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Part One

Akari starts asking Ai if she has ever thought about her other self. In Akari’s example what if she wasn’t an Undine and never met Alicia and the others and see this a mysterious feeling. Talking with Aria now, Akari asks him if he knows about parallel worlds. She tells him examples like an adventure type world or if Aria was a star. Pointng towards the stairs Akari thinks that they could be the entrance to the parallel worlds. With Aria all excited, Akari then gets ready to go practising. With that Aria is then trying to squeeze through between the stairs but is having trouble due to his flabbyness. Finally squeezing through, he face plants into the wall. Getting up Akari comes around but has changed into a boy. Seeing this Aria wonders who the person is. Walking down the street, Akari is carrying President Aria who is now crying. Later on Akari meets up with Alice, who also is also a boy. Wonder what he is doing, Alice shows Akari that Aika and Al are together, but like the others, Aika is a boy and Al is a girl. President Aria is shocked to see what is before him starts backing away. But Akatsuki picks him up, but to Aria’s surprise, he too is a girl. Joining Akari and Alice, the three acts like they normally do and Aria thinks back to what Akari said about parallel worlds, realising that in this world that everyone’s genders are the opposite. Akatsuki then goes upto Aika and Al interrupting them of their conversation. Akari and Alice go up to help him leaving President Aria to fall over crying that he doesn’t want this kind of world.

Later on the group are having tea at a cafe, with Aika explaining it was coincidence that they saw him and Al together. Akatsuki doesn’t believe Aika and starts singing for him. Aria is drinking with the other cats and President Hime offers her share. Aria thanks Hime but Hime says that its a man’s duty. Aria just realised that Hime is actually a male and is now depressed. Maa looks over to Aria and bites onto his belly. Akatsuki picks him up and see that he’s not energetic. Everyone thinks that he’s depressed because he hasn’t eaten so Akatsuki starts feeding him. Eating away Aria looks around the table to see everyone and is quite calm. That is till Hime jumps on the table making him realise that in this world Hime is a male. With that Aria starts panicking and runs off.

Running back to Aria Company he thinks that if he goes back through the stairs he’ll return to his world. Whilst trying to squeeze through the stairs, he is called from behind and realises that Alicia, Akira and Athena are standing there. Picking him up the three see that he isn’t too happy and think that he is hungry. Aria sways his head to say no so Alicia lifts him into the air hoping he will enjoy it. He does like it and at that moment Woody arrives. Alicia explains that Aria hasn’t been too happy lately and Woody asks if she can help. So with that Woody and Aria take off into the air. Once in the air Woody throws Aria into the air but misses catching him. Aria falls down and crashes onto the top balcony. Thus everyone goes to see if he is over, but as this happens the voices change. Opening his eyes, Aria sees that everyone is back to normal and jumps onto Alicia’s shoulder hugging her with relief he is back to his normal world. Looking into his reflection in the mirror, Aria sees himself but as a female taken back he looks again and sees his normal self. Later that evening Akari tells Alicia that Aria disappeared during their training and was worried. Alicia wonders where he went and Akari thinks he went to the Cat’s Meeting. Ai replies in her letter that she she’ll think more about parallel worlds but what she really thinks more on is the future, but what she thinks of the future is a secret.

Part Two

Akatsui’s brother is at Aria Company as Alicia’s customer and tells them that Akatsuki said Alicia is the Number 1 Undine of Neo Venezia. With that he starts telling the two girls a story about Akatsuki when he was younger. We start with Akatsuki standing on top of a railing saying he is the invincible protector of Aqua’s peace. A old man tells him its dangerous standing there and gets him off the railing. Akatsuki says that he has a secret that he hasn’t told anyone. With that Akatsuki’s brother tells him they are going home and Akatsuki agrees. With that Akatsuki explains that his secret is actually a robot. Arriving home Akatsuki starts looking around for his mother but is not able to find her, which he then starts worrying and thinks that she was kidnapped by aliens. At that point Akatsuki’s mother returns and Akatsuki rushes to the door glad to see she is ok. With that she gives Akatsuki an ice block that she bought whilst shopping. Walking past, Akatsuki’s mother says that if he eats it too fast he’ll get brain freeze, and at that, Akatsuki gets brain freeze.

Watching his mother in the kitchen, he asks her if she is a real person, which she replies she is. Akatsuki then asks what is his true nature which his mother replies a robot. In the living room, Akatsuki’s brother asks him about what the true self thing is about, but Akatsuki says its to tell if his mother is an alien or not. He does it to protect his mother and Aqua’s peace. But Akatsuki’s brother mentions something about it not always true and starts laughing in a mad manner. With that Akatsuki is terrified and runs out of the house. His mother sees this and realises Akatsuki’s brother is being mean again.

Akatsuki runs over to Woody’s house and asks him to hide him as his brother is a montser. Woody doesn’t understand and tells Akatsuki to explain slowly. But Akatsuki sees Woody’s face covered in chocolate ice cream, but thinks that he is a monster as well and runs out of the house. Later we have Akatuski in an alley way crying until his mother appears. Akatsuki tells her not to come and backs away, hitting the back of his head against a barrel drum saying he doesn’t believe anyone anymore. But Akatsuki’s mother asks isn’t he a robot and holds up Akatsuki’s cape. She walks up to Akatsuki and puts his cape on him. She says that it’s okay and that anyone who is an alien the two of them will check it out together. Akatuski sees this as a good idea and his mother says that she is the mother of a robot.

Back in the present as Akatsuki’s brother finishes telling the story and says please look after him. With that Akari starts thinking that she’ll be looking at Akatsuki differently. Aria jumps out of Alicia’s arms and motions to Akatsuki’s brother he wants to hear more. With that he shows Aria how Akatsuki does the pose when he was a kid. In the afternoon Akari and Alicia are in the gondola and they pass by Akatsuki who is walking over a bridge. As Akatsuki is about to say something about his brother, he sees Aria at the front of the gondola in the pose that he was shown earlier. Akatsuki starts asking about Aria so Akari explains that his brother told them a story about it. Upon that Akatsuki is left at the bridge in shock.


Two episodes this week in which it covers two Special Navigation chapters, with Part One covering Volume 6 and Part Two covering volume 7. I absolutely loved part one with the parallel world especially upon seeing the males as their female counterparts. Though the addition of Hime, Aria and Maa is an anime only it was done well. Part Two I didn’t really enjoy that much. This is most likely because I don’t like Akatsuki that much at all. His older self is more tolerable than his younger self. Also with Part Two, 人造人間 (jinzou ningen) literally translate as artifical human. I’m not sure how about translating that into context so I’m assuming robot. Correct me if I am wrong please.

Animation was solid this week, expect at the start of the episode with Akari’s face but the rest was good. I also enjoy these 2 stories / 1 episode types as they cover more of the manga. Also as a side note, today the 3rd Amano Kozue artbook Cielo just got shipped to me from Amazon. So I’m hoping it arrives sometime next week. Info on the artbook can be found here.

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August 30th, 2006 at 7:05 pm

jinzou ningen: The term was once popular due to series like Cyborg 009 and in some sense, Astro Boy. Consider it as someone who looks human, but actually has some artificially made parts that gives him special powers.


fisherman horizon

September 4th, 2006 at 12:18 am

人造人間 = Android.

You would know this if you watch Dragon Ball Z. :)

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