now with one of the two Kagihime figures released I grabbed the opportunity to use my new digital SLR camera and used the backyard to take these photos.

Produced by: Solid Works (sub-branch of Toys Works I think)
Scale: 1/9
Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS
Price: ¥5800
Available: HLJ

It is a very nice figure and has been sculpted extremely well especially amongst the wings, hair and dress. The pose is also quite good as it will complement the Kirihara Kiriha that is to be released sometime at the end of the month. Also since Arisu is made from ATBC-PVC it is rather sturdy so the chances of the figure bending is zero and with the base she is also screwed to the base. Colour wise Arisu is very colourful and she stands out very well. Overall I am very impressed with this Arisu figure and I’m glad I bought it. I give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

Using the digital SLR and going outside makes a hell of a lot of difference. Though living in the suburbs there aren’t many structures I can use as backgrounds. But so far using the backyard I’m impressed by the results. Also keep in note I do not have a macro lens for my SLR and I was surprised that I got some pretty clear photos for close up shots. Though I think I just need more practice in taking shots from particular angles. Oh and taking photos with an SLR commando stlye isn’t easy.

On Tuesday night I did a bit of experimenting of taking pictures inside. Though the results aren’t as good as taking photos out in the backyard but it does show some good effects. Below is a picture I took from the experimenting.

It looks rather nice, but it you can’t see the vibrant colours of her costume as opposed to the pictures above. But the shadow effect was nice. Though after reading up on an article posted by HappySoda, I’m going to try out using various coloured backgrounds since I bought some coloured cardboard today. Next figure review will be a Shana figure.

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September 28th, 2006 at 2:11 am

A beautiful figure indeed! I have my eye on the Kiraha figure. My only gripe would be that it’s more like a 1/9 rather than a 1/8.


tj han

September 28th, 2006 at 3:00 am

WOAH I see competition! Haha. This figure looks good though I never did watch any of the anime. Is it good?

It’s pretty obvious you didn’t have a macro lens, are you intending to get one?



September 28th, 2006 at 7:59 am

>> Stripey

Yeah you are right, its about a 1/9 scale now that I look at it. I usually forget a lot of the specifications since my stuff from HLJ arrive 3 weeks after it gets mailed.

>> tj han

The anime itself wasn’t really that great and I find it had a very anti-climatic type ending. But obviously I watched through it all merely because I liked the costumes. And you are correct, I don’t have a macro lens at all. The lens I was using is a EFS 18-55mm 0.28m/0.9ft. I do plan on getting a macro lens in the future but I’m not sure which type to get since I’m kind of new to all the focal settings and such. Plus I need the money first.


super rats

September 28th, 2006 at 1:24 pm

Or you can just buy larger figures.^_^

When shooting indoors, remember to change your white balance setting (and don’t forget to switch it back to “auto” when you’re done). It should help get the colors to look better.


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