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With the season being autumn now, the girls are wearing their winter uniforms. Practicing in the morning, Aria is trying to catch a leaf and falls into the water, so Akari picks him up. Whilst rowing through the canals, we flash back to when Akari is using her laptop to check for any new emails, but there are no new emails. We also flashback to Aika who happens to spot Al on a bridge. We also flashback to when Alice was in class, looking at a photo of everyone from the New Year festival.

Back to the present, Akari’s mind is off somewhere else as Aika is calling out her name. Finally responding Aika and Alice ask what the problem is. Akari says that she hasn’t received any emails from Ai lately. But the reason is because of Ai’s grandmother is sick. Aika asks if Ai will be able to attend the Rendentore Festival. Akari replies she will as she wants to show Ai the new gondola. Thinking for a bit, Akari thinks that Ai must be busy with school. With the Rendentore Festival close, Alice asks what they are doing during the festival. Aika says that Himeya is holding a company party and she will probably attend that with Akira. Akari will be going with Alicia to the Palace and will meet up with Ai hopefully. Alice will be sleeping in this year which surprises Akari and Aika. Her reason is that the Rendentore Festival isn’t a festival as such and she has school the next day. Arriving back at Aria Company, Alicia, Akira and Athena are waiting for the girls. The girls are wondering if they are having a meeting which Akira says it’s something similar. So she starts off with asking Akari what the Rendentore is. Akari explains what the Rendentore is. Akira says that she passes and Akari gives off a sigh of relief. Thus Akira and Alicia explain that the girls will be hosting a party for everyone to celebrate the Rendentore Festival.

Over in Aika’s room, Akari and Aika are wondering what they should do for the party. A knock is heard on the door and Alice walks in and shows the two girls the invitations she prepared for the party. Having a look through, Akari asks if Alice is looking forward to the party, which Alice blushes and answers yes. With that the girls are pumped up to host the party and start discussing who they should invite since they have 9 invitations. Aika says that 3 will go to Alicia, Akira and Athena. Akari lists the Old Postman, Akatsuki, and Woody. But Aika interrupts saying that she should think carefully about it. So Akari asks who Aika wants to invite, and she replies that she wants to invite Al. Alice puts her hand up and suggest they invite Grandma, which Aika agrees strongly. Looking at the invitations, they see they have 1 left and wonder what they should do with it. But Akari says she wants to give the last one to Ai. Alice agrees but asks will the invitation reach her in time since the Festival is close. But Akari definitely wants Ai to come and she’ll wait if she has to. So Aika agrees to it and Akari thanks her. So Akari then gets her laptop out and wants to send her an email about the invitation.

Walking around the market, the girls are looking for ingredients to use for the food they will be preparing. Alice spots a store selling mushrooms and wonders if Grandma will like them. Akari suggests they get some ingredients and try cooking. With that we see the girls doing various tasks to prepare for the party such as cooking and preparing the decorations.

It is finally the night of the Rendentore Festival and the girls are waiting for everyone and are very excited. The first to arrive is the Old Postman followed by Akatsuki and Woody. Whilst Aika is preparing the table, Alicia, Akira and Athena arrive. Next Al arrives and greets everyone, which makes Aika happy. Whilst Akatsuki is teasing Aika about Al, Grandma arrives to the party, which makes Alice very happy. With everyone greeting one another, Akari walks outside staring off into the night. Aika and Alice stand next to her and wonder if she is coming or not, but Aika says that they have to get going soon which Akari agrees with a sad look on her face. As the gondola sets off, Ai is running towards the wharf and calls out Akari’s name. Hearing her name Akari turns around to see Ai waving at her. With that the gondola is back at the wharf and Ai boards the gondola. Akari asks Ai if her grandmother is alright and Ai replies that she is and apologies that she hasn’t sent any emails lately.

With Ai now on board, the gondola sets off again. Now that the party has started, the girls bring out the food to start dinner and Aika gives a speech of thanks. During dinner, Ai and Aria do a little dance for everyone and Athena joins with them. After dinner, everyone is relaxing to the sounds of the ocean waves whilst the three girls are cleaning up. Alice then mentions to Akari that it’s nearly time and so Akari confirms with Aika. With that the lights are turned off on the gondola which gets everyone’s attention and wondering what’s happening. Then from the sky we see fireworks being let off. With everyone admiring the fireworks, Grandma asks the three girls to sit with her to watch the fireworks. Watching the fireworks, the girls are glad that everyone enjoyed the party. The girls then turn around to see that everyone is grouped together toasting to the girls on a job well done for the party. Later on Akari is with Ai enjoying the sea breeze and Ai says that she is glad that she met Akari. With that Akari says that tomorrow they will go around Neo-Venezia searching for wonderful things.



Now I’m sure many of you have no idea what the Festa del Rendentore is so here is a small summary:

The Feast of the Redeemer

Every year the festival Festa del Redentore takes place in memory of the Great Plague that swept Europe at the end of the 16th century.

At that time pestilence was regarded as a sort of divine punishment and it was because of this belief that the Venetians decided to make a solemn oath to evoke the end of the Plague and thus save their city.

It was for this reason that Andrea Palladio created the Tempio Redentore Project on the island of Giudecca.

Every year, on the third Sunday of July for the last 400 years, Venice celebrates of the Feast of the Redeemer and the Doge’s announcement that heralded the end of the Plague.

The festival is celebrated in Piazzas and small squares throughout Venice and culminates in an amazing fireworks display.

Well a celebration for the Great Plague….. alrighty then… Well I enjoyed this episode although there were quite a few changes made as compared to the manga, but that was mainly the addition of Ai. Speaking of Ai, the part of her and Aria dancing together I found rather weird but at least Athena joining made it slightly more better. Also when it came to the selection of guests, seeing Alice’s enthusiasm of inviting Grandma and hosting the party was rather cute and shows again that under that mature attitude, she is still a kid.

The animation quality in this episode was quite low in the first quarter and it was easily seen on everyone’s faces. But I am glad it picked back up on the rest. Now this episode covers Navigation 20, Volume 4, and I had thought that the producers would use this episode as the last episode as I find it more fitting. Similar to the New Year’s Festival at the end of ARIA The Animation episode 13. Next week is the last episode.

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September 19th, 2006 at 4:07 pm

Yo Adun. The GUI in the 3rd screencapture is like one of the Apple OSX GUIs. Looks likes some of the production team uses macs :)



September 23rd, 2006 at 12:13 pm

Are you Italian Adun?
Thanks to you, now I get that Giudecca, which is impossible to figure out from the katakana in manga.

Btw the anime version of Redentore is quite distorted, as Akari says in Neo-Venezia it’s festival that mark the starting of autumn, though it was a summer festival celebrated among nobles in Venezia.



September 23rd, 2006 at 3:35 pm

>> painsama

lol, no I’m not Italian. I did a bit of research on what Rendentore was after I watched this episode. As for the difference explanations of Rendentore in the anime and manga, I didn’t quite pick up the explanation and it has been a while since I read the manga. I really do need to learn more Japanese.



September 24th, 2006 at 8:03 am

first screen shoot on the right of first group

Wow it seems ppl in 24 th century still use Mac OS instead of the the LCARS style interface we usually know

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